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Bright Data (formerly Luminati Proxy Network) is a residential proxy provider that in many ways beats its competition. The number of IP addresses as well as the countries that they are in makes it the largest network of proxies in the world.

Bright Data ( is a company that grew much faster than its competitors. What initially started as an IPS company, today it’s the largest network of data center, residential and mobile proxy IP addresses.

Recommended for: All-round, #1 Web Crawling & scraping proxies

Ask anyone that has ever used a residential proxy provider, and he will tell you that Bright Data ( is on the top of the list.

Offering over 72 million IP addresses (data center, residential and mobile) in over 200 countries and regions, it is understandable why they would be the first choice.

Providing services for beginners to IT professionals, Luminati is a company worth looking into.

brigtdata proxy network

On today’s review list is Luminati. As we mentioned, they have an IP pool that is much larger than any other residential proxy provider. At this point, they have over 72 million residential IP addresses, over 300k data centers, and over 2 million mobile addresses.

Over 72 million IPs! The Largest Proxy network in the world! And why we rank Luminati as #1 residential network? Get the detail from our unbiased test review!

That is more than most of their competitors combined. They claim that the addresses are from over 200 countries and regions. That means that if there is internet somewhere, they have an IP address there.

Luminati proxy network operate their proxy network via their free VPN service named as hola VPN. When someone installs the hola VPN in their browser or download the hola VPN client software on their PC, they’re promised to share their internet connection to use, Which works a little like Tor network.

  • Provide the fastest residential IP proxies in the World‎
  • The largest proxy network: Over 72 million addresses in over 200 countries and regions
  • 100% Legal and Secure residential p2p network
  • Never get blocked or misled
  • Different variety of packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99% uptime & Low Fail Rate‎
  • Not the simplest dashboard to get around
  • Location searching for a city is not as detailed as it should be.
  • Not the cheapest provider online.
  • Email support is sometimes slow

Proxy Types and Pricing

We already mentioned that Bright Data (Luminati) sells three types of IP addresses: data center, residential and mobile IPs. Each of them several pricing packages depending on the type of address you are looking for.

Bright Data Proxies Type

Data CollectorSearch Engine CrawlerResidental IP ProxiesStatic residential IPDatacenter IP ProxiesMobile IP Proxies

Bright Data does not stop at providing excellent proxy servers. Now they’re also proposing Data Collector, which is their current focus because they know that data is what people are ultimately looking for!

Meet the new standard in web scraping

It used to be that web data scraping was not easy for ordinary people. But now, you can save time, effort, and resources with Bright Data’s Data Collector product, which is easy to use. With it, you can collect accurate data from ALL major search engines with one simple request.How Bright Data collector works

Data Collector price plan consists of two parts: Self-Serve Collector for small program needs and Managed Collector for larger program uses.

Self-Serve Collector plan

Managed Collector plan

what Data Collector included

By using Bright Data’s Search Engine Crawler, you can get real user search results for any keyword on every search engine. It uses real user devices for all your collection needs with laser-focused GEO-targeting. Their search engine crawler provides you with high-performance SEO tools, regardless of your request volume.

SERP API for any type of structures serp data

With over 72 million real user IPs in all geolocations, your request is sent using different IPs, so none are flagged or banned. So, Bright Data can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

serp api

Such excellent performance, but Bright Data is also striving to take into account the cost of users by offering pay-as-you-go plans and the ability to choose different monthly or annual rates for the package.Bright Data SERP API Pricing

One of the greatest products of Bright Data (Luminati) is the residential IP proxies! Their residential proxy network offers Over 72 million+ Residential IPs with In-House IP Rotation. And before you want to use their residential IPs, you must read their TOS,

luminati TOS

That is the largest pool of IP addresses that Luminati has to offer. The shared IPs can be geo-targeted by country or city/ASN. The exclusive ones can only be targeted by country, and you have the option to select the number of IPs that you need, and I not recommend you use the exclusive IPs for the residential plan, though only can use those exclusive IPs, You Have to pay more!

Bright Data New Prices

Let me show you the price plan comes in a shared IPs, For its the residential IPs, If you want to use Bright Data residential proxies, the shared IPs are the ideal and recommended package! For few guys use the same project with you, and their offer really big proxy pool, There is a small chance that affects each other and the proxies are rotating all the time separately.

