How to take steroids correctly

Steroids should be taken correctly in the minimum required dosages and in an adequate ratio. Although, first of all, you should be aware of the fact that steroids are harmful. And these are not just horror stories, but a fact confirmed by scientific research. About which you can read in detail in our article about the consequences of the use of steroids.

What we strongly recommend to do so that later you do not regret that you have stepped on this slippery path, steroids online uk. Because all healthcare organizations do not recommend taking steroids without a doctor's prescription. And we do not recommend doing this either!

If you still decide not to listen to us and step on the “dark side of power”, then try to at least minimize the likelihood of side effects. How? First, by doing a good job of research on steroid use. Secondly, taking them in minimum dosages in courses.

That is, short periods with breaks between them to restore the secretion of endogenous sex hormones. At the same time, of course, engaging in an appropriate training program for a course of steroids. Because taking the farm and using the usual three-day split is pointless!

What is important to know?

It is also important to understand that steroids are not the only drugs for doping. For example, insulin and growth hormone are also popular hormonal drugs. And some athletes still take peptides. Moreover, the latter may be appropriate to take without steroids. But the first two drugs are definitely not.

Taking HGH alone for weight loss can work though. But never for gaining muscle mass! And besides, don't forget that doping only contributes to progress. And although hormonal drugs are so powerful that they can even provoke the synthesis of skeletal muscle without training, nevertheless, muscle gain will be much easier if the athlete eats and exercises correctly!

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