Ultimate guide to buying Instagram proxies for Instagram automation

Do you run the Jarvee or self-developed Instagram bot to engage numerous IG accounts? One of the most factor for Instagram automation it the “Proxies”! This Post I would like to share our experience with Instagram proxies to help you out!

You’ve finally decided to tap into the great traffic source of Instagram. Smart decision, people who aren’t using the Instagram platform are missing out on one of the internet’s biggest traffic sources. Today I will be showing you the ultimate guide for using proxies on Instagram.

  • Smartproxy: Rotating residential IP proxies for mass accounts strategy 
  • Luminati: Best Static residential IP proxies for Top-level IG accounts
  • Highproxies: Best dedicated IP proxies for Instagram accounts

Mobile proxies for IG? You have to set on your own! Never buy other 4G Proxies!

Why should you use Instagram as a traffic source?

This is because Instagram has 350+ million monthly active users. It would be hard to not use this platform correctly. Another great thing about it is if you use any sort of automation. You really start to get a lot of free quality traffic.

Any business owner not tapping into Instagram traffic source is missing out for sure. Instagram is great for many things that increase sales. Brand awareness is important in any marketing campaign. Instagram gives the chance for any of average person to get hundreds of accounts and start gathering 1000s of clicks.

What are the Best Instagram proxies?

When starting your Instagram journey you just can’t pick any proxies. You want private proxies that are only used by you. This is because normally proxy companies share them out to other customers. This is a red flag for Instagram and will give you a higher ban rate.

I would like to share my Instagram automation strategies for proxies here! Based on it, you maybe know my IG marketing strategy also. I divide my account into three categories,

  • Entry-level: Fast Growing accounts: Test the IG’s limits, you can bear all accounts get banned! (Core of Automation!)
  • Middle-level: Growing accounts: Steady Growing is the core.
  • Top-level: Significant accounts: Growth is no longer the core, Not willing to take risks for it already has lots of followers.

  • Rotating residential proxies for New/numerous IG accounts

It’s a game of cat and mouse for this strategy!

When you use those type of proxies, Don’t worry about accounts get banned, just try to avoid the amount of accounts get banned!

When using those IP Pool providers, you can easily get thousands of proxies at one time! So you can easily handle thousands of Instagram accounts at one-time!

Easily choose rotating residential proxies that support GEO cites targeting proxies, such as,

  • SmartProxy (Only support a few cities, but the price is great!)

proxies for instagram
Use Coupon “stupidproxy” to get 20% OFF!

More Top Picks Here.

  • Static residential IP proxies for significant IG accounts

These proxies are the safest proxies similar to 4G Proxies, with this type of proxy, it’s almost the same as you rent an ADSL to use! So it’s 100% safe for the IP address, but obvious disadvantages and is very expensive!

Now, Luminati offer the dedicated residential IP proxies! If you want a plan to find out the most stable proxies for Instagram, There is no doubt that Luminati’s static residential IP proxies are the best choice for that.

luminati Static residential proxies

>> Visit to this page get more detail of Luminati static proxies.

  • Dedicated datacenter proxies for Growing IG accounts

You need to balance the chance of growing and the risk of account gets banned! For dedicated datacenter proxies are much cheaper than residential IP proxies, that’s I choose those types of providers for you.

Note, most of those proxy providers over-sold their IPs and some of us recycled IPs for their proxies, so one proxy per account is recommended, but it’s not a must, you balance it based on your budget.

