Welcome to stupidproxy.com! My name is John C. McHenry who is the founder of StupidProxy.com, I am a full-time freelance web developer who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful web pages, Also I like Blogging and writing about technology!

Choosing the right proxies is not a easy job, isn’t it? And now there are so many proxy service providers online, so I decided to create the Stupid Proxy!

Our goal is to help you guys to find the best proxy to match your scraping projects, IG automation, copping sneakers, security & privacy and more…requirements.

Now online security and privacy become more and more important to us. The IP address is the foundation of the Internet! Internet marketers use the proxies to avoid the IP blocked for their projects.

That’s why lots of VPN and Proxy service come to the market, but not many people know the detail about the VPN and Proxy server or those protocols, From stupidproxy.com, You can read our Evidence-based Proxy information to know more about security and privacy online, also share information bout VPN, Proxy, Proxy Sites and so on, make you not stupid on Proxy anymore.

Also, I create a free web proxy using glype on Web.StupidProxy.com. This web proxy makes know what’s exactly the web proxy that’s only for study, Can Not Do any illegal! An online web proxy is good for anonymous browsing, it will help you to hide your IP address, surf anonymously online & secure your internet connection.

Using the Proxy can allow keeps you anonymous from the sites you visit and allows you to bypass any network from your school or workplace network. And the proxies are widely used in SEO and social automation.

Last, Want to find more Information easily to Contact Us.