13 Best YouTube View Bots in 2023

Having somewhere to publish the content you create is excellent for creative minds looking to express themselves and even make some profit from it. YouTube view bots can also be a great way to grow your account!

Best YouTube View Bots

Written content has been around for a while, but video services have grown once we began getting internet with unlimited bandwidth. The most popular platform for video content on the internet today is YouTube, and it doesn’t seem like it could get dethroned anytime soon.

If you began uploading videos to your YouTube account in the early days and continued with that trend, there are some good chances that you already have a well-grown account. On the other hand, some people are just getting started, and things aren’t as simple as in the early days.

There weren’t too many people in YouTube’s infancy, so the competition wasn’t too big. Today, it’s challenging to find a niche that isn’t already covered, meaning that regardless of how good your content is, another account is bigger, so you won’t get to steal the show.

Luckily, there is an option for this, and it’s called a YouTube view bot. These services direct views to your videos, helping you grow and, with that, make some money. To help you with this, I’ve made a list of the best YouTube view bots for you to check out. Keep in mind that some of them offer multiple services, which you can use to your benefit.

Top YouTube View Bots

SidesMedia YouTube View Bots

I’ll be kicking off this list with a service that has proven to be reliable, despite not being the one that offers the most. SidesMedia may not cover every social media in existence, but it has the ones most people would want to grow, like YouTube.

As part of the services that SidesMedia offers are the options to purchase likes and shares, views, and subscribers. There are a decent amount of packages available, and for the views and subscribers, you have 8 for each. The likes and shares options are limited to only 4.

The goal of SidesMedia is to provide a service that will help you grow your account and for YouTube to see it as organic growth. By avoiding the use of bots, the company aims to reduce the chances of your account getting banned. The service delivery will depend on the package and product you choose and doesn’t go for more than a couple of days.

To avoid misuse, SidesMedia doesn’t offer a free trial, but the good news is that there is a refund policy. You have 14 days to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with the service that you got.

MediaMister YouTube View Bots

Media Mister is among the more popular options in the world of growing social media accounts. With a plethora of options, it’s a service that can cover most people’s needs, including those looking for YouTube growth.

When it comes to growing a YouTube account, Media Mister offers plenty of options. You can buy views, likes, subscribers, favorites, shares, watch time hours, dislikes, and comments. Each one comes with several packages to choose from and tailor the experience based on your needs.

Regarding the features, Media Mister does a decent job at covering all aspects that you’d need to grow your YouTube account. Regardless of which product you go for, the service will be provided from real accounts, meaning that you avoid the chances of getting banned. Also, making a specific target based on your needs is excellent, so you can fine-tune the audience. In terms of delivery, it depends on how big the package is. The smaller ones are completed in about a day or two, while the larger ones may take over a week.

Like with most of the services in this niche, a free trial option isn’t available. With that said, you are eligible to get a refund in case Media Mister doesn’t deliver the product as advertised.

GetAFollower YouTube View Bots

One-stop-shop service in this line of business is something pretty common, and GetAFollower follows that trend. The company covers the popular and not-so-popular social media platforms, and in that list, you’ll find YouTube as well.

When you look at the services the GetAFollower offers, you’ll find it to be similar to Media Mister and a few other competitors. In the company’s lineup, you have the option to purchase views, favorites, likes, dislikes, shares, comments, subscribers, and watch time hours.

Flexibility is what GetAFollower does best, and looking at the packages, it’s doing an excellent job at it. If you go through each service, you’ll find that there are tons of options you can choose, enabling you to get specifically the service that you need. This means that you can also combine a few packages and get a full service.

Trying GetAFollower’s service for free isn’t something you’ll be able to do. The only option is to ask for a refund if you don’t get the service you paid for.

UseViral YouTube View Bots

Continuing the trend of promotion services, we come to one that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles but is a good one. UseViral doesn’t cover many social media services, but it covers the one I’m talking about today – YouTube.

Unlike some of its competitors, UseViral covers only the basic set of products, meaning you can only buy views, likes, and subscribers. There are plenty of package options, making this service one of the most flexible. On top of that, there is another feature that makes it stand out from the crowd.

While UseViral avoids using bots for growing your YouTube account, there are two types of accounts that can interact with your channel or videos. You have the option to choose between high-quality and active accounts. The difference is that the high-quality ones are accounts that don’t have activity. On the other hand, the active accounts are from real people making the whole experience more natural.

The service also practices a slightly different approach when it comes to refunds. You have 14-days to ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product, no questions asked. This makes the lack of a free trial irrelevant because you can get your money back.

StormViews YouTube View Bots

What about a company that specializes in YouTube only? This is where StormViews comes into play. The service offers the basics when it comes to YouTube, but it does that in a decently flexible manner, making it attractive to many people.

The basic set of options StormViews offers are likes, subscribes, and views, which come nicely wrapped in multiple packages. For the likes and views, you have 5 packages, while the subscribers come with 10 for you to choose from. The best part about it is that the prices are very competitive, which is why it’s a popular choice.

In terms of features, don’t expect anything fancy, but it’s more than what you’d need for growing your YouTube account. Like most of its competitors, StormViews provides the service using real and active people, meaning that the chances of getting detected are very slim. In case something goes wrong, the support staff is available to help you out and solve the issue.

