The Ultimate Guide To SnapChat Proxies for SnapChat Automation

Do you want to create multiple accounts on SnapChat? A lots of internt marker use SnapChat automation to get the traffic online! There is no doubt that if you want to “SnapChat Automation”, You need the proxies! This Post I would like to discuss SnapChat proxies!

SnapChat Proxies

Have Snapchat discovered your network of accounts and hammered them with bans and you are looking for precautionary measures to prevent such from happening in the future? Then you are on the right page. Snapchat clearly stated it in their terms that you are entitled to a single account as an individual. If you must create another one, you have to close the first one.

However, as Snapchat marketers, not even two nor three accounts can get us what we want. Some marketers have as much as 500 Snapchat accounts. What then is the secret of having this number of Snapchat accounts without getting banned? Using Snapchat proxies and automation tools that use their private APIs.

Not only for marketers, but Snapchat has also been banned in some countries like China and Iran. If you must snap chat in these countries, you must use a Snapchat proxy server to bypass the restriction placed.

This ultimate guide to Snapchat proxies will open your eyes to the world of using proxies for Snapchat.

  • Bright Data – #1 mobile & residential proxy network
  • Smartproxy – The most cost-effective residential IP Providers
  • IPRoyal – Fast residential proxies for Snapchat
  • NetNut– Reliable Static Residential Proxies
  • Instant Proxies – Cheap private proxies for Snapchat

What is a Snapchat Proxy?

Snapchat Proxy is the intermediary server that Internet users route their web requests through to websites in other to prevent the Snapchat from detecting their IP addresses. Because requests get to websites through the proxy servers, the websites can only see the IP addresses of the servers. Proxy servers that can be used on Snapchat successfully are known as Snapchat proxies.

how snapchat proxy works

There are some specialized proxy providers that provide proxies specifically tailored to the need of the Snapchat web servers. Others are general proxies that can also be used for Snapchat. As far as I know, you can use either of the two to hide your IP address from Snapchat and prevent your accounts from being banned if you do not use a proxy to manage more than a single account.

What Do Snapchat Proxies Do?

The primary aim of Snapchat proxies is to hide your real IP address so that you can afford to create multiple accounts for your Snapchat campaign.

While you can gain huge popularity with a single account, social media marketers do not have the patient and sincerity to grow and get their accounts to be popular following the ethical ways.

They would rather create a group of accounts that they will use to coordinate a campaign and get their adverts to trend so they can make money from it.

Why You Might Not Need Proxies for Snapchat

Newbies have this misconception that if they are going to make use of a bot for social media management, they need proxies. I beg to differ. Let me tell you something; What determines if you will be needing a proxy or not is the number of accounts you want to operate.

If you plan to manage only one account, there is no need to use a proxy – unless you live in countries that block its citizens’ access to Snapchat. However, when you need to create and manage a group of accounts, you need to make use of proxies.


Where Can I Get Proxies for Snapchat

There are many proxy providers out there that provide proxies that work well with Snapchat. However, I will only advise you to go for the paid ones. This is because free ones do not work as they should and even if they do, be ready to pay their prices in a bad way – your accounts may be compromised or your email box spammed to death. For the paid proxies, I will advise you go for either mobile proxies, residential proxies, or private proxies.

Mobile Proxies for Snapchat

Mobile proxies are the best proxies to use for Snapchat. This is because Snapchat has a smart anti-spam detection system in place and the only way out to bypass it is to use proxies that do not behave like proxies.

When it comes to doing this, mobile proxies are the best. Even if detected, they usually do not get banned. This is because mobile devices get assigned IP addresses dynamically anytime they want to connect to the Internet. This means that if they block a proxy an individual use for spamming their system, they will be denying other users access.

Unfortunately, the offending individual will be assigned a different IP when next he wishes to connect to the Internet. Because of this, mobile proxies do not easily get banned by Snapchat.



If you are looking for a reliable and secure way to access and manage Snapchat, then Proxy-Seller’s mobile proxies may be a good option. They offer a range of proxies in different locations, ensuring that you can find one that works best for your needs.

