The Best Japan Proxy Providers of 2021

Proxy usage has become a necessity in certain professional or business areas, but country-specific proxies are even more critical. If you are the type that needs proxies from a country like Japan, your list will help you in your search for the best Japan proxy provider.

Japan Proxies

Users often find themselves in a situation where they need proxies. Regardless if you need them for price comparison, scraping, or purchasing sneakers, you cannot go about without them.

There are some popular countries that people need proxies from, but there are some of the less popular. Japan is somewhere in the middle. Getting proxies specifically from Japan may not be as easy as it sounds. Since it’s not a very “popular” country in the world of proxies, not a lot of providers offer them.

If you happen to be in a situation to need that kind of proxies, we compiled a list of the best Japan proxy providers. The list includes free and paid proxies, but we will be focusing mostly on the paid ones.

Free Japan Proxies

It seems that free Japan proxies are slightly easier to find, and a quick search will provide you with multiple results. Here are a few:

Unlike other countries, proxies from Japan are less common, so if you find that there are no proxies on any of the websites above, check back later or the next day and see if the lists were updated.

Paid Japan proxies

Finding paid proxies from Japan is relatively easy, but finding the right provider may be a bit difficult. To help you with that, here’s our list of the best pair Japan proxy providers.

Geosurf Proxies Provider of Japan

It’s a little unorthodox to see Geosurf on top of a list, but since not a lot of providers offer Japan proxies, we had to include it. The pool of Japan proxies has almost 4 thousand proxies, which honestly is not a lot. Putting the size of the pool aside, we get to some of the good stuff this provider offers.

The geo-targeting option works even within a country, so you can request proxies from a specific city. If you are a first time user, you’ll love the dashboard because it’s easy to navigate and you get very detailed information about how you used your proxies.

When you reach the price, you may get disappointed. Taking everything into consideration, Geosurf does not offer a very competitive price, especially with the number of proxies it has. The bandwidth is limited, but you have the option to use all the proxies in the pool. Another thing that is limited is the trial period. You can test their proxies for only 24 hours with an included bandwidth of only 1 GB.

Geosurf Proxies Location in Japan

  • One of the best dashboards we’ve used
  • Very limited trial and no refund option
  • The size of the Japan proxy pool is below average

Luminati Proxies Provider in Japan

This next Japan proxy provider is kind of the opposite of Geosurf. Praised as the proxy provider with the largest proxy pool in the world, Luminati has over 140 thousand Japanese proxies. In combination with the number of proxies, you also get one of the most advanced geo-targeting systems where you can get proxies from specific cities and even providers.

The proxies and features are an advantage, while some people consider the dashboard as a slight disadvantage. It’s not that it’s bad or doesn’t work, but if you haven’t used proxies before, you may get lost or confused in there.

With that said, the pricing is not for everyone’s taste. Considering what is offers, Luminati is one of the most expensive Japan proxy providers on the market. Since the proxies are residential, the bandwidth is limited, but you do get multiple pricing plans based on what you need. The 7-day free trial option is a nice thing to have so that you don’t have to pay before you test them.

Luminati Proxies Location in Japan

  • The largest number of Japan proxies
  • Advanced geo-targeting
  • Confusing dashboard
  • Bandwidth is limited
  • Among the most expensive options

Smartproxy Provider in Japan

If Luminati’s prices are out of your budget, you should look into Smartproxy. Even though it does not offer as much, it is still a decent competitor that should get the job done. Their pool of Japan proxies consists of over 100 thousand IP addresses, which is more than enough for whatever you may need them.

The geo-targeting option is not as useful here as with other providers. Smartproxy offers city-level targeting for only several cities, but none of them are in Japan, so that’s out the window. If that is something that’s not important to you, then the prices may win you over.

The pricing plans are not the cheapest, but the variety and overall performance make this an excellent choice. Unfortunately, the bandwidth is limited on all plans, and there is no option to test the proxies for free. You will need to purchase a package and ask for a refund within three days.

Smart Proxy Location in Japan

  • Great all-round Japan proxy provider
  • No free trial
  • Limited bandwidth for all pricing plans

Soax Proxies Provider in Japan

The last of the residential Japan proxies provider on our list is Soax, a fairly underrated provider that can offer lots for most users. Their pool of Japan proxies has over 5 thousand IP addresses, which is not a lot, but if you take everything else into consideration, it’s a good bargain.

They have city-level targeting, so even with the small number of proxies, you could still get proxies from specific cities in Japan. When it comes to pricing, we see why some people prefer it over the other providers.

When you get a package from them, you are paying for how many ports you need and get access to the entire pool. An interesting addition is that you can purchase proxies per day, which is something we don’t see too often. All packages have limited bandwidth, and the free trial option, even though it is present, the limitation makes is almost useless. You get only one hour to test the proxies.

Soax Proxies Location in Japan

  • Affordable provider
  • Decent geo-targeting features
  • Daily proxies available
  • One-hours free trial
  • Bandwidth limited on all packages

Buy Proxies Provider in Japan

Users often don’t need to use residential proxies, and with that, they save some money. If you fall into this category, you should check out BuyProxies. Even though this is a popular datacenter provider, there are some concerns. The first one is the lack of available Japan proxies or any other locations for that matter. If you need proxies specifically from Japan, you will need to file a request when you make the purchase.

Speaking of purchase, BuyProxies does not offer its services for cheap; they are far from the most expensive provider, though. The good news is that you get a lot of flexibility with the packages, and you can get private or share proxies as well. Regardless of which one you go for, the unlimited bandwidth and gigabit connection are standard on all of them.

Datacenter proxies rarely get a free trial, and the story is the same here. The refund policy only lasts for 24 hours, which is not the longest one we have seen.

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  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Gigabit speeds
  • No information on the number of proxies available

High Proxies provider in Japan

If the lack of information on BuyProxies is your concern, then maybe you should check out HighProxies. Even though Japan is not their main selling point, you can still get Japan datacenter proxies from them. They have one server in Tokyo with 1024 proxies, which is not a lot, but at least you know the number of proxies.

Similar to BuyProxies, you can get dedicated or shared Japan proxies, all of which come with unlimited bandwidth and gigabit connection to the server. There is a variety of packages available to you, and with that, you get affordable proxies with some flexibility. A free trial is not available, so in order to test the proxies, you’ll need to purchase them. Luckily, there is a three-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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  • Affordable and flexible plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • One sever available with only 1000 proxies

FAQ about Japan Proxies

Are Japan proxies safe to use?

In general, free proxies are not safe to use, but it depends on the circumstances. If you need Japan proxies that can offer security and anonymity, then the paid ones are the best way to go. The reason for that you don’t know who has control over the node on the other side and what will happen to the data you send through it. Also, free Japan proxies have slower speeds and higher latency, making them the worst-performing of the bunch.

Can I get access to blocked content in Japan?

If you are not a resident in Japan and want to get access to content limited to Japan only, then you will need to use Japanese proxies. They will mask your real IP address to the server where the website or service is hosted, and you will be granted access.

Are there any laws in Japan for the use of proxies?

Proxy usage in Japan is not banned, and there is no law against it. If you are living in another country and want to use Japanese proxies, then you should check the local laws about that. In general, only China and Korea have limitations on proxy usage, so unless you live there, there is probably no law against using Japanese proxies.


Japan proxies are not in high demand, which is why you won’t be able to find them with every proxy provider on the market. Lucky for you, our list of the best Japan proxy providers will help you in your search, and all you’ll need to do is choose the one the suits you.

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