Guide to Buying the Best VPN Service According to the Need of the User

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network. It is similar to the Internet and Wi-Fi Hotspots. By using it, the public and private networks will get more security and more privacy. With such services, sensitive data stored by corporate can be protected.

How the Virtual Private Network works

The VPN can be used to access the company computer system and information inside it, from the safe comforts of your home. With this service, you can secure your connection over the Internet to another network. You can also use it to protect your browsing activities from others getting a look at it, through public Wi-Fi.  When certain websites are region-restricted, this can be used. With the usage of the electronic devices ever on the increase, the number of gadgets that a normal active person uses has also increased.

For example, you may be a person having a tablet, a Smartphone, a computer or many other devices. With the help of the VPN, you can connect all these devices to it. When you are now connected to the VPN, you can use the internet at the VPN location, even If you are not on the same area or country as the VPN location. When you start browsing, the VPN will set the request for the selected website and will get the response and forward it through the secure connection. Most of the operating systems are supported by the integrated VPN connection.

Why need to use a VPN Services

The VPN service can be signed up online and a small charge has to be paid on a monthly basis. You will then have an account, by which your VPN services can be used, when you are online. But the VPN service should be connected to the service. Now your internet connection gets more security and you can also access censored sites and blocked ones too.

The most essential factor is the IP address provided. It is a temporary address and helps you to hide your true IP address of the email or the website to which you are connected to. It is a virtual facility which makes your website visits private, as you are using VPN servers through special network to connect you to the entire world.

Practical Usage of VPN

  • While opening your email or to connect to your website, you will have to provide your IP address, to get you connected. You can protect your IP address from getting hacked by connecting to the VPN.
  • If you are a traveler and are using public Wi-Fi network, through web surfers while waiting at the airport or in the hotel where you are staying, you can use VPN services to prevent your web traffic from being intercepted by others, especially your actual IP address.
  • Advertisers cannot track you when you are online. Similarly, hackers and spies cannot track you either and all your sensitive information remains safe.
  • To access your files from home computers securely, you can secure your data through VPN.
  • You can route your traffic to appear as if it has been accessed from another location. If you are in Chicago, you can make it seem like coming from New York.
  • If you are in a country with high censorship, you can get around their monitoring by appearing as if you are somewhere else.
  • If you want to access your Wi-Fi network while having a hot coffee at any time of day, you need VPN services to secure your connections.

Guiding Factors to be Considered when buy a VPN

With cybercrime and surveillance on the increase, the common man is more concerned about his safety and the safety of his company data. The need for VPN is increasing and the increase is found in big corporate, big companies, businessmen and even in houses. The competition for providing the best VPN service has also increased. There are various factors that have to be considered before choosing the best VPN service. The type of encryption used, the transparency, price, reputation, ease of use, performance and other extra features have to be considered before choosing the best one.

Price:  One more important factor is the price of your VPN tool. There are several services that offer their VPN service for free when you require a VPN service for basic needs and not for any formal purpose. Some VPN services offer trial packages. Use such free trial packages. There are money-back guarantee schemes and you can make use of such schemes. If you are not happy with the deal signed up for, you should take advantage of the money-back deal. Some packages are provided with a short-term subscription for a week or for a month. Some offer a discount, if the subscription is made for a year. However, the single most important factor is the affordability of the user before going in for any type of package. Packages are usually provided on a monthly, annual, half-yearly or quarterly basis. Of these the annual packages come with discount.

Security: The security provided by using VPN services is the most essential factor to be considered before choosing a good company. VPN provides security by encrypting the data, so that all details flow as encrypted data that cannot be read by anyone outside the circle. The data is encrypted with 256-bit. For higher security, a higher level can be chosen. The choice can be made according to the value of the data of the user. Big corporate prefer more security.

Reputation: the reputation of the companies providing the VPN service should be trustable. The sensitive information provided to them, should not be misused. Hence, the company should be trusted. You can trust established companies that have been around for some years and those with a good reputation.

No-Log Policy: To make sure that VPN services do not store the data browsed, the no-log policy is used. When the data is not stored, the Government nor the ISP can collect any of your data.

Additional Features: Companies that provide additional features such as firewall, ad-block and kill switches, can be chosen for the extra benefits provided.

Transparent Conditions: The VPN services provided should be transparent. The policy should mention the service provided, the information that will be collected and how responsible the company would be towards holding the sensitive information in a confidential manner. These points will have to be provided in a transparent and clear manner, before signing up for payment.