Residential Shared IPs plan

If you still want to use the exclusive IPs to use the datacenter proxies are a good alternative in my view. So, For rotating residential IP proxies, We recommend you buy the shared IPs plan! No need to waste money to buy exclusive residential IPs plan of the residential plan.

Bright Data ISP Prices

If you want to buy Luminati’s dedicated residential IP proxies, We purchased and tested also, You can get more detail about their static residential IP proxies from Here.

Another solution for IPs is the data center ones, which much cheap! Usually, other data center IP proxies provider offer the proxies as dedicated proxies, but the Bright Data (Luminati) provides the data center IPs as the residential proxy network.

Datacenter IPs proxy network of Luminati

The reason for that is that they are static IP addresses that come from a data center somewhere in the world and in almost all cases these are consecutive IPs. If you are a first time user or still not sure what type of addresses to get, these are a good start for its much cheaper.

First of all, as we mentioned, these are much cheaper to buy from Luminati. Another positive side is the fact that there isn’t a monthly payment when compared with others. Instead, you pay based on the bandwidth that you use. Alternatively, you can also use the Luminati Proxy manager for setting custom rules. These are the advantages that they can offer, but there are down-sides as well.

luminati data center private proxies price pan

Their data center pool of IPs is around 330,000 IPs in 1320+ subnets, and since they are consecutive, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are already flagged as proxies. That will prevent you from getting access to certain services. If this is the case, then you might need to think about other types of addresses.

They are divided into shared and dedicated. Both come from a pool of IPs in 87 countries. For both of them, you can choose the included bandwidth in your plan. If you choose the dedicated ones, you can also pay for an unlimited plan and choose how many IP addresses you need.

Dedicated IPs

The datacenter dedicated IP proxies cost $0.1per GB, If you want to get unlimited bandwidth per proxy, which cost $0.5 per IP, For unlimited bandwidth at least buy 50 IPs.

Price of dedicated IPs


Shared IPs

The datacenter Shared IP proxies cost $0.5 per GB, The IPs will be allocated from their data center shared pool of 150,000 IPs across multiple datacenter providers and you can configure the countries in your Zone!

Data center shared IPs

mobile IPs of

The last is the mobile IP addresses. Same as before, these can be shared or dedicated. Also, the shared ones are where you can only select the amount of bandwidth that you need for your plan. The dedicated plan allows you to select the number of IPs and bandwidth.

mobile IPs price plan

For the Mobile IPs, are also residential IPs, So when you need to buy the mobile IPs proxies, We also recommend you buy the shared IPs plan!

All plans that Luminati can offer unlimited, but you have to pay more. The bandwidth that you choose is included in your monthly payment. Once you “cross the line” you will be charged per gigabyte, depending on the plan.

When it comes to products, Luminati doesn’t over a long list of products for you. For the basic use, you get a Chrome extension perfect for keeping a single IP session for a longer time. If you need to scrape data, then you can use the proxy manager to set everything up.

Because Bright Data (Luminati) mainly offer the residential IP proxies, So This reviews we mainly discuss about their residential proxy network! Though We buy both their datacenter proxies and residential proxies, We may discuss their datacenter proxies on the later.

Locations of proxy servers

Luminati Locations

We read all over the internet for companies that sell proxies from over 100 countries and regions. That is impressive, but what Lumianti has to offer is even more impressive. They claim to have proxies from 223 countries and 26846 cities. If we compare this to any of their competitors, it is clear why they are considered the best.


Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

Your scraper is as fast as it is the proxy that you are using it. That is very true. Slow speed or big latency can have a great impact on whatever you are doing. The speed of the proxy determines the amount of data that can pass through the proxy and the latency or ping the time it takes for the data to make a round trip to the contacting server and back.

Having this in mind, we tested Luminatis proxy addresses. Bear in mind that speeds vary depending on the type of proxy. That means that the speeds and ping will not be the same for the data-center, residential or mobile ones.

Here we test their residential IP proxies (shared IP plan) via their chrome extension.

Use Luminati Residential Proxies On Chrome Extension
Use Luminati’s Residential IP Proxy On Chrome Extension

Speed Test:

Speed test on our VPS

The screenshot above is the speed and ping test on our VPS. Once we had this as a comparison, we tested a few of Luminati’s proxies. We conducted the test on, and as usual, we ran 16 tests. Ten of those proxies were the US, three were the UK, and the other three were from Canada.

