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Smartproxy is one of the premium companies that offer residential IP addresses. The price in combination with the easy to use and authenticate dashboard are a great choice for people that haven’t used proxies in the past.

Starting from changing an online IP address to scraping data and verifying ads, Smartproxy is a great company that is worth giving them a shot.

Recommended for: Web Crawling & Scraping & Sneaker sites & Social media sites & Ads verification

For the past several years, the internet has become flooded with companies selling proxy addresses. The companies that have gained the most attention are the ones selling residential proxy addresses. Unlike the cheap data center proxies, these are more difficult to detect and provide better anonymity. With all the companies offering different kind of solutions and prices it is only natural that people would think twice before committing to one.

Here Let’s us discuss about the smartproxy’s residential proxies, Regardless of the lack of information on the internet on this company, other people’s reviews speak for themselves.

SmartProxy Homepage

  • Fast and secure residential proxy servers
  • Premium residential IP addresses.
  • Easy and simple to use dashboard
  • 10 million addresses in over 190 countries
  • Cheaper than a lot of competitors
  • A lot of third-party integrations
  • Multiple types of authentication
  • 24/7 support
  • Could use some more features
  • Only 8 available cities
  • No trial
  • All plans are limited usage
  • Email support is sometimes slow

Smartproxy Types and Pricing

The price of the plans is one of the main advantage of Smartproxy.

They have four packages available: Micro, Starter, Regular and Advanced. Each package comes with a certain amount of bandwidth, after which Smartproxy will charge you for every extra GB. The price depends on the purchased package. Due to abuse in the past, now they don’t offer a trial period. Instead, you get three-day money back guarantee. That doesn’t apply for the Micro plan. pricing plan

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Smartproxy is a service only company. That means that they don’t offer any software for what you pay. It might sound like a deal breaker, but actually, it’s not. You can use their proxies on any browser that support custom proxy setting.

They also support Android and iOS, as well as FoxyProxy. You can even use them on your entire machine, through the network settings.  This info is not on their website, but we tested it. For the IT professionals, they offer integrations with Easycop, Jarvee, Supreme bot, AIO Sneakers Bot, Another Nike Bot, BetterNikeBot, and NikeSlayer. That makes them ideal for people that need to use their addresses on the go and on various devices.

solution of

When it comes to using their proxy addresses you have two choices. You can use a sticky and a rotating residential IP. The sticky IPs are limited in time but will keep a session active for with the same IP address for a certain time. That is one of the tradeoffs for the price. Unlike other competitors like Geosurf that keep a session active for up to 30 minutes, Smartproxy’s addresses can be active for up to 10.

The rotating residential IP addresses, on the other hand, are on the same level as other companies. Some might say even better. Having a pool of IPs that is more than double than their competitors is a sign that you will never get banned while scraping or crawling.

Locations of proxy servers

SmartProxy Locations

The second feature that attracts most people is the location of Smartproxy’s residential IP addresses. The list that you see below is only from the countries that have over 50 IP addresses. That means that it is not the entire list. On the other hand, the list of cities is not as big. Smartproxy at the moment offers residential IP addresses from only eight cities.

Available GEO cities of residential IPs

The list of cities is another tradeoff. Unlike their competitors, Smartproxy only provides residential IP addresses for only eight major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, London, Berlin, and Moscow.

Ping Test & Smartproxy Speed Test

We mentioned several sacrifices that you will need to make if you want to get proxies from Smartproxy. Anyone that ever used a proxy will say never to sacrifice speed and latency. We say the same thing. To see if you would be getting slow proxies for cheap, we did a speed and latency test. For that, we got one of SmartProxies plans. Before we started testing the proxies, we did a base test on our VPS to check the speed and latency, to have a comparison.

Speed test on our VPS
Speed test on our VPS

Speed Test:

Latency and speed are equally important when using a proxy. The latency is the time it takes for the data to go to the server and back to the point of origin. If the ping is big, then that means that it takes longer for the data to get there. The speed is the amount of data that can go through the connection in one second. The higher the speed, the more data it can go.

We did the speed and latency test on in the tables below and the screenshot above we have the control test.

Once we had something to compare, we ran 16 speed tests. Ten of them were proxy addresses in the US, while the other six were equally divided between Canada and the UK.

As shown table below, the results are not all that bad. The part that might have people concerned is the ping. Unlike other residential proxy providers that have pings under 100 ms, SmartProxies are around and over 300 ms. The speeds are also not the greatest. Some results are unavailable (N/A). That is because these are rotating proxies and the address is rotating during a few of our tests and they could not be completed.

