How To Instagram Engagement Rate (A Complete Guide)

In influencer marketing, the engagement rate is utilized to calculate the amount of activity an influencer normally gets on their work. Briefly described, it is the proportion of an influencer’s following that reacts to their work.

Engagement Rate On Instagram

If you’re an online influencer, marketer, business owner, or just want to better your individual image online, you’ve probably considered how to increase your Instagram engagement.

Yes, there is the tried-and-true approach of engaging authentically with followers, but let’s be honest. There’s rarely sufficient time for this, and considering Instagram’s super-smart algorithm, there’s no certainty it’ll succeed.

However, before getting into how you can increase engagement rates for your account, it is important to first know how is engagement rate on Instagram calculated.

How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram?

Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram

The first method for measuring your Instagram engagement rate is to split the overall count of likes and comments from the previous 30 days by their number of followers, then multiply by 100 to get a percent.

Engagement Rate = Like + comments / Followers * 100

What Is a Good Engagement Rate?

Good Engagement Rate

To comprehend what the figure literally represents and if it is positive or negative. The following is a conventional reference to help you standardize your outcomes: In a broader sense, an engagement rate on Instagram around 1% to 3% is normally decent, and it is the type we observe on an influencer’s page.

If the engagement rate is greater than 3%, it indicates that their market is very involved with their material; if it is less than 1%, it indicates that their audience as a group is not particularly interested in their material.

Bear in view that a variety of factors affect Instagram engagement rates, including the timing of every single post, the regularity of publishing, the number of followers, the material and communication, and the Instagram algorithm.

So, when picking which influencers to engage with or evaluating a batch of influencers, keep engagement rate in mind. It’s a vital measure to keep in mind when selecting influencers for your marketing.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

1.  Use Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are a great method to engage your followers, which can help you build a devoted and engaged audience.

Surveys, polling, teasers, quizzes, and emoji spinners are just a few of the simple stickers accessible on stories. One of the most famous Instagram Stories stickers is the query sticker.

With the Instagram Stories questions sticker, you may have real discussions with your followers, which may make you appear more authentic to them and attract more followers.

As an initial boost, you can also consider buying views from can either invite your audience to ask you a few questions regarding a specific topic or leave the floor completely open.

2. Include Relevant Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is built around hashtags. It is the platform’s main tool for organizing and classifying content. Unlike on Twitter, where most people only use one or two hashtags for each tweet, Instagram users can use up to 30 hashtags per post.

Using too many irrelevant hashtags, on the contrary, may lead to the algorithm believing you’re spamming your followers.

Hashtags that connect to a topic page can be used in your profile, Instagram Stories, be location-based, or used to create user-generated content initiatives. Instagram hashtags are more comprehensive than Twitter hashtags.

Location hashtags, for example, are quite efficient at increasing conversation.

These hashtags aren’t very popular or trendy, but they are extensively used, which helps the search engine optimization of your content by allowing readers to look for specific topics using them.

3. Maintain Consistency

Maintain Consistency

Keeping people engaged in returning to connect with your information is one of the most difficult undertakings. Consistent Instagram posting is a good method for building a dedicated audience and keeping people amused.

This will show your followers that you are committed to not only your brand but also to them. Nothing is more enticing than someone who is truly engaged in and excited about their profession.

And nothing is more uninspired than an Instagram account that only communicates once every two months.

More importantly, by sharing on a consistent basis, your audience will build the habit of connecting with your material. This will help you establish a true relationship with them, increasing their engagement with you.

4. Be Authentic and Real

Authentic and Real

On Instagram, it is preferable to be authentic and relevant rather than accurate. Upload content that goes beyond your sophisticated advertising campaign to highlight your company’s actual characters and events.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for high interaction. Whatever you put into online networks is exactly what you get back.

Spend enough time creating good content, stimulating discussion, and engaging with your fans organically.

Instagram is a platform where you can share things, but in order for them to be engaging, they must be visually beautiful, which takes time and a little more effort.

Even if you are unable to remain consistent and post on the platform on a regular basis at first, do not be concerned. Allow ample time to generate good material, but just post content that looks good.

Ensure that your audience will enjoy what you share rather than simply posting anything to meet your goal of updating regularly and consistently.

5. Communicate With Your Audience

Communicate With Your Audience instagram chat

When you have a large number of followers, it’s obvious that you won’t be able to individually communicate with all of them.

However, you must maintain contact with the majority of them. You don’t have to chat to them in person to keep the connection going.

However, if someone DMs you, try to answer as many comments as possible so that your followers know you see what they write for you and even respond to them.

This will keep them doing so, and as a result, your Instagram interaction will increase, leading to more followers and growth on the platform.

You can also post tales thanking your followers and expressing your gratitude to them in order to achieve success on the network. Make them feel as if you recognize their worth and want them to be loyal to you. Set up prizes and other forms of contests to repay them for what they have done for you.

They will even talk about it when they receive anything from you, and you will gradually gain additional followers as a result of their word of mouth.

You can also add requirements for users to participate in your contests, such as tagging others in your posts’ comments, liking a specific amount of posts, or sharing them on their stories.


If you want to grow as an Instagram influencer, the route may appear difficult; but, with consistent efforts and a small investment of time, you can undoubtedly reach your goals and continue to grow on social media

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