10 Best Twitch Viewer Bots in 2023

Find it difficult to increase your Twitch account? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you improve Twitch’s growth with the best twitch viewer bots.

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Gaming has been an intricate part of our daily lives. Several decades ago, it was used to pass the time and be entertained, but today, the gaming industry is one of the biggest ones on the planet. Things have boomed quite a lot in the past decade with the introduction of gaming competitions, and one area that I’d be talking about today – streaming.

Just as you’d upload a video on YouTube, some people stream their gaming sessions live, making for fun entertainment. From our point of view, it remains as entertainment, but from the streamers’ point of view, it’s a way to increase their streaming accounts.

If you have the most basic knowledge in the streaming industry, you’ll probably know that the most popular platform for that is Twitch. The service was launched over a decade ago and positioned itself as the go-to place for gamer streamers.

Like with most social media, unless you are among the first, you’ll be looking at a stiffer competition. As a result, growing your Twitch account can be a bit difficult unless you have some help. That help comes in the form of services that aim to provide Twitch growth, which is what I’ll be talking about today. I’ve picked 10 of the best services for you to check out, all of which have different ways of helping you increase the popularity of your Twitch account.

Top Twitch Viewer Bots

SidesMedia YT Twitch Viewer

The list begins with a top-rated service created to grow social media accounts. SidesMedia is in most lists because its service is good and covers popular platforms, including Twitch.

SidesMedia has 3 different products on offer that allow you to buy views, viewers, and followers. For each of these products, you have 8 packages to choose from, meaning there’s a lot of flexibility. As a result, this is a service that will work both for beginners and streamers with already grown Twitch accounts.

For your account to grow properly, you’ll need to have real accounts, which is what SidesMedia offers. Since you are paying to have your Twitch account grow, you’ll want to do that quicker than the traditional way. As a result, the delivery time of any of the packages is between 1 and 2 days, regardless of which one you got.

Due to the type of service, SidesMedia doesn’t offer a free trial. On a positive note, a refund policy enables you to ask to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product within 14 days of purchase.

Media Mister YT Twitch Viewer

In the social media growth aspect, Media Mister is a service that’s a direct competitor to SidesMedia. It manages to cover a wide range of social media platforms, delivering a wide range of services. The extensive list of platforms also includes Twitch.

In terms of services, Media Mister has only two products – views and followers. Despite seeing to offer a bit less, there is a bit more flexibility, especially in terms of the views. You can purchase multiple types of views, including video, live video, clip, or channel views. For some of these, you also can make one-time or weekly payments, depending on the strategy of growth you have.

On the features side of things, Media Mister covers most aspects that can help you grow your Twitch account properly. The accounts you pay for will be from real people, meaning that you avoid the chances of getting banned for using bots.

Also, to ensure that you get the best possible quality, you have the option to set up custom targeting and the audience you need. The delivery times of each product depend mainly on the size of the packages. The smaller ones get delivered in a few days, while the larger ones may take up to a week.

As for trial and refund, Media Mister is very similar to SidesMedia. You don’t have the option to test the service for free, but you can ask for a refund if the company doesn’t deliver the product as advertised and on time.

Streambot Twitch Viewer

Like with most social media growth services, some are specialized for one platform only. In that list, there are those such as Streambot, a company that can help you grow your Twitch audience.

Streambot offers two types of services, viewers, and chatters. The first part involves using viewers for your live streams, where you can pick a number ranging from 1 to 100. On the chatters’ side of things, the number of chatters is the same, but you can also paste the chatlog that the chatters would use.

The service also comes in the form of packages which can be monthly or weekly. There are 4, which offer a different number of viewers and chatters, but things are very identical for the rest of the features. You can choose the join or char interval, target specific locations and provide custom chatlogs.

One of the packages is a trial one, meaning that you can test out the service, but you’d need to pay for it. It lacks some of the main features, and it isn’t that much cheaper than the next one, so I’d recommend going for the Basic package. Once the purchase is completed, there is no option to ask for a refund.