The table below shows the ping and speed results of the tests that we conducted on the proxies.

Speed tests with Luminati residential proxiesDetails of the speed test
IPs of Rotating ProxyPingDownloadUpload
Speed test to IP10 -
Speed test to IP10 –
Speed test to IP9 -
Speed test to IP9 –
Speed test to IP8 -
Speed test to IP8 –
Speed test to IP7 -
Speed test to IP7 –
Speed test to IP6 -
Speed test to IP6 –
Speed test to IP5 -
Speed test to IP5 –
Speed test to IP4 -
Speed test to IP4 –

Speed test to IP3 -

Speed test to IP2 -
Speed test to IP2 –
Speed test to IP1 -
Speed test to IP1 –
CA IP3 -
Speed test to CA IP3 –
UK Ip1 -
Speed test to UK Ip1 –
CA IP1 -
Speed test to CA IP1 –
CA IP1 -
Speed test to CA IP1 –
CA IP1 -
Speed test to CA IP1 –
Speed test toCA IP2 -
Speed test to CA IP2 –

If we take into consideration that these are residential proxies, the results are surprising. In general, residential speeds are not great, but the results we’re seeing here show that Luminati’s residential proxies have almost data center speeds!

The results are amazing! And really fastest in the world! That’s why I rank them as #1 residential network!

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

Luminati has IP addresses in over 200 countries and regions. We already mentioned that this is something that we should praise. But saying that and delivering that are two different things. We did a location test with the proxies from the speed test to see just what type of addresses we got.

Does Luminati really provide the 100% residential IPs? check ours ISP Test!

ISP tests to Luminati IPsDetails of the ISP Test
IPs of Rotating ProxyHostname/IPISP/ASNCountryType (no proxy) - AS-CHOOPAUnited StatesHosting/Proxy/Bad IP - ROADRUNNER-WESTUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business) - COMCAST-7922United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - RCN-ASUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business) - ATT-INTERNET4United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - ATT-INTERNET4United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - ATT-INTERNET4United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - COMCAST-7922United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - RR-NYSREGION-ASN-01United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - COMCAST-7922United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - COMCAST-7922United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - UOGUELPHCanadaGood IP (residential or business) - DISTRIBUTEL-AS11814CanadaGood IP (residential or business) - SHAWCanadaGood IP (residential or business) - PLUSNETUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business) - BT-UK-ASUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business) - BT-UK-ASUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business)
IP10 -
ISP Test to IP10 –
IP1 -
ISP Test to IP1 –
IP2 -
ISP Test to IP2 –
IP3 -
ISP Test to IP3 –
IP4 -
ISP Test to IP4 –
IP5 -
ISP Test to IP5 –
IP6 -
ISP Test to IP6 –
IP7 -
ISP Test to IP7 –
IP8 -
ISP Test to IP8 –
IP9 -
ISP Test to IP10 –
CA IP1 -
ISP Test to CA IP1 –
CA IP2 -
ISP Test to CA IP2 –
CA IP3 -
ISP Test to CA IP3 –
UK Ip1 -
ISP Test to UK Ip1 –
UK Ip2 -
ISP Test to UK Ip2 –
UK3 Ip3 -
ISP Test to UK3 Ip3 –

These results are just what we expected, so no surprise here. All tested IP addresses are the residential IPs.

IP address compatibility Test

If you are working with posting or verifying ads or scraping data from sites, then you know that for that task you need a good proxy.

Most of today’s popular sites have a certain geo-restriction so you won’t be able to access them from anywhere. Also, they are very good at discovering proxies. To see how undetectable Luminati’s proxies are, we did another test.

IPs of Rotating Proxy




















*IG – Instagram, CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, TM – Ticketmaster

The results are mixed. Even though these are residential proxies, some sites blocked them, while others didn’t. Only one IP address was able to pass Nike’s guard, Should be lots of guys use their proxies for Nike, while all addresses managed to gain access to Instagram or Craigslist.

Features of Luminati Proxy Network

advantages of Luminati proxy service

IP type

Bright Data (Luminati) is one of the best residential IP providers! No competitor can offer such big Business Proxy Network that Over 72M residential IPs in their P2P network, and with the fastest speed connection! Their residential proxy network is #1 choice for residential IPs solution! Lots of Fortune 500 enterprises are using their proxy service.

