E-Commerce Proxies for Data Scraping to avoid IP blocks!

Are you scraping E-commerce sites? Read our full guide to learning the best proxies for Scraping E-Commerce websites!

E-commerce Proxies

Why scraping E-commerce is so popular?

Online E-commerce is a competitive industry with prices changing drastically from different sites to countries.

E-Commerce scraping has emerged as a crucial need for the visibility of insights that other tools and softwares cannot provide.

This helps online retailers understand where their customers are coming from and assists with their marketing and sales.

scraping E-commerceFor example, to observe the preferences of the customers and their behaviors with various purchases, E-Commerce scraping brings up the perfect solution which requires manufacturing targeted products that are directed towards the demands of their consumers.

That is the reason why E-Commerce Scraping like Amazon Scraping is relatively popular these days.

Why do you got blocked when scraping E-commerce site?

Yes, E-Commerce Scraping might seem the best idea for you, but let me make it clear to you that it is not a piece of cake.

I would like to use Amazon as the sample! Amazon is one of the most popular websites for E-Commerce.

  • IP address

Scraping Amazon is not easy because if they observe even a slight behavior of a fishy IP address or any sort of Bot actions, They will immediately ban the fishy IP address and you will not be able to access Amazon with the same IP address anymore.

There are two reasons as to why Amazon will be banning your IP address from their website.

First of all, If you fail to limit the number of requests that you make in a given period of time, Amazon will see this unusually fast requests per minute and will consider your IP address as bot activity. No website allows the usage of bots on their website. Hence, they will blacklist your IP address after which you will not be able to access their website using the same IP address

Secondly, If you make too many requests in a short period of time, Amazon will be tempted to think that you might be implementing a DDoS attack on the website and they will blacklist your IP address as soon as possible to prevent the DDoS attack. These are the two reasons as to why your IP might get blacklisted from Amazon.

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  • Cookies

When accessing your target website, the website saves cookies on your browser.

Cookies allow you to add items to your shopping cart and browse through their offerings while still showing you the same shopping cart when you are ready to check-out.

  • Request-headers & user-agent

The website is also paying attention to the request-headers and user-agent.

The user-agent is the device you are using and the operating system you are on. This information is collected to display content in the right format and in the right language.

The most important thing that you have to realize is that whatever it is that you’re doing on the website, The website is keeping an eye on your movements.

  • Blocking techniques

That includes the number of requests that you are sending per minute. Moreover, they also watch the number of requests that are being sent by a specific IP address and will blacklist any IP address from their website if the IP address is sending too many requests.

A Crawler is a special piece of software that can make multiple requests in a matter of seconds, unlike a human. It is capable of making requests at a tremendous speed in a short period of time.

With the collection of all this target specific data, retailers are able to see if their competition is entering their site.

Using a competing companies IP address, too many requests per minute, a lack of cookies and an incorrect user-agent are all ways to trigger a website to implement blocking techniques.

Blocking techniques include

  • Flagging or blocking access altogether – Getting an IP blacklisted is common when you are using a common Datacenter IP address or a non-rotating proxy.
  • Presenting Captcha – The website will start to pop up some Captcha which asks to re-write the given text on the screen to check whether the user is a human or a bot. This is one of the most common blocking techniques of a website.

How do you avoid these blocking techniques?

First, you need to be scraping using geo-targeted IPs, for the country or city you require to ensure the relevancy of pricing data.

Collecting pricing data from Europe with prices in Euros is not relevant if your operations are based in the United States and products sold in dollars.

Next, you need to be using many different IPs and this is to avoid being blocked based on your bot or crawlers actions. By rotating the IP after several requests you can camouflage your bot’s actions to seem like a real-user and continue successful scraping.

Along with a large number of IPs, your bot needs to stay anonymous.

Anonymity will allow you to ensure the pricing data you are collecting is accurate and not skewed by your competitors.

Where can I get a large number of IPs? 

Residential Proxy Network is the best solution!

If you want to be scraping E-Commerce websites, You need a large number of IP addresses that you can choose to switch between so you can minimize the chances of your IP address getting banned from the website.

This purpose is excellently served by A residential proxy network. A residential proxy network provides you with a pool of IP addresses and constantly replaces your IP address with that from the IP pool. In this way, Your IP address is never the same and Websites have a hard time checking whether you’re using a bot or not.

YouTube video

Luminati is a great choice for such a proxy network as they provide better pricing for all your scraping needs. This is due to the fact they provide a free Proxy Manager that contains a preset configuration called, ‘online shopping’.  This preset automatically applies the optimal proxy configuration for content curation from product pages.

Largest residential Proxy Network

The automated setup includes:

  • DNS resolve remotely by the peer
  • Changing the user-agent for each request
  • Applies a post-processing rule example
  • Enables SSL to see request log details

Read more about our ultimate guide to Luminati’s residential proxy network.

The ‘online shopping’ preset gathers the product pages title, price, and description list which took out all of the grunt work.

Whether you are coding your bot or crawler yourself or using an all-in-one solution like Luminati, the most important thing is using a high-quality proxy network.

Note: Now luminati.io offer both Luminati Rotating Residential Proxies and Static residential Proxies!For data scraping you have to use their Residential Rotating Proxies!

This network should have geo-targeted, rotating residential IPs.

By utilizing a residential proxy network with the right proxy manipulations you can make this environment transparent again and truly gather the most accurate and competitive pricing.

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