Instagram Proxy ServicePriceFeature of proxy providers
highproxies.com10 Proxies - $28.00
50 Proxies - $135.00
100 Proxies - $260.00
Good for the Social Marketing
Fast Squid proxy server
Working for Jarvee & Followliker
sslprivateproxy fast proxy service5 Proxies - $42.00
10 Proxies - $172.00
100 Proxies - $335.00
Proxies are manual activation
Proxies for Instagram automation
Monthly Randomize and Multiple Subnets
instantproxies offer best shared proxies10 Proxies - $10.00
10 Proxies - $50.00
100 Proxies - $100
99%+ uptime guaranteed
Tested Proxies before you buy
Proxies are Automatic management
squidproxies.com10 Proxies - $24.00
50 Proxies - $87.00
100 Proxies - $160
Fast dedicated proxy speeds
Proxies are delivered automatically
Unlimited Bandwidth
proxy-n-vpn10 Proxies - $22.65
50 Proxies - $86.00
100 Proxies - $169
The proxies good for Instagram
Work well on social networks
Data center loated in US and UK


high proxies for instagram

These proxies come at a higher price compared to their competitors. With a cost of around $2 per private proxy would really hurt the bank. They have good quality proxies though, and you are getting every pennies worth.

You can read more about their proxies on HighProxies Service Detail.


sslprivateproxie for instagram
Definitely a more expensive choice but by user reviews, it looks like it money well spent. With 25 Instagram proxies costing an enormous amount of $96 monthly. You would think they wouldn’t make any sales. Surprising they have a great reputation and a huge client base.

Check our review about the SSLprivateproxy, Do their proxies work on Instagram?


instant proxies for instagram
Paying $1 per private proxy is one of the greatest deals. Instantproxies is consistent with their quality, have a great reputation, and ease of ordering. I’ve personally used their proxies for months on a couple of Instagram projects.

Instantproxies are the best cheap Instagram proxies from our test! Read our review to know more detail about their proxies.


squidproxies for instagram
A company is known on all marketing forums but the sad part is the cost. Their is competitors that offer cheaper proxies, and have the same or better quality. Depending on how much proxies you get, when you get 10 proxies. That would cost you $24, but when you buy 2000 it cost only $1500.

You can Read more about their proxies on SquidProxies Service Detail.


proxy-n-vpn for instagram
Generally, one of the more expensive options, but not as expensive of some of its competitors. On average paying, up to $2 per private proxy would hurt and give any marketer stress on making back that money. Their quality is still great nonetheless, so don’t worry about spending money on low quality.

To know more about Proxy-n-vpn, you can read our review that tested their proxies on Instagram.

  • Do mobile proxies for Instagram are the right choice?

The mobile proxies mean the proxies from Getting the IPs from 3G/4G/LTE operators or carriers directly!

If you know how to set up mobile proxies/4G proxies for Instagram, It’s maybe a good solution, but if you want to buy mobile proxies from mobile proxy provider, they sold the IP proxies directly belongs to carriers, based on my bad experience, I really do not recommend you use 4G proxies for Instagram.

These providers are overcharging their Mobile/4G IP proxies! Too many accounts host on similar subnet! So…

Most of the 4G proxy providers offer much the same subnet IPs and can easily detect also, I used 2 providers from BHW, both get really sad results, So the answer should be “NO“.

What’s the best Instagram automation tool?

There are many tools out there that will help the process more. Without using automation you are behind the curve and missing out on traffic. It is impossible to manual gather traffic off Instagram and makes it worthwhile. This is why we have Instagram bots to do these mind-numbing task automatically.
Below are the most popular automation tools in the industry:

Jarvee – the best IG automation tool

jarvee for Instagram Marketing Automation

You may not believe it, Now the massplaner back again! I don’t think I need to introduce the Jarvee here!



followliker for instagram
This bot has a huge reputation in many marketing forums and for a good reason too. They are known as the most stable and feature-rich automation tools. Costing $97.99-lifetime fee and on top of that $5.99 per month. This bot is comparable to the old mass planner, and mass planner was one of the greatest automation tools.


gramdominator for instagram

You could either pay $9.95 per month or $79.95 annually. Gramdomintor isn’t as feature-rich as follow liker. It still has all the necessary features required to run CPA spam projects. There is a promising developing team behind the product. It looks like it has the potential to be the next mass planner.