Most proxy providers sell data center proxies, so they are the most common ones and consider the price of their data center proxies, their no much advantages of the datacenter proxies, and you can order custom packages, is one of the best advantages of their datacenter IPs plan.

Finally, only a hand-full of companies sell mobile IP addresses. Luminati is a company that has all 3, making it one of their greatest advantages.


Another great advantage that Luminati has over its competitors is the location of the proxies. They have over 72 million proxies in over 200 countries and regions. Combined with the ability to use an IP address from a specific city from a list of over 20000 cities and you get the king of the hill.


The types of IP addresses and the ability to customize the usage of the proxy makes them a very flexible provider. Almost no other provider can offer you to set up custom rules for each request within their proxy manager. Luminati does.

Concurrent sessions

This is the reason why Luminati is the company to go when you need to scrape data fast. The unlimited concurrent requests from multiple IPs at the same time will shorten the time amount to scrape the data that you need.


Easy to use

The ease of use is something that can be true and false when it comes to using Luminati.

Their chrome extension is very easy to use! Really a great products on the proxy field!

luminati chrome extension configure zone

All you need to do is set up a zone, install the extension and start using it. The dashboard and the proxy manager are a bit more complicated to learn, but once you get the hang of it, they won’t be a problem.

Usability aside, the IP addresses that they sell don’t disappoint. You can get data center, residential or mobile IP addresses. Each of them can be used as a sticky or static address or a rotating one.

The static IP addresses(dedicated IPs) enable you to keep a session active with the same IP address. Luminati has no limit on this, so as long as there is an active internet connection at the host, you can use it. The best way and the easiest for this is to use the Chrome extension. If you need to change the address of the entire machine, or you need to use it on a different browser, then you need to change the proxy settings in the control panel.

The rotating addresses are the ones where you need a different address after a certain period or after a completed request. The rotations rules of the addresses can be set up through the proxy manager, where you get all kinds of settings and rules, customizing them based on your needs.

Key features of Luminati Proxy Manager
Luminati Proxy Manager: ultimate proxies solution for data scraping jobs

Getting a static IP address from a specific city is something that works great. Unlike a lot of their competitors, Luminati provides you with access to IP addresses in over 20000 cities all over the world. That means that you will never find yourself in a situation where you will run out of cities to go through

How to authenticate

Luminati has two ways of authentication: with an IP or username and password.

Authenticating with an IP is mostly used in situations where you use the proxies on a few devices. You can whitelist an IP once you create a zone. When you click on the newly created zone, on the right side, you will see “Whitelisted IPs.” Click on the pencil icon next to it, enter your IP address and click “Save.” You can add more than one address.

Add whitelist IPs

If you want to use Luminati with a username and password, then the process is slightly different. First, in the whitelisted IPs section, you will need to type in “any” and click “Save.” When you go back to the zone, on the right side, you will see your username and a generated password. If you want to change your password, you need to click on the pencil icon next to it.

zone for Username password

You can read our guide to Luminati: What’s the Luminati and How it works and Get more details on how to set up and use their residential proxy network Here.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Picking the right proxy provider isn’t always easy and straightforward. There are multiple choices when it comes to pricing, features, and products, so our job is to make a choice easier.


Using Luminati hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world. Unlike other competitors, where everything is laid out e easy to reach, Luminati can be a struggle. The Chrome extension is easy to use, while the dashboard and proxy manager need some getting used to, especially if you need to customize the rules for your proxies.


This is not something that Luminati is best at. The prices are not the lowest ones that you can find online, but if you take into consideration what you get for that, it might be worth it. If you are uncertain if you should give them a try, they offer a seven-day free trial.


The 99.9% network uptime, as well as the network monitor,  show that Luminati’s proxies are reliable.


Even though we didn’t have any need to contact support, some users online claim that sometimes it takes time to hear back from them with a solution to your problem. That can be avoided if you head over their FAQ section. There you have a detailed explanation from start to finish along with samples on how to use their proxies.

Luminati is a sure win. It is true that there are some drawbacks to them. The price and getting used to the dashboard and the proxy manager might be a problem for some users, but it is worth it.


Getting access to over 72 million residential IP addresses in over 200 countries and 20000 cities is something that no other company can offer. The Chrome extension makes Luminati perfect for first-time users looking for a change of IP, and the proxy manager makes them perfect for IT professionals.

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