Prior-Review: Before subscribing to any company and before making the payment, you should make sure about the location of the company and details on how it keeps track of all the information. The customer support provided should also be clear. The technology support provided should be good.

Payment: For the purpose of security, you can make payment through the Bitcoin, PayPal or other alternate methods of payment, instead of using credit card for making payment.


Where to Buy VPN Service

As a guide to buy VPN service, top 5 services have been reviewed to help the user take the best decision.




ExpressVPN are the leaders in the industry, in terms of speed and security. They have 3 pricing tiers for every month, every year or every half year.  If you take the annual plan, you can avail a discount. ExpressVPN is known to provide the best speed services. They provide very fast downloads through their Internet connections.

They are simple to use and attractive to the user. They use servers that are geographically diverse. They work with Netflix and have many additional features. However, they are bit expensive. They allow BitTorrent and P2P. By using the no-log policy, they provide internet usage at very fast speed. ExpressVPN also maintain their servers to maintain customer internet speed. The VPN services covered by ExpressVPN are more than 1000 server locations.


NordVPN gives priority to industrial security. They double up encryption to 2048-bit capacity. They provide speed to help the system work faster, because they maintain their servers. NordVPN has more than 600 server located in around 57 countries. NordVPN are charged at a very low price when subscribed for two years.

The installation process is very easy and cheerful to use. They have easy clients and are simple to use with apps for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. They allow P2P.  You can open your application and select your country to get connected to VPN. NordVPN is known for its simplicity and better security. They are more economic and provide good services with a 30 day money-back scheme.



The Private Internet Access provides services at lesser price. It can be activated with a single click to get connected. They have many advanced features and provide fast performance. Payments can be made through multiple options. They support multi-platform and provide private and secure services. They provide 3 billing options on monthly basis, half-yearly basis and on annual basis. The annual service is provided at a discount and is hence most economic of the three tiers. They accept multi-payment modes such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, Google Wallet, Ripple Account and OKPay.

They also accept gift cards. On subscription, you are entitled to five licenses which you can use on any device. There are around 3268 servers that are spread throughout 24 countries. They serve countries like Central America, UK, South America, Europe, India, Asia, US, and other such nations. PIA supports OpenVPN and allows usage of P2P networks file sharing. It also uses Kill Switch, so that no information can be transmitted even accidently, as it cuts off all Internet communications. Another tool called MCE has been added, by which unnecessary advertisements can be blocked. PIA chiefly blocks all domains that are associated with trackers, advertisements and all types of malware from DNS level.



IPVanish has a very user-friendly interface. It performs at an excellent speed. It has hundreds of servers throughout the world allowing BitTorrenting and P2P on its servers. There are three pricing schemes on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or annual basis and comes with many discounts and deals. It encourages multi payment facility such as PayPal, Bitcoin, iDeal, GiroPay and Boleto.

It has about 750 servers serving throughout 61 countries such as Asia, Africa, Central America, North America, South America, Middle East, India and Europe. Users can make use of IPVanish on five devices maximum. If you download a lot, you can use IPVanish, as it does not provide any restrictions on activities on its servers. IPVanish has many advanced features such as changing the VPN protocol. You can change the IP address at set intervals. The Kill Switch helps in blocking accidental data leakage by blocking all internet connections when not being in use. Though it is a bit high-priced, there are many advanced tools packed into it.



This is a VPN which is Hungary-based and provides safety and security. It runs on user-friendly software and is available or Mac and Windows as well as on iOS and Android. It offers three payment plans such as monthly plan, 6-month plan and annual plan. The annual plan offers a good discount. Payment can be made through PayPal, Discover, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. It does not accept Bitcoins. It is fast and secure. Buffered has many servers spread in over 37 countries. It is found in each continent and allows P2P on its servers.

Buffered can be used to connect up to 5 devices at a time. Families with multiple PC’s can use Buffered. A unique feature of Buffered is its Port discovery mode, by which it allows users to connect to any Wi-Fi at hotels and other public spots, without getting the password from the reception. It uses the OpenVPN to handle encryptions. They have a minimal connection log that stores certain information such as the IP address of the user, the time and duration of the connection. This information is only used for very severe criminal purposes and is otherwise safe and is valid for only 30 days.

Choosing the best VPN service should be done, only according to the need and budget of the user.

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