One of the benefits of using Proxy-Seller’s mobile proxies for Snapchat is that they are very fast and reliable. The company uses only high-quality mobile networks to ensure that its proxies provide a seamless browsing experience.

Read Proxy-Seller review here.

Bright Data

bright data logo

Bright Data is the market leader as far as mobile proxies are concerned. They pioneered the provision of mobile proxies. As of now, Bright Data has over 7.5 million mobile IP addresses distributed in all countries of the world and across major cities.

This mobile proxy provider provides premium service and has Fortune 500 companies as customers. Because of this, their proxies are secure and reliable. However, they are expensive.

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Proxy-IPv4 Logo new

Another provider I recommend for use as Snapchat proxies is the Proxy-IPv4. To start with, this provider’s mobile proxies are private, of high quality, and standard — and so expensive. If you need Snapchat proxies from the US, UK, or other tier-one countries, you will have to spend a minimum of $70 monthly.

But they have 3 days and weekly proxies. If you can afford to pay for their proxies, you will get a lot of value. This service allows you to choose the specific Mobile Network Operator you need IPs from. It offers you an LTE mobile IP footprint, thereby tricking Snapchat into thinking you are making use of a mobile device to access its content.
The major problem associated with this service is that there is no free trial provided.


airproxy - 4G proxies

AirProxy has some of the best proxies for Snapchat. With this provider, you can only get Italian proxies. Their Italian proxies are fast, thanks to the fact that they own the mobile devices they use their Internet connection and IPs.

If you have a subscription with AirProxy, what they do is that they dedicate a SIM card and modem to you. This makes them different. However, it also makes them be more expensive than other mobile proxy providers on the list.

Proxy-cheap Not recommend anymore!

Updated: Their IPs have blocked by Snapchat!

With Proxy-cheap mobile proxies, the creation of multiple Snapchat accounts is not only possible, but it is also safe. The major selling point of Proxy-cheap compared to the two Luminati and AirProxy is that their mobile proxies are cheap. They also have proxies in many locations.

Residential Proxies for SnapChat – Bulk accounts choice

After mobile proxies, residential proxies are the next set of proxies you should use for your marketing campaigns on Snapchat. This is because they route clients’ requests to Snapchat through residential IP addresses of real devices provided by Internet Service Providers.

Snapchat does not see residential IP addresses as spammy and as such, they evade Snapchat anti-spam filters easily. Below are the best residential proxy providers where you can buy residential proxies for Snapchat.


Smartproxy logo

You can buy residential proxies for Snapchat from Smartproxy, a residential proxy service provider with over 55 million residential IPs in their pool. In terms of performance, Smartproxy provides high-speed internet connection and high-grade performance. They have a network of over 195 locations where their residential proxies are located.

Want to know, how to use the smartproxy? read this guide.


Shifter Logo

Shifter is one of the best residential proxy providers. Their proxies work perfectly with Snapchat. One thing I love about Microleaves is that their proxies come with unlimited bandwidth for your use. Their proxies are super fast and they guarantee a 99.9 uptime.

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IPRoyal logo

What makes IPRoyal’s Snapchat proxies stand out is the excellent price-value ratio. Their rotating residential proxies cost a few times below market average if you order sufficient traffic, and the traffic never expires!

Two million residential IPs are on the table with city-level targeting, sticky sessions, IP autorotation, and other mandatory features for a professional proxy service. There’s around-the-clock customer support to assist you with any issues, and you’ll find a free proxy tester on their website for easy proxy management.


Nimbleway Logo

Nimbleway allow you to create unlimited sessions and connections at no extra cost to you. With this and the fact that you can rotate IPs at will, makes it one of the best for Snapchat. You can use this to manage your multiple accounts on Snapchat and coordinate your way to the limelight on the platform if you know what you are doing.

The service has millions of IPs available in its pool and allows you to choose IPs from specific regions with all countries supported. The proxies it offers here are rotating proxies and by default, change IP after every request.

