The Best Vietnam Proxy Providers of 2024

There are many important things to consider when we talk about proxies, and getting them from a reputable provider is crucial. Providers often cover plenty of countries worldwide, but not all of them have IP addresses from Vietnam. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best providers with proxies from this Asian country.

Vietnam Proxies

Whenever we talk about services, we often mention their importance in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if we use them for work or our small personal projects, we may need to rely on them to get something done. There are countless types of services, and the ones we often like to talk about here are proxies.

These are the kinds of services that offer all kinds of advantages in multiple areas, making them flexible. It doesn’t matter if you need to scrape a website or run multiple social media accounts; proxies are crucial tools for running a successful project.

In many cases, people rely on proxy providers that offer IP addresses in multiple countries. This is perfectly fine for most projects, but what about those needing something specific, like proxies from a certain country? Not all providers have IP addresses in the same countries, which is why lists like these exist.

For today’s list, we have an Asian country. We’ll be covering the best providers that have proxies in Vietnam.

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Proxy-Seller Residential proxy Overview

We’re starting off this list with a provider that offers an excellent balance between price and what it offers. Proxy-Seller has plenty of options in terms of products, but if you’re looking for Vietnamese proxies, you can only go for residential IP addresses.

Unlike many of its rivals, Proxy-Seller doesn’t outline the number of residential proxies in its pool, meaning we don’t know how many Vietnamese IP addresses it has. With that said, when you consider the network size for the other proxies, we can assume that there are plenty of IP addresses for most projects. As rotating proxies, this provider allows you to fine-tune the rotation settings and have a new IP address whenever you need to.

In addition, you can also go for a sticky session and hold the same proxy for as long as possible. The targeting option is decently flexible, giving you the option to target providers or cities depending on your needs. Another flexible side is the supported protocols, meaning you have flexible use case support.

This provider doesn’t disappoint in terms of the authentication methods, meaning that you can choose between an IP whitelist or username/password. Considering the type, the pricing packages are structured based on the amount of bandwidth you need to get. If none of the available packages work for you, you can ask for a custom one. There is an option to test this provider, but it comes in the form of a paid trial, which will cost you $1.99.

Soax for Vietnam Proxies

Our next option is one that many people consider to be among the best in the industry. Soax Is a company that offers multiple types of proxies, and for this list, you’ll need to look at the mobile or residential IP addresses.

With this provider, you’re looking at well over 800,000 Vietnamese proxies, which is quite good, even when you consider that this pool also includes mobile proxies. Ask for the features, Soax offers a lot, which is why it’s such a popular choice. With this many IP addresses, the targeting options are excellent and you can handpick your proxies from specific locations throughout Vietnam.

Similar to the previous provider, the rotating options are also flexible, or you can choose this sticky session. In terms of use cases, this provider supports multiple protocols, meaning you won’t see too many limitations here.

On the other hand, Soax also offers mobile proxies, which are quite similar to the previous type, meaning that you’ll have similar features. As a result, these proxies support HTTP and SOCKS protocols, so you’ll have plenty of flexibility in terms of use cases. Another flexible side is the geo-targeting.

Despite having fewer mobile proxies than residential, you can still fine-tune the search. The pool of proxies consists of IP addresses with various speeds, ranging from 3G to 5G, meaning that the performance won’t be consistent across the entire network.

In terms of the pricing structure, considering the similarities between both types of proxies, you can expect to have similar packaging options. Both types have limited bandwidth, so the packages are structured based on that and how much traffic you need. Soax doesn’t have a free trial like some of its rivals. Instead, you have a paid trial option for $1.99.

Smartproxy for World Wide Location

In many ways, Smartproxy is a provider that’s quite similar to the previous option we just mentioned. It offers more or less the same type of proxies; it also covers Vietnam with residential and mobile IP addresses.

One advantage that Smartproxy has over the previous provider is its pool size. There are almost 1.5 million Vietnamese proxies, meaning you’ll have excellent geo-targeting options. The result of this is the option to get IP addresses from more cities, allowing you to refine your search.

These are rotating residential proxies, meaning that you can play with the rotation settings and tweak them to match your project’s needs. Plus, you can set a session to be sticky and use the same IP address for up to 30 minutes. The flexibility is also evident from the multiple supported protocols, which should give you an advantage in terms of use cases.

Smartproxy also offers mobile proxies, which, like the residential ones, are rotating. As a result, you’re looking at rotating features similar to the previous type, allowing you to get IP addresses from certain locations. To make things even more flexible, you can filter the proxies by the OS they come from, so you can get IP addresses from Android or iOS if your project requires you to. Similar to the previous provider, you’re looking at a variety of IP addresses in terms of speeds.

The pricing structure for both types of proxies is similar, which is because they have limited bandwidth. As a result, there are several packages to choose from, with different amounts of traffic included for each. They’re all with a monthly commitment, so if you want to avoid that, you can opt-in for the pre-paid package and get as much bandwidth as you think you’ll need.

