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The Proxy-Seller service is a cheap proxy provider that has come to prove that good and effective proxies do not have to be expensive. It offers proxies in a good number of proxy categories ranging from private datacenter proxies (both IPv4 and IPv6), residential proxies, ISP proxies, and mobile proxies. The service has one of the best location support, and performance is top-notch.

Recommended for: Social Media, SEO, Online gaming, Classified ads, Streaming, Uploading.

Whether you are a veteran internet user or just recently started the internet as a mode of expanding your business, you have surely come across the term proxy service. Internet is now an integral part of any businesses for marketing and also for market assessment. With the help of proxies, your online activities can be kept a secret from prying eyes of your competitors and will also enable you to venture different methods of marketing without the extra cost and hassles.

To help you choose from a long list of good quality proxy service providers, we have been reviewing some of the most popular proxy services on the internet. These services vary in features and expertise and so each of them is somewhat different than the other. While some proxies can be helpful for streaming or uploading due to their high-speed connection, other services might excel with low ping and other bot friendly features for SEO or coping bots. You can find about how well a proxy service performs from our review series.

In this installment, we are reviewing Proxy-Seller, an inexpensive proxy provider that stands out with its offering of different packages for IPv4, IPv6, mobile proxies. They are a relatively new player in the world of proxies but are already gaining popularity with their inexpensive proxies. Although they distribute proxies based on the usage purpose stated by the client, their proxies are general purpose and can work with almost all the websites you wish to visit.

Proxy-Seller website homepage

To understand their full potential, we purchased ten private proxies from Proxy-Seller and put them through our usual test methods to determine their speed, ping, location accuracy and compatibility issues as well as user experience. Before diving into the details, here are some of the pros and cons that we found.

  • The proxies offered are high anonymous private HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies. Different packages for IPv4 and IPv6 are also available.
  • Very cheap pricing. Price drops even lower in case of bulk buying or extended periods of commitment.
  • Replacement of proxies or refund of money within 24 hours of purchase.
  • A variety of payment methods are accepted such as WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, MasterCard, VISA, Sberbank Online, Alpha-click, Privat24, BitCoin, PerfectMoney and mobile payments such as MTS, Beeline.
  • Proxies are available from 12 countries around the world and over 300 subnets.
  • Both IP authorization and username and password verification methods are available.
  • 24/7/365 customer support through online chat or email.
  • Proxy refreshing available through request.
  • Offer a variety of proxy types — datacenter, residential, and mobile
  • The residential proxy network has a fairly large pool with over 15 million IP addresses
  • Extensive location support for both residential and datacenter proxies
  • Offer you the ability to create your mobile proxy with infrastructure under your care (learn more here)
  • No trial of proxies

Proxy types, features, and pricing

As mentioned above, the Proxy-Seller service is the home of many types of proxies. Experienced readers they can tell different proxies are meant for different use cases. Let’s take a look at some of the proxies.

Private Proxies (Datacenter Proxies) 

Proxy-Seller Private Proxies Price

Unlike in the past, where you could get shared datacenter IPs, all you get now are private IPs. You have the option of choosing between IPv4 and IPv6, with IPv4 being the popular option while IPv6 is the cheaper option. These proxies are best used when speed is required, and you need to maintain a session, as in the case of online streaming and gaming. The pricing is cheap. But if your target has a thing against proxies, you will get detected and banned since the IPs are datacenter AKA hosting IPs.

Residential Proxies

Proxy-Seller Residential Proxies Price

Proxy-Seller now offers residential proxies. This routes your requests via devices of real Internet users across the globe to avoid getting detected and banned. It rotates IPs for you and currently has over 15 million IPs to work with. The number of IPs, its undetectable nature, IP rotation support, and extensive location coverage make it perfect for automation tasks such as web scraping and the kind of botting. Pricing starts from $10 per GB and gets cheaper as you purchase more GB.

ISP Proxies

Proxy-Seller ISP Proxies Price

These are also residential proxies — but Proxy-Seller has better control over them. As such, they are offered as dedicated and with static IPs. They are best used for tasks that require static IPs but on targets that detect datacenter proxies. This is a little expensive compared to datacenter proxies but quite affordable and cheap, as you can get started from $3 per IP.

Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller Mobile Proxies Price

With mobile proxies, what you get is a mobile IP footprint, which makes it best for activities that are expected to be carried out on mobile. They are the best for social media management and automation. Platforms they are suited for include LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. These proxies are the most expensive of them all, and the pricing depends on the location of the IP. For US mobile IPs, you can purchase one IP for a week for $30 and $60 for a month. This is the cheapest because it is the 3G version.

The 4G version is $100 monthly, while the 5G is $180. If you use mobile proxies often, the cost will quickly add up. Well, Proxy-Seller has a service that will help you set up a mobile proxy network. You can either use your equipment or purchase from them — I will advise you to purchase from them, so it will be a once-off purchase. Attached above is the cost of their own equipment. Visit this page to learn more about this service.

