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Storm Proxies is one of the cheap proxy solutions for rotating proxies, And how about their private dedicated proxies performance?

This review we mainly to test & discuss their datacenter dedicated proxies, Read our expert review to judge it’s worth or not.

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It’s not very often that we do two reviews on the same company. The reason for that is because we got two different types of addresses from Storm Proxies, so we had to test both of them out.

Only about two years ago, a group of SEO experts decided to found Storm Proxies. Regardless of how you look at things a company founded by experts is bound to have a few aces up its sleeve. That can say a lot about this company.

Storm Proxies Homepage

Storm Proxies is one of those companies that you don’t know how to feel about them. The pool of IP addresses is relatively small. They can give you access to only around 70,000 proxy addresses. If we compare that with their competitors that have millions of IPs, this is only a small percent of what they offer. Another thing that might get you thinking is the locations that are only in the US and EU. On the other hand, the types of addresses and pricing packages put them in front of the competition.

This review we are mainly discussing about stormproxies private dedicated proxies! We also buy and tested their residential proxies. If you are much interested in their backconnect residential proxies, You can read our another storm proxies review to get the network performance of their residential rotating proxies Here!

  • Variety of dedicated proxies’ packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ability to use the proxies as soon as the payment is complete
  • Five payment methods available
  • Locations only in US (Only 3 Cities)
  • Average proxy speeds
  • Two-hour money-back period – Too short!

Proxy Types and Pricing

Since we already covered all types of proxies and pricing plans in our previous review of Storm Proxies, today we are only going to cover the dedicated proxies.

Different package of dedicated proxies
Different package of dedicated proxies

They are data center proxy addresses where you are the only one that can use them. When you pay for the package, you get a certain number of dedicated proxy addresses that are yours alone. These are static addresses which means that the session will last as long as you need it. If you need a new IP address, you will need to change it manually in your browser or software.

Big pricing package for dedicated proxies

All of the eight packages offer unlimited bandwidth. With them, you also get access to the same US locations, premium support or one hundred concurring threads.

The difference between each package is the number of dedicated proxy addresses that you get. If you’re interested in giving them a test drive, you can do so. You have a two hours money-back guarantee once you complete the payment. The reason for the short trial period if you get instant access to the addresses.

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Locations of proxy servers

As we already mentioned, the locations are something that might get you thinking. Even their backconnet proxies that only offer the pool of 70,000 IP addresses, and It is limited to only US and EU proxy addresses.

That gets a bit frustrating especially if you need dedicated proxies outside the US, Storm Proxies don’t have those. Another thing that might make you skeptical is that they don’t disclose details on their locations.

Note: For dedicate proxies, Their datacenters ONLY locate in three big cities of the US.

Location USA (Cheyenne, LA, and NY)

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

During our previous review, we tested Storm Proxies’ rotating proxies. This time we will be testing the dedicated proxies. The speeds and latency are crucial to your experience, regardless if you’re scraping or just browsing.

Since these are data center proxies, the speeds should be greater than the residential ones. As usual, we do a speed and ping test on our VPS to have something to compare the results to.

Speed test on our VPS
Speed test on our VPS

Below are the speed and ping results of the dedicated proxies.

Speed tests with StormproxiesDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPingDownloadUpload

IP 1:

Speed test with proxies ip1

IP 2:

Speed test with proxies ip2

IP 3:

Speed test with proxies ip3

IP 4:

Speed test with proxies ip4

IP 5:

We already mentioned the these are data center proxies. In general, this type of proxy always has greater speeds than residential. The latency isn’t all that bad, but they don’t break any world records.

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

We already mentioned the these are data center proxies. In general, this type of proxy always has greater speeds than residential. The latency isn’t all that bad, but they don’t break any world records.