Unlike the previous provider, this one has no option for a free or paid trial. Instead, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the service.

Bright Data for Vietnam Proxies

There are many popular names in this industry, and Bright Data is at the top of the list. It’s a provider that offers all kinds of proxies, including ones from Vietnam. The best part is that you have several options.

The first one is the residential proxies, the ones that most people go for. Bright Data claims to have over 1 million Vietnamese IP addresses, which, like most of its rivals, covers multiple types of proxies, with the most being residential. Regardless of the number, this provider offers excellent geo-targeting flexibility, allowing you to choose IP addresses from certain cities, zip codes, or providers.

Another flexible side of this provider is the rotation options. You can choose between setting up the rotation rules or going with a sticky session, depending on what you need.

In many ways, the mobile proxies are similar to the residential ones, mainly because they are sourced from real users. The main difference is that these are from mobile devices, unlike the previous type, which are from home or office computers.

Similar to the previous type, you have solid targeting features, allowing you to get proxies from certain locations. Bright Data’s pool of mobile proxies will vary in speed because the proxies come from 3G, 4G, and 5G connections.

For the next types of proxies, we have ones that share the same source as the previous two types. Bright Data has ISP proxies from Vietnam, and they’re IP addresses are sourced from providers, meaning they’ll perform better than their “cousins.” While doing so, these proxies will offer a similar level of anonymity, meaning that you’re getting the best of both worlds.

There aren’t as many IP addresses in this pool as with some of the others, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting some flexibility. You can rely on the geo-targeting feature to get proxies from specific locations throughout the country.

The datacenter proxies from Vietnam are the last type we’ll be talking about today. These are the ones you’ll be looking at if you need affordable IP addresses that perform excellently. Bright Data achieves this with the help of its servers connected to Gigabit networks, which allow these proxies to perform the way they do.

A slight downside some people won’t like too much about these proxies is the bandwidth. Unlike many of its rivals, these proxies come with limited bandwidth, which is a rare sight in this industry.

One thing all 4 types of Vietnamese proxies from Bright Data have in common is the pricing structure. There are 3 tiers for each type of proxy, varying in terms of the bandwidth. Going for more traffic means that the price per GB will be lower. Even if the largest package isn’t enough for your projects, you can ask for a custom package.

On the other hand, you can go for the pay-as-you-go option, allowing you to get as much traffic as you need and use it for as long as possible. Considering this is among the more expensive options, seeing a 7-day free trial package is a nice touch, as it allows you to test drive this provider.

IPRoyal for Vietnam Proxies

We’re continuing the trend of excellent providers, which brings us to IPRoyal. It’s a popular option with multiple proxy types, but for Vietnam IP addresses, you’re limited to residential proxies only.

Unlike some of its rivals, IPRoyal is a provider that doesn’t have massive numbers. The pool of residential proxies contains a little under 110,000 Vietnamese IP addresses, which is the largest number we’ve seen today. With that aside, we cannot critique the targeting options of this provider.

Apart from getting random proxies from the country, you can also target certain cities or regions, which is pretty nifty with for some projects. In terms of the rotation, you have two options. You can either go with a rotating session and tweak the rotations settings or use the static option if you need the same IP address for longer.

The pricing structure is also quite flexible with this provider, offering you multiple packages to choose from with various amounts of bandwidth. One thing this provider does differently than some of its rivals is that there isn’t a monthly commitment. As a result, you can use the traffic for as long as possible because it won’t expire.

Proxy-Sale Overview

This next provider may not be the most popular on this list, but it still offers great services. Proxy-Sale has been around for long enough to show us that it’s an excellent option with multiple proxy types. As for the Vietnamese proxies, you can choose between datacenter and residential IP addresses.

On the residential side of things, Proxy-Sale offers Vietnamese proxies, but unfortunately, the provider doesn’t outline the number of proxies. The entire pool isn’t something spectacular, which is to be expected when you consider that this is a more affordable option than the big names in the field. Even though there aren’t tons of proxies, you can still get proxies from specific regions, so you’re not limited in this regard.

Like most of its rivals, this provider offers flexible options regarding rotation settings. You can tweak them and have a new IP address whenever you need to, or go for the sticky session if you need to keep the same IP address for longer. The pricing structure is pretty standard, like most of the other providers on this list. There are multiple packages to choose from, with bandwidth ranging from 3 to 5,000 GB.

These come in the form of monthly commitments, and if you want to avoid that, you can go for the pre-paid package. You won’t get a free trial with this provider. Instead, your option is the trial package that costs $1.99 and comes with 200 MB of traffic.