Nova Automation

This bot costing at $19.99 per month, $49.99 for 3 months, $89.99 per 6 months, and $149.99 per year. This bot is on par with followliker and has potential to take over the automation game. This bot for its price it’s still feature-rich and I have nothing but good thoughts. The company behind this bot is still at its start-up stage but I believe it has a chance to take over.


Costing per day is $1.79, 3 days is $4,99, 7 days is $10.99, 30 days is $39.99, 60 days is $64.99, and 90 days is $89.99. Gramista is a very stable bot with many features and also comparable to gramdomintor. The pricing system throws me off and is pretty inconvenient. Although, it has all the necessary features for an average Instagram campaign.


Costing per day at $2.99, 3 days is $7.99, 7 days is $17.99, 14 days is $34.99, 21 days is $49.99, and 30 days is $59.99. This is also comparable to Gramista but just more expensive. Also, pricing throws me off and shows be more simple, like gram dominator.

A simple method to make money off Instagram

Here is a very popular method I will be showing you in this article. The reason why proxies or automation is required because it would be impossible to do by hand. This method is known by Instagram spam, also known as, Instagram CPA or CPI.

How does the method work?

You get a user on Instagram to install an app and you get paid for it. That’s all to it basically and people are making thousands daily from this method. The only way to make this method worthwhile is by having multiple accounts. Instagram also bans spam accounts so you must always be adding accounts.

The first thing you do is purchase any Instagram automation tool, private proxies, and sim cards. You may or may not need a VPS if you decide you can’t run the program 24/7.

Do not want to manage IG accounts by yourself? Here is some Instagram automation service to use.

The next step is to set up either 1 or 2 IG acc per private proxy. Customize the bio to lead up to whatever offer you’re promoting. Then start to follow users, and that’s all basically. The more accounts you have running the more money you make.

That is the basic template of how IG spam accounts operate and make money. Next, I will show you how another group of marketers is making money with IG. This method involves creating high-quality accounts and posting valuable content. This, in turn, gives you a loyal fan base and engaged visitors.

Once you have around 10k followers on IG this is when you could either, sell your own products, or sell shoutouts. Its easier to sell a couple of shoutouts a day across accounts. If you have 10 accounts with 10k followers per account. You can sell shoutouts at $5 apiece all you need is 1 shoutout across all accounts per day to make $50. This method is popular because these accounts normally last way longer than spam accounts.

Instagram is a popular platform for marketers because the sky is the limit. Nothing is stopping you from creating 100s or 1000s of accounts. Instagram traffic is popular because it makes people around the world so much money.

Things to do before starting your Instagram journey.

When starting either spam or legit Instagram campaign. You have to be careful about how you run the accounts. It is impossible to go full blast the first day of using the accounts. You must use low settings with the Instagram bots and slowly increase settings.

For example, you follow 10 people the first day, 30 people the third day, 50 people the fifth day, 100 people the seventh day, 200 people ninth day, etc.

You slowly increase and follow on average 200 people per day. Make sure to tweak your automation settings to look as human as possible. For example, random breaks, not contently following, too much liking in a short period time, etc.
The best way to make sure your accounts survive the longest is looking human. Once you start to get the hang of how everything works than profits start to roll in.

Why do we need to use proxies for Instagram?

To put it simply its because we don’t want Instagram to connect the dots and ban all our accounts. This is why we use proxies, to look like we come from a different place. It would be impossible for anyone to use 1 IP address for 100s of Instagram accounts, but it is possible to have 50 proxies for 100 Instagram accounts.

Where to learn more about this type of stuff?

Blackhatworld is one of the greatest marketing resources online. It taught me all the information I’m laying out to you right now. It also has a marketplace to find all the necessary items for pulling off a successful Instagram campaign.

Considering joining that forum it has information to find all the best proxies and money-making methods. Once joining that forum you will understand the amount of potential Instagram has to make a full-time living.


To sum it all up the best proxies price and quality-wise from this list would be smartproxy.com. They have consistently kept their servers up and running and had no issues with using them then you can handle a number of Instagram accounts! It’s the key to Instagram automation! They beat all competitors on that list simply by the price and the quality is better than most on the list.