To use them to manage your multiple accounts, you will need to use their session proxies as using the high-rotating proxies will get Snapchat suspicious and in turn, get you banned. While this service is one of the best, it is quite expensive and you need a minimum of $600 to get started. However, that gives you 75GB which is cost-effective for enterprises and large projects.


NetNut’s static residential proxies are an ideal solution for enhancing your Snapchat experience. While Snapchat isn’t out to ban accounts, they don’t take too kindly with proxy usage. Hence, you need a very fast and undetectable proxy to manage your business and brand on Snapchat. NetNut ensures a seamless and reliable platform engagement.

Snapchat holds immense potential for businesses and individuals, but data extraction on the platform can be challenging due to its popularity and privacy features. There’s a reason they never released a public API. NetNut’s residential proxies guarantee uninterrupted data collection at scale, with the advantage of 24/7 service availability and the ability to run multiple sessions simultaneously.

Their proxies offer fast and stable connections, maintaining a 99.9% network uptime for consistent performance on Snapchat. There is a vast global IP coverage of over 1 million static IPs across various locations, and NetNut enables versatile interactions with Snapchat. Supporting both HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocols, their proxies ensure smooth and compatible data extraction.

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Built by web scraping experts, GeoSurf is one of the best residential proxy providers. Interestingly, their proxies have been tested and trusted when it comes to the creation of multiple Snapchat accounts. They have about 2.5 residential proxies that are reliable and secure.

Private Proxies for SnapChat

If you are looking for low-cost proxies to use for Snapchat, then private proxies are the way to go. However, I need to remind you that private proxies (dedicated datacenter proxies) have a bad reputation and as such, you have to be extremely careful with their usage else, you risk getting your accounts banned.

High Proxies

Highproxies is a US-based company that provides US dedicated datacenter proxies. You can go for their specialized social media proxies. However, if you aren’t interested in US proxies, you have to look elsewhere. Their proxies are cheap and super fast – very close to the speed provided by Internet Service Providers.

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Instant Proxies offer best shared proxies

Instant Proxies is the cheapest proxy service provider on the list. Their proxies are very fast, reliable, and secure. They have a worldwide network of proxies and their proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. Their private proxies have been ascertained to work with Snapchat.


This proxy provider has their proxy networks in the United States, Canada, and the European region. Even though they do not have specialized proxies for Snapchat, their proxies have been found to work for Snapchat. They use green energy sources to power their infrastructures.

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FAQs About SnapChat Proxies

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) About Snapchat Proxies,

Does it support the use of proxies?

Snapchat does not support the use of proxies. To them, you are seen as being malicious and usually with evil intentions if you are using a proxy. They have this question of, “what are you hiding”, in their head anytime they discover you are using a proxy. Because of the way they see proxy users, they deny such request access to the information it requests.

How many Snapchat accounts per proxy?

Even though you can use 2 without being banned – the risk is quite high. I will advise you to use only one account per proxy.

What are the types of proxies for Snapchat bots needs?

HTTPS proxies.

Can I use free proxies for Snapchat?

No, free proxies shouldn’t be used when you are dealing with Snapchat. Their systems are smart and can sniff out a few proxy miles away. Not only that, your accounts and system can be compromised by the proxy providers.

Does Snapchat Ban Accounts Easily?

No, they do not. However, if you go recklessly with your use of automation and using proxies the wrong way, then snapchat Ban your IP at first, If you handle too many accounts from same IP,  your accounts will be blocked also.

Does Snapchat support automation?

Snapchat does not support any form of automation and as such, they have not released any public API – yet. Interestingly, there is no publicly available Snapchat automation bot in the market. However, independent marketers get bots developed for them.


From the above, I hope you now have a good idea of what Snapchat proxies are and what they are used for. Make sure you actually need them before you pay for them because not everyone needs proxies to manage their Snapchat account. And if you need them, go back to the list of Snapchat proxies above and make your pick- if you haven’t done that yet.

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