Best Proxies for Amazon Scraper to Bypass IP ban

Does your IP blocked while scraping or crawling Amazon product details for price intelligence and Amazon listings, let me show you how to use amazon proxies without getting blocked!

Amazon Proxy providers for Scraper

Founded in the middle of the 90s, Amazon quickly grew from an online bookstore working off Jeff Bezos’s basement to one of the biggest and most popular e-commerce stores in the world.

As the years went by, and Amazon’s features grew, it became apparent that additional tools would be required for sellers and buyers. Among the many tools used are proxies.

Proxies are IP addresses located on some server in the world that act as a gateway between your home IP address and the destination server. The main advantage of using proxies is that they mask your real IP address from the destination server.

Here is the overview of Amazon Proxies

So, the question is: why would anyone use proxies for Amazon?

There are several reasons actually, and the most important one that we are going to discuss today is scraping. Sellers have been scraping Amazon for years, and it has helped them grow their businesses. But how? Here are a few examples.

If you are starting off with your own e-commerce store and sell some products that are also available on Amazon, you will need two things: prices and reviews. Both can be solved with scraping. If the product you are selling is the same as the one sold on Amazon, then the reviews will apply to your product as well.

When it comes to price, scraping the prices off several sellers on Amazon will give you an insight into the price offered by other sellers. Scraping the prices will provide you with enough data so that you can form an amount that will be competitive, but not leave you with no profit.

Companies have been spying on their competitors for years. Some take this overboard and literally spy, but that is not the point here. You can scrape data from your competitors from Amazon, so in essence, you are doing a kind of market research that will help you push your company forward.

Why do you need proxies to scrape Amazon?

As we mentioned before, proxies help mask your real IP address so that the destination server does not see it. When you are scraping data off a website, the scraper tool sends out hundreds or thousands of requests each second to the destination server. If the server sees them coming from the same IP address, it may consider it as an attack and will protect itself, usually by blocking access.

This is where the proxies come into play. If you set them up on your scraper to rotate, the sever will see a different IP address for each request and will not take any action. The result would be that you can scrape all you want and not get caught.

Which proxies to use?

There are two types of proxies: datacenter and residential. In recent years we started to see mobile proxies as well, so that makes it three types.

Datacenter proxies are the ones that companies purchase in bulk from ISPs and resell them. In almost all cases, they come in batches of several thousand each, and they are all sequential.

Residential proxies are IP addresses from people’s home internet connection that they have donated to the proxy provider. Some may even get paid for them.

Mobile proxies are similar to the residential ones, but instead of a home internet connection, they are from a mobile network – 3G, 4G, maybe 5G in the future.

Which ones are the best?

Not the datacenter ones. Being proxies purchased in bulk, there is a very high chance that they are already flagged as proxies. It matters because websites as strict as Amazon do not want people accessing their site via a proxy. The worst-case scenario would be that the IP addresses are already blocked or will be minutes after you start scraping.

That leaves us with residential and mobile proxies. As explained previously, these are very similar in what they are and how they function. Theoretically, mobile proxies should be slightly more challenging to detect than residential, but the difference is minor. What is more different about them is the price. Since mobile proxies are a bit harder to get by, they cost more than residential.

Best proxies for scraping Amazon

Today we are going to cover a few proxy providers that you should look for if you need to scrape Amazon. There are hundreds of proxy providers on the internet today, so we are going to cover the most popular ones. Also, we are going to include a few residential and a few mobile proxy providers. That way, you have a greater choice when it comes to picking the right proxy provider.

Residential proxies for scraping Amazon

We are starting off the list with the residential proxies. The reason for that is because almost all proxy providers have them, and they are the less expensive option.


Smart Proxy

Among the many popular proxy providers out there is Smartproxy. Their residential proxies can be found in over 195 locations around the world. Even though most of their proxies are from America and Europe, you would still be able to find proxies in countries from the African continent. All those proxies add up to over 10 million IP addresses at your disposal. It is not the most that we have seen, but it is not bad.

You can get the proxies via monthly payments with several options. All packages get access to all 10 million proxies, and the difference is with the included bandwidth, sub-user limit, whitelist limit, and the price per GB of bandwidth after you use up the included one. Unfortunately, they do not have a trial period, but you do get a 3-day money-back guarantee.



SimplyNode’s residential proxies are a powerful solution for scraping Amazon, offering global reach and local precision. With a network of over 50 million ethically sourced residential IPs, you can access web data from anywhere in the world without restrictions. This extensive network ensures a local presence in any target market, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of your Amazon data collection.