26 thoughts on “Ultimate guide to buying Instagram proxies for Instagram automation”

  1. Where can I find residential proxies to use for non spam instagram accounts? From my understanding, rotating residential proxies will harm the accounts…?

    • The dedicated proxies for instagram accounts will be fine, the rotating residential proxies are not good for the accounts for the IP address is changing all the time.

      • I have used both Smartproxy and Luminati rotating residential ones and they worked quite great. It should do harm if your IP is jumping all over the continent. I have set my IP addresses to be rotated only from one city – no bans since then.

  2. I set up a VPS for Jarvee…do I need proxies too? Are proxies an alternate option in place of a VPS or are they needed in addition to a VPS?
    Right now I manage only 4 Instagram accounts, but plan to add several more (Instagram is the only platform I am currently working with)–each Instagram account represents a separate legitimate company.
    How many Instagram accounts can I run on one VPS? When will I need a proxy?

    • 3-5 accounts per IP (also based on the IP is fresh or not!) should be maximum if you want to keep all of them safe. Proxies are just different IPs that you can use in order to hide the fact that you have all of those accounts on the same computer, they are separate from VPS which is an actual computer where you can run Mass Planner to have it run 24/7.

      • Thank you, John, for the prompt response! Just to ensure that I understand completely–my VPS allows MP to run 24/7; it also provides one IP, on which I should be able to safely use 5-7 Insta accounts.

        So if I have 10 accounts, I can leave 5 of them on the IP of my VPS and buy one proxy IP for the other 5…correct?

        Here’s another question: can I use the IP of my personal computer as a proxy? What about the IP of my smartphone? Would that work?

        Sorry for all the questions! I’m fairly new and really appreciate your help!

        • Yes, 1 extra IP should cover the other 5, if all of these accounts don’t interfere with each other like promoting the same link or each other 5 should be fine on 1 IP.

          As for using your home and phone IP as proxies, no, you can’t really do that, I guess there would be a way to use the home one, but it probably involves running Linux on your computer and installing and configuring some tools like squid proxy. As for the phone, if you’re on the home wireless, it has the same IP as your computer.

          All in all, it’s not really doable, you will need to buy them from somewhere or create them yourself, but you will need another VPS running windows and extra ips from your providers which usually costa around $2 anyway + the cost of the VPS + the knowledge to upkeep all these.

  3. I was wondering what’s the best proxy nowadays as the PVs are getting real!

    I check a guy recently uploaded a video saying SSL are working well.

    Can anyone confirm SSL proxies are worth getting for instagram today?

    • Yes,SSL private proxies still one of the good proxies provider for IG. We are still using SSL proxies and you can check our review and test to their proxies, all of their proxies are 100% passed the test on Instagram.

  4. Hi! I manage several instagram accounts manually from my phone and use a bot for a few of them (about 20). Do I need to use proxies for posting from my phone on the accounts as well?

    • If Only several instagram accounts, that’s no need to use, especially you use on your moblie device.
      But if you use the Bot, I advise you use the proxies. The best is one proxy per account, No more than 3 accounts on one proxy!

  5. Hey John, really appreciate your effort for writing this guide and I really admire how you take the time to reply every single comment no matter how annoying people can get, haha.

    Anyway, I’m still kinda confused about proxies and VPS and how the two services can help me run my accounts without any hiccups. My situation is much like Vinny’s and despite having read your reply I was still unclear. I intend to run about 10-12 Instagram accounts and for each of those accounts will be an accompanying Twitter and Facebook account. Now, I understand that you can share a single private proxy for accounts running on different social platforms, but not more than roughly 5 accounts on the same platform.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but should I get 2 private proxys say from High Proxys and run 5 ig accounts on each together with the accompanying fb, Twitter, etc and I should be fine? I also don’t plan on promoting the same links on all of my ig accounts, they will all be legitimate individual similar niches in some. And what about VPS? When and should they come into play in my case? Hoping for your reply!

