Guide to Using The Best Twitter Proxies for Twitter tools

Does Twitter automation marketing still work in 2024? Of course! And nowadays when talking about the Twitter automation tools, You much use the twitter proxies!

Today I will be discussing everything related to Twitter marketing. You will learn the best automation, proxies, and money-making methods with Twitter. Twitter is one of the top social media sites and not spending your time there is a huge loss of potential money. You have the chance to make thousands setting up automation on Twitter.

  • Myprivateproxy: Best private proxies for Twitter automation
  • Smartproxy (Editor Choice): Best Twitter Proxies for automation
  • Bright Data: Most advanced residential IP proxies provider for Twitter

Why use Twitter as a traffic source?

It is one of the greatest internet resources for people. With the right guidance, you can be able to monetize its great traffic. With 328 million monthly users, it shouldn’t be that hard to be able to make some cash off of twitter.

That is why it is important to have private proxies because if not you wouldn’t be able to gather that much traffic. Also, another aspect of making money is automation on twitter and below will be talking about it.

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Best way to automate your twitter accounts

There are many free ways to automate everything on twitter. At the moment, I don’t have much knowledge about recent twitter automation tools.

You can use Hootsuite to schedule your content for all the accounts. Also, here is a free script that can auto-follow and unfollow users (

If you read that thread on a popular webmaster forum you will understand the true potential of twitter.

Why do you need to use proxies?

Very simple answer, it is used to disguise your IP address. What an IP is basically a unique address for your computer only. If you have 100 twitter accounts on 1 IP address they will all get banned. If you have more than 5 accounts per IP they will fly under the radar, specifically when you’re using the data center IP address.

Can I use the residential proxies for social media?

Obviously No!  For almost all of residential proxy providers offer the residential IPs which are always changing, only the dedicated proxy can offer you the fixed IP address to use, nowadays, if you change a IP address to login to your social media account, you will be asked for a phone verification code to authenticate.

And there are a lot of proxies online, The first thing ill be discussing is the use of dedicated proxies. dedicated proxies also know as Private proxies are so important with any social media marketing. Below are recommended proxy providers that will help you scale up.

Top 4 Private Proxy Providers

Twitter Proxy ServicePriceFeature of proxy providers MPP10 Proxies - $23.70
50 Proxies - $87.50
100 Proxies - $165
Fast Dedicated Proxies for Twitter Marketing
140,00 Dedicated IP addresses
24/7 Support and Fast Proxy Delivery
proxyseller1 Proxie for 1 week - $1.07
1 Proxie for 2 weeks - $1.61
1 Proxie for 1 month -$2.14
Offer Socks5 & HTTPs Proxy
Cheap Private Twitter Proxy
Flexible Billing Mode
IPRoyal.com30 days – from $2.70/proxy
60 days – from $2.55/proxy
90 days – from $2.40/proxy
Optimized for Twitter account management
SOCKS5 protocol support
Accepts crypto payments
highproxies.com10 Proxies - $22.65
50 Proxies - $86.00
100 Proxies - $169
Twitter Proxies for Social media Marketing
Fast Squid proxy server
USA based Premium proxies
instantproxies offer best shared proxies 10 Proxies - $10.00
50 Proxies - $50.00
100 Proxies - $100
99%+ uptime guaranteed
Tested Proxies before you buy
Proxies are Automatic management



MPP is Definitely a good option which is rank #1 on the, though they are known to have high-quality proxies. With the cheapest plan of 1 proxy costing $2.49 per month, and the most expensive option is $390.00 for 253 private proxies. They are known to never experience any downtime and lighting fast.

Read our in-depth review about MPP proxies on here, we tested their proxies on the twInstagramstagram and other websites.


Proxy-Seller for Twitter

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and high-quality Twitter proxy solution, Proxy-seller is definitely worth considering. With their affordable pricing, flexible fee plans, and private Socks5 and HTTPs proxies, they offer a solid option for anyone who needs to access Twitter through a proxy.

For example, a Twitter proxy in the US from Proxy-seller costs only $2.14 a month, which is significantly lower than what other proxy providers charge for a similar service. This low price point is particularly appealing to users who need to use Twitter proxies on a regular basis, but don’t want to break the bank.

Here is our Proxy-Seller Review.


Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

Another proxy network you can purchase private proxies for accessing Twitter (now is the Proxy-IPv4 service. One thing you will come to like about this service is the low spam score of their IPs. Usually, most websites will want to block datacenter IPs from accessing their service.

But for some, including Twitter, this is not done, provided the IPs don’t look spammy, and that is what the low spam score of Proxy-IPv4 proxies seeks to achieve. The service does have support for over 30 countries for which you can get IPs.

If you purchase a package from this provider with multiple proxies, you get IPs from multiple subnets and locations to mix things up if you don’t have a locational requirement. The proxies are quite fast and perform well even when you send multiple requests. In terms of pricing, you will need to pay $1.5 per proxy. And the more proxies you pay for or how long you pay for them, the cheaper the price per proxy monthly becomes.