On the other hand, Proxy-Sale also offers datacenter proxies from Vietnam. These won’t be as anonymous as the residential IP addresses but will offer higher and more consistent speeds and latency. This makes them a solid choice for scraping projects, as long as the website isn’t too picky about what kind of addresses can access it.

The best part about these proxies is that they’re private, meaning you’ll be the only one using them. When it comes to use cases, you won’t have any issues. This provider offers support for HTTP and SOCKS protocols, so there are no limitations here. It’s a similar story with the authentication methods, allowing you to choose between IP whitelist and username/password.

As for the packages, multiple choices are depending on how many IP addresses you need to get. There’s also excellent flexibility in terms of the duration, which ranges from 7 to 360 days, making it a flexible choice for smaller and larger projects.

Proxy-Cheap for Vietnam Proxies

Next up, we’re going for a provider that advertises itself as an affordable option. Proxy-Cheap offers plenty of products at prices lower than many of its competitors. In this regard, the residential proxies are the only ones that can be found in Vietnam.

Despite being an affordable option, Proxy-Cheap does a decently good job in terms of what it offers. The pool size is far from the largest on the market, but it’s not terrible. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the number of Vietnamese proxies. Regarding the rest of the features, it can compete with the rest of its rivals with no issues.

This provider offers rotating residential proxies, allowing you to tweak the rotation settings as needed. You also have the option to keep the same IP address for longer if it’s something required by your project. Many providers have no mention of the speeds, which isn’t the case here. This provider claims that the proxies should deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is a solid number.

Like most of its residential rivals, this provider’s pricing structure is based on the amount of bandwidth that’s included in each package. You have several options to choose from, along with the option to avoid the monthly commitment through the pre-paid package.

ProxyEmpire for Vietnam Proxies

For this next pick, we’re going with another affordable option, one that won’t disappoint. With ProxyEmpire, you’re looking at residential and mobile proxies if you need IP addresses from Vietnam.

With the residential proxies, you’re looking at a pretty decent offering. ProxyEmpire has over 111,000 IP addresses in Vietnam, putting it somewhere in the middle in terms of available proxies. With this many proxies, you’re looking at a pretty decent geo-targeting option, thanks to the option to get IP addresses from a few cities.

The flexibility in terms of the use cases is also available here, thanks to the multiple supported protocols, meaning that you can use these proxies for multiple applications. You also won’t feel like something is lacking in terms of the rotation settings, meaning that you can tweak things per the requirements of your projects.

The second type of Vietnamese proxies you can get from ProxyEmpire are the mobile ones. They are quite similar to the previous types, but unlike those, these IP addresses come from mobile devices. Considering how similar both types of proxies are, you can expect to get a similar set of features.

You get a relatively flexible targeting option with the option to choose certain regions. Also, these are rotating proxies, and like the previous type, you can tweak the rotation settings based on your needs.

Rotating residential and mobile proxies often have similar pricing structures, and it’s the same here. In both cases, you have limited bandwidth with multiple packages to choose from depending on the amount of traffic you need. ProxyEmpire also offers a custom package for situations where even the largest plan isn’t enough for you.

The best part about this provider is that it offers rollover traffic, meaning that the remaining bandwidth from this month will transfer to the next one. If you need something without a monthly commitment, this provider has a pre-paid package as well. The option to test the Vietnamese proxies comes in the form of a trial package that costs $1.97.

Shifter for Vietnam Proxies

Last but not least, we’re going back to a provider that’s a popular option. Shifter has positioned itself as an excellent provider and it offers IP addresses in Vietnam and there are two types to choose from.

Like many of the providers on this list, Shifter offers rotating residential proxies from Vietnam, and the company has over 1.2 million IP addresses. This is a pretty solid number, among the largest we’ve seen on today’s list.

As rotating proxies, you have the option to play around with the settings, and you can choose to get a new IP address at intervals between 5 and 60 minutes. On the protocol side of things, this provider supports both protocols, meaning you won’t have any limitations.

There are two sub-types of rotating proxies – basic and special. The first work with most sites and are more affordable, while the second type offers slightly wider support. These are the Vietnamese proxies you’ll get if you want to access social media websites or search engines.

The pricing structure for the rotating proxies is a bit different when compared to the rest of the lineup today. You have several packages to choose from, and they differ in the number of IP addresses and the amount of bandwidth included. There are plenty of packages for both types, and as you can guess, the special proxies are more expensive than the basic ones. The smallest packages for both start with 5 IP addresses, and you can go up to 1,000.

Shifter also offers static proxies, which you’d use if you want to hold a session for over 60 minutes. These are residential Vietnamese proxies, but unlike the previous type, you’re looking at IP addresses sourced from providers. As a result, you should be looking at proxies that can deliver better performance when compared to the previous type.

Like most of the other ISP providers on today’s list, the pricing packages differ based on the number of included proxies, while the bandwidth is unlimited. There aren’t too many packages to choose from, but we can call them flexible enough.

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