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<Warning!> Do you know facts about IP address?

Your IP Address Shows the City You are Located In

When you access a web site, they know where you are coming from based on your IP address and they can block you based on your location. When you change your IP address, your location is hidden from these web sites.

Your Location is
Based on IP Address

Internet is a global network of computers and each computer connected to the Internet is identified by a unique IP address. When you connect to any website through a Url in fact you connect to another machine having IP address which is mapped with that URL.

Why need to use the proxy

The Internet has many uses which include hanging out in social networking, buying and selling online, search for jobs, knowledge sharing, blogging, downloading audio and video files, online lectures, and so forth.

But there are times when some users experience a disruption in the connection, which is used primarily in IP. There are circumstances in which the IP is rejected by a server for many reasons. One way to still be able to access the server is to use a proxy.

This is the advantage that an external proxy server that you are communicating does not know your IP address is genuine. IP addresses are detected on the target server is the IP address of the proxy, not technically belong to you because you are “represented” by proxy. Therefore the destination server allows you to access it.

Free and Public Proxies are Dangerous

There are unscrupulous people in the world and when you access one of their free or public proxies, you could be in danger. They are able to monitor everything you are doing on the Internet and capture any of your personal information.

Open WiFi Networks (Airport, Hotel, Library, Hotspots and School) Censor the Web sites that you visit

These open WiFi networks try to protect their servers by controlling what you access when you are using them. These controls are in place for a reason but sometimes they are a little stringent on what you can access. When you use Private Proxy, you are not running on their servers any longer so they are unable to control what you are accessing.

US Television is Blocked Overseas

Some say US television networks don’t show US programs overseas because of advertising reasons. But there are also copyright laws associated with where the networks can show these programs.

They base this block on your IP address and location. With an IP changer users can watch their favorite US television programs and listen to their favorite radio stations while traveling abroad.

Local Sports Games are Sometimes Blocked

Because the local network wants you to attend the game in person, they will block the games from being broadcast in the local area. When you change your IP address, this allows you to bypass those blocks and watch your local team play.

Open WiFi Networks (Airport, Hotel, Library, Hotspots and School) are NOT Secure

Because anyone can access these networks, your information is available for any hacker to track what you are doing and steal your username and password information.

These hackers only need to be on the same network and with the right software they can monitor your every activity. Because Private Proxy encrypts your Internet communication, these hackers are unable to infiltrate what you are doing.

Search Engines and your ISP keep a Log of Your Internet Activity

Your ISP does it for legal reasons. The search engines do it to better enhance your surfing experience They track what sites you visit and determine a profile on you so they can then show you sites and advertising that they think you might be interested in.

Forums and Web Sites Block You Based on Your IP Address

There are generally moderators that are in charge of these forums and if they are having a bad day, you can be blocked from one of your favorites forums. Some web sites use algorithms to monitor your activity and then ban you, this could be a site where you are making money.

These sites can get a little zealous on their guidelines but you can get around the block. But keep in mind they are also blocking you based on a cookie they have on your machine.

Some Countries Apply Censorship to What Web Sites are Visited

Some countries take it to the extreme and virtually make the Internet useless, especially to business travelers working abroad. An IP changer allows these individuals to access sites that help them accomplish their work needs.

What is the IP address

IP stands for internet protocol. The IP address is nothing but the internet protocol address, it is an identifier, which is allotting to every computer or any other electronic device connected to the IP network.

The IP address is used to locate and recognize the node in the communications with other nodes on the network.  It allows the computer or any other electronic device connected with the internet protocol to communicate with others.


IP addresses or Internet Protocol addresses are as old as the internet itself, and by definition, they are a numerical designation for a device connected to a network. Up until a few years ago, all of the IP addresses on the internet were IPv4 or version 4 of the internet protocol.

Since they all consist of numbers, the total number of available addresses with the 4th version is over 4 billion. That number sounds a lot, but if the wake into consideration that in today’s age, even some home appliances like a microwave or an AC can be connected to the internet, we realize that the number is not all that much.

To fix the problem, the internet protocol got a new version, IPv6. Unlike v4, where the IP addresses consisted of 4 segments with numerical values, with v6, there are six segments with alphanumerical values. With that, there can be roughly 340 undecillion IPv6 addresses. To put that into perspective, that is 34 with 37 zeros after it.

When connected to a network or the internet, the IP address is what gives you a unique ID for your connection. The reason why this is important is so that when you send out a request to open up a specific website, the request is sent to the website’s server, and the server will need to know where to send the data so that you can view the website.

Dynamic Vs. Static IP address

In the internet protocol, there are two major classifications available such as static internet protocol address and the dynamic internet protocol address.   Know the types of internet protocol available and the difference between the two and choose, what satisfies your need.

Dynamic internet protocol address

 The dynamic internet protocol addresses are temporary in nature and they are assigned each time, when the computer accesses the internet.  A pool of the internet protocol addresses is shared with the various computers in this type. These IP addresses are quite economical to the people and it also allows many subscribers to get connected.

Static Internet protocol address

The static internet protocol addresses are less preferred when compared to the dynamic internet protocol users. The people who involve in online gaming and the people, who want the other computers to locate and connect easily will prefer these types of IP addresses.  It is considered as a less secured one when compared to the dynamic internet protocol users.

Know your Internet protocol addresses

A huge number of people in the world are involving in the business on the basis of using the internet.  If you are one of them, you must give more importance to the internet protocol address.  Many tools are available on the internet, which reduces the efforts of finding the IP address.

Using those tools on the internet, you can sense what your internet protocol address is and you can also find the location and the other details of the internet protocol such as the address, latitude, longitude, etc.  Those tools are user friendly and there is no need to pay to use those tools.  Make use of those tools to reduce the efforts of finding the internet protocol address.