Scalability and simplicity are at the core of SimplyNode’s offerings. Their solutions are tailored to fit projects of any size, from small-scale research to extensive data extraction. With a transparent, no-commitment pricing model, you only pay for what you need, making web scraping accessible for businesses of all sizes.

SimplyNode’s advanced features, such as thousands of concurrent sessions, support for HTTP, SOCKS, and UDP protocols, country and city-level targeting, and a 99.6% success rate, ensure your Amazon scraping projects are efficient and effective. Whether you need rotating IPs for anonymity or sticky sessions for consistent data streams, SimplyNode has you covered.


Nimbleway Logo

The Nimble residential proxy network is one of the best proxy networks to use for scraping Amazon. During our performance test, we tested their proxies on a good number of popular web targets, which Amazon is among and it performed excellent well without blocks. Thanks to its auto-rotating feature, you only get one proxy endpoint, which gets an IP assigned to it after every request.

The IP assigned to it is determined by an AI system that makes sure the IP will work for Amazon. You can use the proxies for scraping Amazon product reviews, and even monitoring your ranking and that of your competitors in the Amazon SERPs.

If you need to scrape data or manage accounts on a geo-specific Amazon site, then Nimble residential proxies are your bet, too, as they have support for all countries. The proxies are undetectable and are quite fast. You can create unlimited concurrent connections and sessions. Pricing starts from $600 for 75GB, which makes it the provider for businesses. And you can get a 22GB free trial.


Shifter Logo

The last of the residential proxies we would like to cover is Shifter. Essentially, Shifter is a daughter company of Microleaves, so you should expect excellent service. Their IP pool consists of over 31 million IP addresses all over the world. The list of countries they have proxies is not disclosed anywhere on their site, but with that many proxies, it is very likely they cover a lot of countries.

The pricing plans is where things get a bit interesting. They offer two types of residential proxies – basic and special. The difference is that with the special residential proxies, you get access to geo-targeting as well as some websites that are not available for the basic proxies, with Amazon being one of them. With that aside, another advantage is that all proxy packages come with unlimited bandwidth, you only pay for the number of proxies you purchase.


storm proxies

A direct competitor of Smartproxy is Stormproxies. While that may be true, there are some areas where Stormproxies fall behind. The number of IP addresses and locations, especially. They have an IP pool of only 40 thousand proxies in the US and Europe only. Compared to others, that is quite a low number.

The pricing plans is the area where they make it up a bit. In times when proxy providers charge per used GB of bandwidth, Stormproxies offer unlimited bandwidth on all packages. They are all monthly plans, and they differ in the available ports. Testing the proxies before buying is also not an option with them. Instead, you can get a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

Mobile Proxies for Scraping Amazon

Now we can cover mobile proxies. Unlike residential proxies, these are more expensive because they are a bit more challenging to come by. The advantage they have is that there are almost no restrictions with them and theoretically are more challenging to be identified as proxies.



Proxy-Seller offers a huge collection of marketplace proxies on their website. The collection has the proxies targeted to carry out the Amazon tasks. From there, anytime you want curated amazon proxies, Proxy-Seller is here to give you affordable but also proxies that guarantee you personal use, access to the hundreds of subnets and networks, good location coverage, and the option to geo-target cities and get support when you need anytime.

Their mobile proxies offer various payment options to suit different budgets and preferences, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans. This means that you can choose the plan that best fits your needs and only pay for what you need.

Dynamic IP addresses are also a significant advantage of Proxy-Seller’s mobile proxies. These proxies use IP addresses that are assigned from a pool of several thousand addresses from different mobile carriers. This allows you to access Amazon’s servers from different locations, making it more challenging for Amazon to detect your scraping activities.

Bright Data

bright data logo

One of the most popular proxy providers today is Bright Data. They offer several types of proxies, among which are the residential ones. The IP pool has over 7 million IP addresses, which is among the top when it comes to available mobile proxies. Location-wise they have them everywhere – literally. The proxies come from almost every country in the world, even some countries that we didn’t know excised.

All proxies come packed in several pricing planes that you can choose from. Unlike some of their competitors, you get access to all 7 million proxies, regardless of which package you go for. The difference is between the included bandwidth and the price per GB afterward. The plans are paid monthly, and the best of all is that they have a 7-day free trial to test them out.


If Bright Data is too rich for your blood, then you have other cheaper options like Proxy-Cheap. As the name would suggest, their main selling point is that they are less expensive than the competition. And this is where they start to differ from their competition.

The exact number of mobile proxies is not listed anywhere on their website, so it is a bit difficult to say for sure. If you take into consideration that they have proxies in the US and France only, you can guess that they do not have millions of proxies. The good side is that they are cheap.