UseViral Twitch Viewer

Going back to companies that offer a wide range of services, we reach UseViral. This platform has been known for delivering excellent results across multiple social media platforms, including Twitch.

The list of products includes the standard ones, meaning that you can buy viewers, views, and followers. One thing that makes UseViral a good option is the fact that it offers a lot of packages, so even larger Twitch streamers can benefit from its services.

Another thing that UseViral is unique for is the type of accounts that will interact with your Twitch. You have high-quality and active accounts, both are real accounts, but high-quality ones only have a profile picture and no activity. The second ones are also active users, making things more believable. Another area that helps make things more credible is the delivery times. Unlike some of its competitors, this one aims to spread out the product in a few days, thus avoiding detection.

A free trial isn’t something that UseViral can offer, so don’t expect to get it. With that said, you are eligible to ask for a refund within 14 days if the company doesn’t deliver the results.

FollowersUp teitch Viewer

FollowersUp is a platform that offers a similar experience to most of the other companies you’ll find on this list. There is coverage of multiple social media platforms, including Twitch, with a decent set of options and packages.

You’ll have access to the standard options, including views, viewers, and followers. Each option comes packaged in one out of 6 available packages, offering a decently wide variety. As a result, FollowersUp is a service that can adhere to the needs of smaller and larger Twitch accounts.

The slightly lower price point means that you’ll lose out on some of the features. Despite that, the basic ones are there, and the most important one – is real users. FollowersUp will ensure that any account interacting with you is real. The delivery times depend on the packages, and while the smaller ones are delivered within 1 day, the larger ones may take up to a week.

FollowersUp is one of the rare services that has a free trial, but unfortunately, not for Twitch. On the other hand, it does offer a refund if the company fails to deliver the number of followers, views, or viewers you paid for.

GetAFollower twitch Viewer

Next on the list of multi-platform companies that offer growth is GetAFollower. Like most of its competitors, this service covers a wide range of social media platforms, and included in that list is Twitch.

In terms of products and variety, GetAFollower offers decent flexibility. You can buy followers and views only, and for view, you have multiple options, including channel, video, live video, and clip views. The number of packages for the followers isn’t too extensive, while for the view, you get plenty of options to choose from.

When it comes to features, GetAFollower offers more or less similar options to what its competitors have. Regardless of which product or package you choose, you should be expecting to receive real accounts, meaning that you avoid the chances of getting banned for using bots. As for delivery, again, to avoid detection, the company spreads out the service throughout a few days.

GetAFollower is one of the many services that doesn’t offer a free trial, so you don’t have the option to test the service without paying. There is a refund policy available, but you can only ask for a refund if you don’t receive the product you paid for in terms of numbers or delivery time.

Viewer Boss twitch Viewer

When you look at Viewer Boss, you are looking at a service that seems similar to Streambot. Even though the company specializes in Twitch account growth, some aspects of it are a bit different.

The biggest difference is in terms of the packaging and what it offers. On paper, Viewer Boss enables you to buy followers, views, and chatters, but they are packaged uniquely. In terms of individual products, your only option is to buy followers, and you have 5 packages to choose from. For the rest, there are all-in-one packages that include followers, chats, and viewers packaged into 8 options.

As far as features go, all of them are identical, and the difference is in the numbers. Viewer Boss relies on real accounts, meaning that you won’t have to worry about getting banned. The follower’s packages are monthly, but for the all-in-one options, you can get them for up to 360 days, depending on your preference.

Due to abuse in the past, Viewer Boss doesn’t offer a free trial anymore. As for refunds, you will get your money back as long as you are charged and didn’t get the service. On the other hand, if you got new followers or views, then you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Stream Chaos Bot twitch Viewer

You may find the Stream Chaos Bot’s website to be looking like something from the late 2000s, but the bot is still active and works very well. The service it offers is similar to the rest of the pack, so you can expect to have a service that will grow your Twitch account. With that said, there are some differences.