Speed tests to Smartproxy residential ProxiesDetails of the speed test
SmartProxy GatewayIPs of proxiesPingDownloadUpload
No Proxy45.76.17.5046.35391.68
IP1 -
IP1 –
IP3 -
IP3 –
Gb IP2 -
Gb IP2 –
GB IP3 -
GB IP3 –
CA IP3 -
CA IP3 –
CA IP1 -
CA IP1 –
CA IP2 -
CA IP2 –

These tests are to give you an idea of the speeds and pings. Your results may be slightly different depending on the location of the server. It also depends on the speed that the ISP dedicates to the address that you are using. Overall, these speeds don’t break world records but might get the job done.

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

Using a good proxy can be crucial. Regardless of where the company says the proxy is, they can sometimes be wrong or lie. It has been known in the past for people to get scammed. To put Smartproxy proxies to the test, we checked their location and type.

Does the offer 100% residential IP proxies?

Smartproxy Residential IPs: ISP testDetails of Smartproxy ISP test
Rotating ProxyHostname/IPISP/ASNCountryType
No Proxy45.76.17.5.vultr.comAS20473 - AS-CHOOPAUnited StatesHosting/Proxy/Bad IP
us.smartproxy.iocpe-70-94-168-75.satx.res.rr.comAS11427 - SCRR-11427United StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.io162-236-99-170.lightspeed.cntmoh.sbcglobal.netISP/ASN AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4United StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.io75-109-128-52.stabcmtk02.res.dyn.suddenlink.netAS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONSUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business) - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDCUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.ioool-18bdf435.dyn.optonline.netAS6128 - CABLE-NET-1United StatesGood IP (residential or business) - PTD-ASUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.io50-26-26-210.amrlcmtk01.res.dyn.suddenlink.netAS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONSUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.io107-145-250-181.res.bhn.netAS33363 - BHN-TAMPAUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business) - COMCAST-7922United StatesGood IP (residential or business)
us.smartproxy.io47.158.22.37AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTRUnited StatesGood IP (residential or business)
gb.smartproxy.iocpc77349-stav19-2-0-cust164.17-3.cable.virginm.netAS5089 - NTLUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business)
gb.smartproxy.iocpc131880-hitc8-2-0-cust455.know.cable.virginm.netAS5089 - NTLUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business)
gb.smartproxy.io97e4c8f0.skybroadband.comAS5607 - BSKYB-BROADBAND-ASUnited KingdomGood IP (residential or business) - SHAWCanadaGood IP (residential or business) - ROGERS-CABLECanadaGood IP (residential or business) - ROGERS-CABLECanadaGood IP (residential or business)
IP1 - ISP test
IP1 – ISP test
IP2- ISP test
IP2- ISP test

IP4- ISP test
IP4- ISP test
IP5- ISP test
IP5- ISP test
IP6- ISP test
IP6- ISP test
IP7- ISP test
IP7- ISP test
IP8- ISP test
IP8- ISP test
IP9- ISP test
IP9- ISP test
IP10- ISP test
IP10- ISP test
GB IP1- ISP test
GB IP1- ISP test
Gb IP2 - ISP test
Gb IP2 – ISP test
GB IP3 - ISP test
GB IP3 – ISP test
CA IP1 - ISP test
CA IP1 – ISP test
CA IP2 - ISP test
CA IP2 – ISP test
CA IP3 - ISP test
CA IP3 – ISP test

IP address compatibility Test

The time when we could access any site anywhere in the world is gone. Nowadays, a lot of the websites have strict rules as to who can access them. These restrictions are mostly location based. So, certain sites can’t be accessed from anywhere in the world, which is why people use proxies. To see how good SmartProxy’s residential addresses are, we put them to the test.

Rotating ProxyIPs of proxies







No Proxy45.76.17.5





















*IG: Instagram, Pin: Pinterest, TM: Ticketmaster, CL: Craigslist

The results we got weren’t satisfying. As you can see, there is a single IP address that wasn’t able to get access to any site except Craigslist. That shouldn’t be an alarm, but it means that you might come across addresses that won’t give you access. The N/A results mean that at the time of testing, the IP is changing…

Brief summary and review After Test! It’s the quality of proxies, they are truly residential and the fact that you pay for the bandwidth instead of the number of proxies is amazing, you can choose based on country or even city which helped me a lot. I didn’t have any kind of like or follow block for 3 weeks.

Features of Smartproxy

features of smartproxy


The location is something that Smartproxy should take pride in. In a world with 195 countries, they have residential IP addresses in 140 of those.

IP Pool

Having endpoints in so many countries means that they have a lot of IP addresses. They claim to have over 5 million, which is a lot more than a lot of “premium” competitors.