Whether you want to manage multiple accounts, automate your actions, or just scrape data from the platform, the proxies from the Proxy-IPv4 service are a good fit for you.


IPRoyal Static Residential Proxies

By choosing IPRoyal, you’ll get fast static residential IPs to manage multiple Twitter accounts without detection. Their residential proxies come from genuine users with excellent IP trust scores evading Captcha tests, IP bans, and geo-blocks. The service is priced below the market average, and business units can negotiate better deals for large-scale operations.


instantproxies for twitter

A personal favorite and also almost half the price of the above competitors. Costing $1 per private proxy at all denominations. While using their service I never encountered any downtime or slowness. I highly recommended it for any twitter marketer.

Proxies from Instantproxies are Cheap but worth to use, read our review to know why.


Netnut Static Residential Proxies

NetNut emerges as a premier proxy service, providing static residential proxies that are exceptionally well-suited for exploring and extracting data from platforms like Twitter. With a very impressive 52 million residential IPs in the pool, NetNut empowers small and large businesses to enhance their automation endeavors and elevate their marketing campaigns on Twitter.

In today’s digital era, automation is a must for every company looking to work done. With NetNut’s ISP proxies, your automation initiatives will face no restrictions. These proxies are highly reliable and virtually undetectable, freeing you to schedule and automate various Twitter operations without bothering over whether you’d IP bans or face endless CAPTCHAs on the way.

The ability to seamlessly manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets, and enhance your online influence are all achievable, thanks to NetNut’s lightning-fast residential proxies for Twitter. Having a steady IP address when you’re online can make a big difference, helping you avoid being detected and outsmarting annoying Twitter bots. Luckily, NetNut has more than a million static IPs that are all set for use on Twitter.

NetNut’s ISP proxies can change the way you interact with your fans and target markets on Twitter for the better. By presenting real IPs and making you an authentic Twitter located in various cities across the world, NetNut equips you with an interesting tool for launching effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

This means your ad copies, catchphrases, and messages land right in front of the ideal audience at the precise moments in time. The result can be very rewarding for companies and influencers: amplified engagement, increased visibility for your services, and a stronger brand presence in one of the most popular social media sites on the planet.



Almost the same pricing system as myprivateproxy, definitely known to be a top dog in the proxy business. With the cheapest plan with 1 proxy costing $2.30 and the most expensive costing $1400 for 1000 proxies. This option is also expensive but the saying you get what you pay for is very relevant in the scenario.

Read more, Our test and review to HighProxies.

Recommended Twitter automation tools

Here are the most recommended twitter automation tools in the industry:

  • Twitterfeed

What twitter feed is a tool that allows you to have the RSS feed from your preferred blogs. Then whenever your selected blog has a new post it will automatically tweet it.

This tool is very useful if you’re interested in mass direct messages. It is a smart marketing tactic to send a welcome direct message to new followers. The user thinks you cared enough to go and send a message to them.

This is a personal favorite & great to have on your tool list. What it does is schedule tweets for you and handle any updates you want to do. This tool is very user-friendly and I got the hand of it in a few hours.

  • Tweet Old Post

This is such a wonderful tool once set up properly. It is known to save a ton of time and what it does is. Whenever your twitter account wants to tweet something it pulls content from the archive of your blog and repost it.

How to make money with twitter?

There are literally thousands of unique ways to monetize twitter efficiently. It all comes down to what method you use to monetize the traffic and how much traffic you have. To increase your traffic you need multiple or even hundreds of accounts.

I’ll be letting you know ahead that this method is heavily in the adult industry.

You first need an account at crack revenue because that is how you’ll be getting paid.

The first step is to find many pictures of any porn star in whatever adult niche you’re targeting. Sign up to HootSuite and start doing auto-scheduling. What I did was schedule 5 messages between 6 am to 8 pm every day. Every 2nd and 4th posts have a link with a compelling message to go visit it.

The next step is to get traffic and basically what you do is follow twitter users. Of course, only follow users related to your niche. A good way to do this is followed by bigger accounts in whatever niche you’re in.

That is basically all there is to the method and has great success. It has personally made me a few thousands of dollars while investing almost nothing.

Why is this method so successful?

This is because the average Twitter user will see a tweet or follow request. They will see a sexy girl owning the account. The girl said to visit this link to see more so he goes to the link right away. Next, the site says you need to do free signup to watch. Of course, the user signs up because he wants the see the beautiful girls.

Once he signs up you just made a couple of dollars right there. I hope you start to get the drift here the more people you follow. The higher the chance of success with this method.

Where can I learn about this type of stuff?

Blackhatworld is one of the internet’s greatest marketing learning resources. It has taught me everything I’m laying out to you right now. The method I explained in this article is explained so much better on blackhatworld. You can go here to see the original thread about the money-making method.


This article should’ve been a great starting point to get involved in twitter marketing. You can look down the rabbit hole on many forums like black hat world. In conclusion, the best proxy provider for Twitter would be instant proxies. I have personal experience with them and never experienced downtime at all.

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