Locations of proxy servers

Proxy-Seller openly boasts about its servers in twelve countries presently. With reach in USA, EU and Asia, Proxy-Seller has coverage for a huge population. Proxy-Seller has these proxies distributed over more than 300 subnets which is also noteworthy since this reduces downtime by a significant number. Among the countries where Proxy-Seller has its servers are: USA, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada and India.

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

After doing the background check, we moved in with the review session. As always, we performed several tests on each of the proxies we purchased from them to verify performance on different criteria. The tests include ping test, speed test, geo-location test and IP compatibility test. We discussed the test results below in details.

List of proxies purchased from Proxy-Seller

Ping Test:

One of the most common complaints while using proxies is that proxies seem to be lagging during establishing connections. Although it is certainly a matter of concern, most modern proxy providers ensure very good ping coupled with high-speed connections, which in terms means that you won’t be feeling that delay after clicking on a link and the page to load.

And Proxy-Seller doesn’t compromise with quality as well. All their proxies have ping duration in the range of 50-150 ms even from places far away which is pretty decent for proxies and are enough for a lag-free browsing experience.

We performed our tests using the online service which checks the ping time for a specific IP from a list of servers around the world. We are presenting the test results from three different locations from all the proxies from Proxy-Seller. We also included the ping as found from our speed test.

IPProxy locationPing by Speedtest.netPing from Georgia, USA (ms)Ping from London, UK (ms)Ping from Quebec, CA (ms)
(ms), USA058.7122.823.6, USA2268.994.39.7, USA2258.9123.127.1, USA5851.1111.625.4, USA1958.6125.426.5, USA2368.993.69.3, USA4152.5112.125.5, USA4051.4112.825.3, USA2268.9105.39.3, USA4611.515176.1

Speed Test:

After the ping test, we moved on to test the speed of the proxies, which often acts as the deciding factor for the verdict. This is because, without proper speed, the entire experience of using proxies becomes significantly hampered. To give you the proper idea of the speed, we activated each of the proxies manually and did a test using one of the most renowned speed testing services on the internet,

From our test result, it is clear that the proxies are of very high speed. With an average speed of around 50 Mbps, this is certainly impressive and one of the highest we have tested yet. They also have an even more impressive upload speed with some of the proxies reaching as high as over 350 Mbps. Take a look at the result by yourself in the result table below.

Speed tests with Proxy-SellerDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPing (MS)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)

Speed test without proxy:


ip no proxy

IP 1:

Speed test ip 1

IP 2:

Speed test ip 2

IP 3:

Speed test ip 3

IP 4:

Speed test ip 4


IP 5: test ip 5

IP 6:

Speed test ip 6

IP 7:

Speed test ip 7

IP 8:

Speed test ip 8

IP 9:

Speed test ip 9


IP 10: test ip 10

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

We ordered only USA proxies from Proxy-Seller and put all the proxies into the geolocation test by, a geolocation aggregator site to find the geolocation of an IP. We perform this test to find out whether the provider really delivers proxies as requested.

We are satisfied with the result as all the proxies are from the USA. We also noticed that the proxies are from different cities as well as from different subnets with no sequential IPs. This is a very good move, and we really appreciate this.

IPs of proxies

 IP2Location Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Digital Energy Technologies Chile Spa

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Digital Energy Technologies Limited Location: Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

ISP: Shock Hosting LLC

Organization: Not Available

Location: Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

ISP: Shock Hosting LLC Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Digital Energy Technologies Limited

Organization: Not Available

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

ISP: Digital Energy Technologies Limited

Organization: Brzinet Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP: Total Server Solutions L.L.C.

Organization: Not Available

Location:   Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP:   Total Server Solutions L.L.C.

Organization: Twinservers Hosting Solutions Inc Location: Chicago,Illinois, USA

ISP: Netstack Cloud Services

Organization: Not Available

Location:  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

ISP:  Digital Energy Technologies Chile SpA Location: Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

ISP: Shock Hosting LLC

Organization: Not Available

Location: New Jersey, New York, USA

ISP: Shock Hosting LLC Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP: Total Server Solutions L.L.C.

Organization: Not Available

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP: Total Server Solutions L.L.C. Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP: Total Server Solutions L.L.C.

Organization: Not Available

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ISP: Total Server Solutions L.L.C. Location: Matawan, New Jersey, USA

ISP: Vultr Holdings LLC

Organization: Not Available

Location: Matawan, New Jersey, USA

ISP: Choopa, LLC

Organization: Vultr Holdings LLC Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Organization: Not Available

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Organization: IPXcore, LLC

IP address compatibility Test

In our fourth and final test, we put the proxies into actions again to see whether they can access the most popular sites to be used with proxies. This is particularly important since many of the proxy providers impose some sort of restrictions on the proxies depending on the packages so that they can recycle banned proxies for other usages.