IPs of proxies  ISP test from IP2Location ISP test from ipinfo.io Location: New York City, New York, USA

ISP: DigitalOcean LLC/Not Available

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

ISP: Cloud South Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA

ISP: Telebit Corporation/Not Available

Location:  Sunnyvale, California, USA

ISP:  Colocation America Corporation Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

ISP: Server Network Technologies Inc./Not Available

Location:  Wilmington, Delaware, USA

ISP:  Cloud South Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

ISP: Server Network Technologies Inc./Not Available

Location:  Wilmington, Delaware, USA

ISP:  Cloud South Location: Lewes, Delaware, USA

ISP: RapidDedi LLC/Not Available

Location: Not Available, Not Available, USA

ISP: Colocation America Corporation

IP address compatibility Test

Last but not least is the compatibility test. Most popular websites are very good at detecting proxies, and you will certainly block you. Having good proxies that “mask” themselves is crucial to being able to access those strict sites. Data center proxies are not that great at doing that, so we don’t have any high expectations for this test.

IPs of proxies IG* TW Pin YT AZ G Netflix GL Nike Adidas
*IG – Instagram, TW – Twitter CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, TM – Ticketmaster

This test is the one that surprised us the most. We know for a fact that data center proxy addresses are not the first choice when it comes to accessing strict websites. Storm Proxies’ data center IPs surprised us. Every address that we tested was able to access all of the test websites, so they pass with flying colors.

Features of Storm Private Proxy

Advantages of stormproxies.com's dedicated proxies
Advantages of their dedicated proxies

Premium Support

Storm Proxies is not one of those companies that you can ping on Twitter for help. The only way to reach support if by email. But the thing that makes this a premium support is the fact that around 45 percent of the tickets are replied in less than an hour.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The unlimited bandwidth rule applies to all three types of proxies and for each package. No matter what you buy, it will be unlimited.

Instant Proxies

One of the things that makes Storm Proxies good is the fact that you get instant access to your proxies. Once you complete the payment process, your account will be active and your proxies available.

Money-back guarantee

Due to abuse, a lot of proxy providers don’t offer any trial. Storm Proxies offer something similar, money-back guarantees. You will get charged, and you will get a certain amount of time to test the proxies. If you decide not to use them, you will be refunded.

How to use

The dashboard is simple and easy to use. You get three main sections each of them assigned to the three types of proxies. In each section, you have the list of gateways or proxies that you paid for, and you get one section to whitelist your IP.

How to authenticate

The private dedicated proxies can be authenticated in two ways: by IP and with a username.

Authentication for dedicated proxies
Authentication for dedicated proxies

If you want to authenticate with an IP, make sure to have that option selected. Next, you will need to enter your local IP address and click on “Save Changes.”

If you want to authenticate with a username and password, then you will only need to have that option selected and click “Save Changes.” once you apply your proxy, you will need to enter your username and password when you open a website on your browser

Our Editor’s Verdict

In every review that we did so far, there were positive and negative sides. Storm Proxies is no exception. There are certain aspects that we wish were more like their competitors, and there are aspects that we wish to see in other companies.


There hardly is a person that will get confused by Storm Proxies’ dashboard. It’s simple and easy to use layout makes it just perfect for first-time users. Each proxy type is in its section, and you have the option to buy multiple packs, add or renew your subscription and make changes to your profile.


The pricing is the thing that we struggle to give an opinion because only very few companies offer similar pricing packages. The pool of IPs is small, but you get unlimited bandwidth, so if the location isn’t something crucial to you, then Storm Proxies might be worth it.


Unlike some of their competitors, Storm Proxies don’t have a section on their website dedicated to uptime and stability. In the time that we used the proxies, we didn’t have any issues.


We all know what it means to have good support, and this is where Storm Proxies shine. They have a section on their website where they claim that almost half of the support tickets that they receive are responded within the first hour. The others are responded in less than 24 hours.

Storm Proxies is a company that we would recommend for small companies or individuals that need cheaper proxy addresses. For that, you will get a small pool of IPs, but you will also get unlimited bandwidth.

The speeds are certainly not the fastest ones out there but are decent, and if you ever get stuck or have problems, the support team will get you up and running in no time.

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