PSP ROMs: Relive Your Youth Through Retro Games

Though the gaming market is overloaded with a myriad of fantastic game titles, sometimes, we all want to go back to the past and play old classic games. However, you don’t have a gaming console anymore and you don’t have game cartridges. What should you do in this case? Bookmark this post as we’ll share some tips on how to play old games on modern devices!

Why Is Retro Gaming Popular?

The average age of a retro gamer is 34 years old and this person likes playing old classic games like Amiga, Super Mario, Atari, etc. The Playstation Portable is not offered for sale anymore but thanks to the accessibility of emulators, retro gamers can start playing old games right away!

In fact, playing all these games is more about the nostalgic feelings that make us warm and happy as we indulge in our childhood memories. You need to have two things to play all those games that were developed specifically for Playstation Portable - a PSP ROM and an emulator. Let’s take a closer look at this question and find out how to run all those games on your computer right away!

What Is a PSP ROM?

A PSP ROM is the main thing that you need to have to play retro games. Download yours from By the way, this online platform has a wide array of game titles that were built specifically for PlayStation Portable many years ago, Look through the whole list and download your favorite game titles right away!

PSP ROMs are used for running old games on your computer. ROM files pursue one goal - they keep sensitive information that can’t be erased from them. Originally, games were stored on cartridges. But the world doesn’t stand still and today, you can’t open these cartridges on your computer anymore. Therefore, you should have ROM files.

Eager to get your hands on retro games? Download your favorite game titles from and jump into the world of adventures together with your favorite retro character!

How to Run PSP ROMs?

After you download your favorite game titles, it is time to download another tool - an emulator. It’s a special program that imitates the work of a retro gaming console on your computer.  Here’s a list of the most popular and high-rated solutions:

  • RetroArch;
  • Golden;
  • JPCSP;
  • Rapid;
  • Rocket.

Beware that not each emulator is suitable for your computer or smartphone. Some of them are multi-platform tools whereas others were built for iOS or Windows-based devices. Check the technical characteristics before you download an emulator.

Overview of Legendary PlayStation Portable Game Titles

When this gaming console was released, it immediately became popular. A myriad of game titles were developed specifically for Playstation Portable. Some of them still have millions of fans. So what games to play? What are the most high-rated game titles? Let’s beat the matter out!

Grand Theft Auto

This exciting game is for intelligent players that will surely appreciate the sharp-tongued satire of America. The main goal of a player is to explore America in the post-economic crisis. Overall, this game is full of fantastic scenery and things to do. Almost all the game characters are criminals who don’t care about others. It is mostly targeted to an adult audience.

Dragon Ball Z

This video game belongs to the fighting genre and has the highest rating among users. If you prefer team battles, this game is what you really need. This game is a popular sequel that has millions of fans from all over the globe. A player needs to work in teams to fight the enemies. The game dialogues include languages about decimating, killing, and destroying. Overall, if you like anime games, you’ll surely appreciate Dragon Ball Z.

As you can see, running old classic games on today’s platforms is easier than you think. Download PSP ROMs from, find suitable emulating software, and get excited about retro games just like you watch old films.

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