We already mentioned that they don’t offer unlimited bandwidth. In truth, they don’t, but they offer you to pay to keep using more bandwidth once you use the one included in your plan.

Easy to use

We’ve been talking all about sacrifices with Smartproxy, but in this section, we will be talking about the positive sides.

When you buy a plan from them, you get two kinds of proxies: Sticky and rotating. The static addresses can be used per country or city, depending on your need. Below we are going to explain them and give you an example for what you can use them.

Sticky IP address Gateway (Every 5 Minutes to rotate the IP address)

smartproxy Sticky IP gateway

The static or sticky IP address is the one where you can have a session with the same IP address for a longer period. Unlike other competitors that offer longer sessions, Smartproxy’s residential addresses will only be active for up to 10 minutes. The domain structure is easy to remember – first is the location, followed by You also get a port range for you to select from. That will determine your IP address. [10001 - 19999]

Random IP address Gateway (Each Request to rotate the IP address)

smartproxy Random IP gateway

The second type of residential IP address that you can use is the rotating one. In this case, you are relying on Smartproxy’s algorithm to rotate the addresses for you. In our test, we found that it works great. The addresses are rotated randomly, so it is very unlikely that you will get discovered. The domain used for the rotating IP addresses is the same as the one on the sticky. The difference is in the ports. Unlike the sticky IPs, here you only get one port number. If you need rotating addresses from the US, the domain is, and the port is 10000. [10000]

Another type of sticky IP addresses that you can use is city IPs. These are sticky IP addresses, but instead of searching for a country, you are doing it by a city. The domain is different. Each city has the same domain – The port number determines the city.

How to authorize & Use

Lucky for Smartproxy, this is another part that we can complement them. Some of their competitors only offer IP authentication, GeoSurf for example. That might be an inconvenience for people using proxies from multiple locations. If you’re one of those Smartproxy has got you covered. They have two type of authentication: by IP and with username and password.

Authenticating with an IP

Log in to your Smartproxy dashboard. From the left navigation bar, go to Whitelist IP. In this section, you will see a big text box. In there you need to enter your local IP address and click the Add button. If you don’t know your IP address, go to Google and type in “what is my IP” and see the result. You can use this if you use their proxy from only one computer.

SmartProxy Whitelisted IP Addresses
Smartproxy Whitelisted IP Addresses

Authenticate with a user and password

The second authentication type is with a username and password. To add a username, first, you need to log in to your Smartproxy dashboard. From the navigation panel on the left, to go Subusers. There you will see two text boxes – one for username and the other one for a password. Populate both of them and click create.

SmartProxy Subusers
Smartproxy Subusers

If you want a detailed tutorial on how to use Smartproxy’s residential IP proxy addresses, check out our tutorial at this link.

Overall, our experience using Smartproxy was pleasant. The dashboard is easy to use and get around and hard to get lost in. The ability to have multiple authentication types is a nice touch. There aren’t many options that you can set, so in general, it is a very “clean” experience.

Our Verdict & Summary

This review is one of those where you can’t be clear if the service is something that you would praise or criticize. It brings a lot of good thing to the table, but it also has a few not so good things.


Using Smartproxy’s residential IP addresses will not be a problem for anyone. Setting up an authentication method takes a minute and setting up their proxies takes another minute. So in two minutes, you are already set with a new online identity. If you’re an IT pro, Smartproxy has something to offer as well. You get third-party integrations which might work well for you.


A+ for the pricing. For the price that they charge you get a lot more than most of the other proxy providers offer. The “no-trial” rule might seem suspicious, but the 3-day money back guarantee should be enough to think about trying them.


You get what you pay may is something that comes to mind as far as reliability goes. Even though their residential IPs are stable, the speeds and ping are not the best ones out there. Also, the test with the US address where we weren’t able to open any other side except Craigslist might not be very reassuring.


24/7 live chat support! This is amazing, Though I am not 100% convinced, You can easily test it at any time to see the experience (And let me know). You can use the online form to get in touch with them. Alternatively, you have an email and Skype or social media.

Smartpropxy is one of those residential IP providers where you can’t say that you recommend to use them or stay away from them. In this case, it would be up to you and your needs. Also, I’d like to devote to the customer service, their customer service is impeccable, other than responsiveness to all questions in an instant, but I’d like to tell a situation.


If speed and latency isn’t your priority, then go ahead, they are cheaper than most out there. If you need addresses that can keep a session longer than 10 minutes, then you are better off elsewhere. If you’re looking for an enormous pool of IPs, then Smartproxy can be a good choice. Picking the right provider is your decision, of course, based on our reviews.

[Last Updated on Nov 15, 2018]

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