Since the proxies we purchased from Proxy-Seller were general purpose, we expected the proxies not to have any restrictions. And sure enough, among the ten websites of different categories we checked with, none of the websites were found inaccessible with all the proxies.

The test result shows that the proxies can log in to all our test websites effortlessly.   The result is really impressive as you can see below.

IPs of proxies IG TW Pin YT AZ G Netflix CL Nike Adidas
Without proxy X X
*IG – instagram, TW – Twitter CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, TM – Ticketmaster

This is also promised by Proxy-Seller on their website where they boast that their proxies work with any sites or programs.

Working sites by Proxy-Seller

Features of Proxy-Seller

Mobile proxies

Proxy-seller mobile proxies have affordable prices. They are located in UK, USA, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, France. Extensive coverage of the location ahead of most mobile proxy providers.

Highly anonymous proxies

The proxies offered by Proxy-Seller are high anonymous proxies so that the website that you browse will not receive your IP address, instead you will receive the proxy IP that replaces your original IP in the HTTP forwarding header.

IPv4 and IPv6 proxy packages and SOCKS proxies

Not all providers offer SOCKS proxies, and even fewer providers offer the choice of selecting from IPv4/IPv6 proxies. Proxy-Seller simply excels in these criteria.

While different packages based on usage increases the confusion, offering different types of proxies with general-purpose is a very wise move since that can attract more customers.

24 hours refund policy

Proxy-Seller guarantees replacement of the proxies or money refund within 24 hours of the purchase provided you abide by their usage restrictions.

IP and Username authorization

Proxy-Seller offers both username-password verification and IP authorization for authentication purposes. Username-password verification method allows you to log on from multiple devices even when the devices are not sharing the same IP address. On the other hand, if all the devices are on the same network, it is much easier for you to use IP authorization.

Proxy refreshing

You can request for a refresh of your proxies from Proxy-Seller once per month. This is particularly helpful for SEO activities.

Payment options

Proxy-Seller accepts a variety of payment options which ensures you will always have one way or another to pay your subscription fees.

How to use

Signing Up for Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller has a very intuitive and informative web interface. You can customize your desired package right from the landing page and continue to the checkout from there. Or if you want, you can scroll around to learn more about their service and get answers to the frequently asked questions.

Buying proxies from Proxy-Seller

How to install/use

Like most user-friendly proxy providers, Proxy-Seller supports both IP authorization and username-password verification method for authentication. This lets you choose either of the two methods according to your convenience.  You can choose the authentication method from the control panel easily.

Authorizing IPs

To configure the proxies, you’ll have to go you the network settings of the associated application or in the system settings and input the correct IP address with port number. However, the bots are easier to configure where you can input the entire list of your proxies and the bot configures the setup accordingly.

It is also possible to use the proxies from Proxy-Seller in your mobile device and stay anonymous even when you’re on the go. This can be done by updating the proxy settings in your mobile settings menu.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Proxy-Seller is a proxy provider that is loved by users and for good reasons. Their unique features let users choose from different internet protocol versions and also from HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies. With great customer support and stable performance, Proxy-Seller promises you a smooth proxy experience. Their cheap pricing plan also means that you can use their proxies without constantly thinking about your pocket. In general, we liked their service.

However, they have some departments to improve, which we would like to see improved by the time we come back for a redo of the review sometime later. Till then, they remain on our recommended list. Let us know in the comments about your feedback on their service and if we missed anything.

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  1. Their customer agents are dreadful. The support didn’t answer any concrete questions and played stupid. When I finally asked refund because the support was intentionally avoiding my questions about proxies technicalities they never refunded me, and intentionally played stupid, counting that I will finally get tired of asking (so we did like 10+ emails me asking and reasoning why and still no result)

    Finally they played it like I am not cooperative bla bla. I just wanted my money back. (if they can reply to it, they will start all over again, “let me know how we can help balbla, but no actions)

    Final words: Scammer attitude

    No way I would deal with these creatures any more. STAY AWAY!!!

  2. I have bought proxies here more than once and they more than satisfy me in terms of quality. I have not had any problems with payment or issuance of proxies before. They are always responsive and quick to answer as sometimes I had to select subnets for my request and as a result we have resolved everything fast. The price is quite reasonable, there are a lot of countries too. I can tell from minuses several falls of proxies during the term of my lease though they were changed or the problem was corrected after some time, but the fact of such falls is not so pleasant. But on the whole, the situation is more than positive.

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  3. Purchased an IPv4 proxy Pack, I’ve always encountered the same problem before – they don’t work properly on the PS4. Finally this website staff explained to me what my problem was and helped me solve it – I just needed to bind an IP authorization and use that method instead of a login and password. They also explained to me how to properly set up the proxy and finally I got what I wanted. Thanks a lot to the live chat operators for their responsiveness and help, now I am your customer for a long time!


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