There are two pricing plans for offering everything. The only difference is the location – one of the plans is for the US proxies, and the other is for the French. There is a downside to this. Since Proxy-cheap offers cheap proxies, you do not get any money-back guarantee or trial period, so you will need to pay to see If they would work for you.


Proxy-IPv4 Logo new

Proxy-IPv4 is a new mobile proxy provider, meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of Amazon data scraping enthusiasts. Leveraging its high-end services, it guarantees uninterrupted access and efficient scraping on Amazon, transcending any geographical barriers.

Proxy-IPv4 offers a selection of IP addresses from 14 prime locations including the USA, France, Germany, and Italy. With remarkable connection speeds up to 30 Mbps on a 100 Mbps bandwidth, these proxies are adept for swift and smooth data extraction. They not only support both Socks5 and HTTP(s) protocols but also have a robust IP pool. Though the exact count remains confidential, affiliations with top-tier carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile hint at a vast and reliable IP repository.

Understanding the diverse requirements of Amazon scrapers, Proxy-IPv4 presents an array of flexible packages. From short-term 3-day access to extensive 30-day plans, and featuring global carriers, it empowers users to handpick a plan that resonates with their scraping objectives, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


NetNut offers Unblockable Mobile Proxies that are one of the absolute best for crawling and scraping Amazon. We all know Amazon is one of the strictest websites out there. But these mobile proxies are very hard to detect and provide the highest level of secrecy and security. Amazon CAPTCHAs and anti-spam bots are annoying as hell. Well, you can wave goodbye to them.

Scraping and crawling a platform requires a very widely distributed network of proxies. NetNut mobile proxy service does fulfill that requirement. With over 1 million mobile IPs scattered all over the world, you’ll have the liberty to access Amazon from any location you choose. The incredibly useful city-level targeting feature allows for precise geo-targeted campaigns, market analysis, competitor research, and regional brand protection.

NetNut does give you autonomy when it comes to custom rotation options, allowing you to fine-tune your data collection processes, manage ad campaigns efficiently, and enhance privacy measures as needs demand. This personalized IP rotation is especially beneficial for B2B enterprises and businesses in the technology, information, internet, IT services, and consulting industries.

You can try NetNut’s unblockable mobile proxies for free with their 7-day free trial. For more bandwidth, they offer paid options starting at $950 for 50GB per month and up to the gigantic 1TB Master Plan. NetNut’s mobile proxies are just a little bit harder to detect and block by Amazon’s spies. That should give you the confidence you need to browse through the data-rich environment that is Amazon.


Proxy Lte Logo

The last on the list of mobile proxies is ProxyLTE. As the name might suggest, they offer only mobile proxies, which make it one of the rarer proxy providers dedicated to selling mobile proxies. There are a few things that might seem strange. For starters, the exact number of proxies is unknown; all we do know is that all of the proxies are US-based.

The pricing works slightly differently than other proxy providers, but it offers a lot of flexibility. Essentially you pay for the proxies per day, like renting them. The longer you get them, the less you pay per day. Additionally, you can make a completely custom plan that completely differs from the already offered packages. Based on what their website says, all packages are with unlimited bandwidth, but you can only pay with BTC.

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we are going to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding scraping Amazon.

  • Is scraping Amazon illegal?

Technically it is not. There is a very slim chance that Amazon will sue you for scraping data off them, and even if you do, there is an even slimmer chance that you will be found guilty. You are safe to scrape, that is why we use proxies.

  • Can I try to scrape with datacenter proxies?

Sure, but you will not get far. The data center proxies that you will buy may already be flagged as proxies by Amazon’s servers, so you will either be rejected access instantly, or you may be able to scrape for a minute or two.

  • What will happen if I scrape by hand?

Scraping by hand is an old technique of gathering data, back in the days when there was much less data on the internet. Scraping by hand today is something that is used only for small amounts of data. If you do decide to scrape data from Amazon by hand, you will need to consider two things. The first one is that you will need ages to compile the data, and the second one is that as you are scraping by hand, the existing data that you already scraped can change.

  • Does the speed and latency of the proxies matter?

Yes, it does, but not all that much. If you are scraping text data from Amazon, then the speed will not play a huge role. Latency is what will slow things down. Either way, try to see the speeds and latencies of the proxies are decent enough for the scraping.


No matter what you intend to use them, proxies are an essential part of a lot of aspects of running a business today. In order to be able to maximize their use, make sure that you choose the proxies from a proxy provider with the features that suit you the best.

Also, as we mentioned before, these proxy providers are not the only ones on the internet. Instead, they are the ones that we can recommend for you to check out. If they do not work for you, there are plenty of others.

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