Unlike some of its competitors, Stream Chaos Bot doesn’t offer multiple products for you to choose from. Instead, it goes for the complete growth package and offers 4 packages. The monthly packages include viewers, chatters, and followers, depending on the rate of growth you’re after.

The set of features for each package is identical, meaning that you have no limit on the usage and channels, regardless of which package you choose. Since it’s a browser-based bot, you won’t have to worry about bottlenecks from the CPU, as it has no impact.

Most people would want to test the service before making a payment, and the good news is the Stream Chaos Bot has a demo. You can reach out to the sales team and ask to see the service in action and decide if it’s a good option for you.

TwitchBooster twitch Viewer

Continuing with the list of dedicated Twitch growth services, we have TwitchBooster. As you can guess from the name, the service offers that option, but it also does that very flexibly, something you won’t find with some of its competitors.

Essentially, you can buy viewers, channel views, followers, video views, and chatters from TwitchBooster. The thing that sets it apart is that even though these services can be purchased individually, there are also bundles. You can get chatters and liver viewers, and there are also super bundles.

Each product has tons of options to choose from, so there is a lot of flexibility here, and you won’t have any problems finding one that fits your needs. You’ll get high-quality accounts for each one, avoiding detection and ban. The delivery time depends on the type of product you’ll be getting, but even the largest packages won’t take longer than a few days.

TwitchBooster doesn’t offer a free trial option to test the service before making a payment. With that in mind, your only option is to ask for a refund if the company doesn’t manage to deliver the product within the specified timeframe.

Views4Twitch twitch Viewer

The last service I’ll be talking about today is Views4Twitch, a service that as you probably have guessed, specializes in Twitch growth. While the service is similar, the pricing structure is slightly different and much simpler.

Views4Twitch has only one product, and that is viewers, and there are only two pricing plans. The basic one comes with a predefined number of viewers and hours, while the advanced one enables you to choose those numbers yourself. Naturally, based on the numbers, the price will vary.

To ensure that you won’t get flagged, Views4Twitch will use real accounts, which will make the entire experience more real, and your account won’t get flagged. This also means that the service will be relying on private proxies to ensure that all accounts don’t come from the same IP address.

An option for a completely free trial isn’t available, but Views4Twitch has a sign-up bonus, so the basic package is relatively cheap. After that, you can get a refund, as long as you haven’t activated the package and began increasing your Twitch account and you haven’t asked for a refund before.


1. Can Twitch detect that I’m using a bot?

Even though Twitch is designed to detect bots, the ones I outlined have taken the necessary precautions to avoid that. Regardless of whether they use proxies or longer delivery times, each service has a unique way of avoiding detection, and so far, the ones on this list have done an excellent job.

2. Will I need proxies for the Twitch growth services?

No. If you go for the ones that sell followers or chatters, you won’t have to worry about getting proxies. On the other hand, the bots do rely on proxies, but they have them built-in, so it’s not something that you should purchase additionally.

3. How long would it take for my Twitch account to start growing?

The rate of growth will depend on multiple factors. First, you’ll need to figure out which package to purchase. Going for a smaller package means that you won’t have a massive jump in the number of followers or viewers. Next up is the delivery time, something that varies from one service to another. Some of them may have a delivery time of 2 days, while others may take up to a week.

4. Can I use a free service for growing a Twitch account?

If a service claims to help you grow your Twitch account for free, then you’re probably looking at a scam. All legitimate services are paid-only, except the ones that offer a free trial, but there aren’t too many of those.

5. What happens if I tell my Twitch password to the service?

The most important thing to note is never to reveal your Twitch password to anyone. None of the services on this list will ask you for your password, and if a service does that, just walk away and avoid telling them your password.


Surprisingly, despite Twitch’s popularity, the internet doesn’t have tons of growth services. The main reason is that Twitch does an excellent job at identifying those services and manages to patch things up, making them useless.

The services I outlined in this list are the ones that are currently working and provide excellent service. Keep in mind that some may not continue to provide the services or completely shut down.

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