    • Yes, you can have the accompanying fb,twitter and so on on the same proxy. it’s good that you’ll be promoting different domains that should keep the accounts safe as for the vps, if you don’t need one and you’re fine running everything on your computer there’s no problem with that, a lot of people are doing it that way.

  6. I want to buy jarvee to run my business on instagram & facebook also. How many things should I prepare before using your product and what they are?

    > I have a plan to create 10 facebook accounts at first, same niche, to add friends and join groups and then push sale through groups and profiles
    > How many private proxies i need? 1 for each acc right?
    > Do I need still VPS beside proxies? How it could help in this case? How many VPS (??) do I need to buy? Cuz I dont have any IT background so I couldnt understand all advice related VPS and proxies clearly, I’m so sorry about it.
    Thank you so much again ^^

    • Hi Emily, ideally yes, go for 10 proxies for 10 accounts as you will probably be promoting the same thing and it’s good to have them separate.

      As for the VPS, a VPS is basically a computer that runs somewhere else, if you want you can install jarvee on your computer, or if not you can install it on a VPS have it run 24/7 and just connect to it when you need to.

      You definitely don’t need more than 1 VPS for 10 accounts.

    • One VPS will be fine, that depends on the hardware of VPS! Some Bots need more RAM to run, some bot/program does not consume many resources.

      So, You can easily make up your mind based on the status of CPU/memory from “task manager”. Note, More CPU power means more power to run all of your tasks, Especially if you are trying to run 500-1k accounts, So I recommend you use at least use 2 cores + 2G/4G RAM to start.

  7. Hi John,
    If I have a spare PC on which I can keep Jarvee on 24/7 then do I need a separate VPS?
    Secondly, I am running 3 Instagram and corresponding 3 Twitter accounts, How many proxies do I need?
    And my last question is – If I use proxies from other country say USA and I have multiple admins for the pages which are from India, then will that harm my accounts? Will I have to take proxies from India only?
    I would highly appreciate your help.

    • – you do not need a VPS, that computer is just fine.
      – if you really want to 3 proxies, one for each Instagram and Twitter, but they should be quite fine as they are…
      – many people have proxies from other countries and they work fine, but if you want to be absolutely sure you can use Indian proxies.

  8. hello can you help me?
    Maybe you know that instagram boting is very difficult nowadays and I have more than 300 instagram accounts to do marketing. I do all my managing operations with jarvve and use a custom proxy for instagram, but these are very slow and I get too many follow blocks. I need more than 550 follow-up daily for good work. I stopped all my work and I’m looking for a proxy. I’ve read too many comments for mobile proxy, roating proxy, residental proxy etc. etc. as a result, I don’t know which one to use and don’t want to pay for ridiculous services that don’t work. Do you have a service that you can offer me for instagram or jarvee?

    • For now, the best solution I would recommend you use Luminati static residential IP proxies, No doubt it’s the best solution, My most influential IG accounts are all using those type of proxies now, The disadvantage is the price, especially for beginners.

      You need to based on your marketing strategies to choose, Now datacenter IPs become more and more dirty, lots of proxy providers re-sell the IPs! So for datacent proxy, i advise one account per proxy and much fit for beginners.

      If you use the rotating residential proxies, It’s cheap than static residential IPs, but IPs change can be easily be marked, Especially for some proxy provider not offer GEO city or ASN gateway.

      I do not recommend mobile proxy directly carrithe ers, Though those mobile IPs are clean, but the gateway server and seller offer almost same subnet or same prefix IPs, another reason is toooo expensive.

      I would share my strategies,
      For Level 1 accounts = luminati static residential proxies
      For Level 2 accounts = dedicated datacenter proxies
      For Level 3 accounts = rotating residential proxies (Need to cities or ASN targeting)

  9. 1. Static residential IP proxies so that manage multiple Instagram accounts

    2. Datacenter proxies so that you can easily grow your Instagram actions with maximum results

    3. Rotating residential proxies so that you can create how many ever Instagram accounts you wish

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