When you go for a cheaper service, you often need to sacrifice something, and in the case of StormViews, that’s the trial and refund. The service doesn’t offer a free chance to test its products, and it doesn’t have a refund policy.

Tube Buddy YouTube View Bots

Next up is a service that aims to help you grow your YouTube account, but not by buying subscribers or likes. Tube Buddy is a service that offers you a way to optimize your content so that you can grow your account yourself organically.

There are several other services with similar features, but a few are unique to this one. Right off the bat, Tube Buddy offers you the tools to make the research necessary to ensure that your content reaches the right public. You also have the tools required to help you shorten the time it takes to publish the video and help you optimize it to ensure it ranks higher.

The pricing structure is a straightforward one. You have 3 predefined packages depending on the set of features you need, and you pay for the service monthly, with the option for a discount if you go for the annual option. Based on what’s included in each package, it seems to be an excellent structure to benefit the small accounts and the larger content creators. For those that manage more than 20 channels, there is an enterprise option as well.

Testing a service like this one is the best way to determine if it’s worth paying for it, and Tube Buddy offers that. You can install the browser addons, and even though the set of features is limited, it’s better than not having a free trial at all. As a bonus, you also have the option to install it on a mobile device, making things easier if you’re on the go.

Subpals YouTube View Bots

There are services that offer YouTube growth options, but there are ones like Subpals that offer them differently. Right off the bat, the first thing you’ll be greeted when you visit the website is that the service is free, without any commitments.

As a free service, you shouldn’t expect it to give you thousands of new subscribers in a few hours. In terms of growth, with the free option, you are looking at 10 subscribers every 12 hours, which is not bad if you have a smaller account and you’re just getting started. There is the option to pay and get more if you want to.

Apart from the free service, Subpals also has a few paid ones, giving you a more professional service. You can pay to have your channel evaluated, a video optimized, or pay for a design. These are one-time payments for a specific case, and you can get as much of these as you need. Once the payment is processed, you’ll get the product in a few days.

The best part about Subpals is that apart from being a free service, you also have an option to ask for a refund. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have 3 days to get your money back.

TubeAssistPro YouTube View Bots

Managing a YouTube account isn’t always a simple task, which is why there are services that can help you with that. TubeAssistPro is one of those services designed to ease some of the load when it comes to managing and growing an account by implementing commonly used features into one app.

Implementing these features into one tool means that you can automate parts of the process and spend less time on that and more on the content. With TubeAssistPro, you can research, manage the comments, like and unlike, subscribe, automate and schedule some tasks and a lot more.

Having all of these features isn’t free, so you’ll need to pay for TubeAssistPro to use it. The pricing structure is flexible and covers a broader range of use cases. First off, you have 3 types of products – standard, live and ultimate, which vary depending on the set of features they offer. Next up is the number of accounts you’ll be working with, and there is the option to choose between 1, 5, and unlimited.

In the unlimited section, there are several options, depending on how you want to play it out. TubeAssistPro gives you the option to pay for a lifetime license or pay yearly or monthly. As part of the annual packages, you also have the option to get a 3-day trial.

FollowersUp youtube views botIn the world of growing social media accounts, there are plenty of top-rated services, one of which is FollowersUp. Even though this service doesn’t cover every social media platform in existence, the one I’m talking about today is available.

Growing a YouTube account with FollowersUp is a simple process. The service offers 4 options: likes, views, subscribers, comments, and watch time. Each one comes with plenty of different packages depending on the size, meaning there is a decent amount of flexibility. As a result, this is a service that can satisfy the needs of smaller and larger YouTube accounts.

The set of features doesn’t offer something that you won’t find with other services from this segment. You’ll be getting real accounts with the goal of avoiding getting banned from the platform. As for delivery, things depend on the type of service you’re purchasing and the size of the package.

FollowersUp is a service known for having a free trial, but unfortunately, not for YouTube. This means that you’ll need to pay for the service and ask for a refund if the product wasn’t delivered. Keep in mind that a refund is only available if it’s a problem with the company’s system.

Promolta YouTube View Bots

In the world of promotion services, there are multiple ways to help you get your videos popular, and Promolta has a slightly unique way of helping your YouTube account grow. The service aims to work on autopilot, meaning that your job is to create the content while the service works on expanding your account.

One thing that Promolta often gets criticized about is that it “hides” the pricing structure from the website. To get to it, you’ll need to register an account and see the pricing structure. Speaking of, you have 5 packages for each service, which includes subscribers, views, comments, and likes. It’s not the most flexible option, but it’s not the worst in this regard.

The set of features includes tools that can help your videos be seen by the right audience, as well as the option to monitor in real-time how things are progressing. Once you upload the video to the service, the company will utilize its network and share it as much as possible. Targeting also plays a huge role, so once you set things up correctly, you’ll be looking at a steady growth.

Following the trend of most of its services, Promolta doesn’t offer a free trial, so there’s no way to test the service before paying. On a slightly positive note, there is a refund policy, meaning that you can ask for a refund in case the company doesn’t deliver.

Sub4Sub YouTube View Bots

I often claim that free services aren’t always a good option, and despite that, I’m mentioning a cost-free option for growing your YouTube account. Sub4Sub is a community service where the growth of your account is determined by the quality of your content and the rest of the users on the platform.

Being a free service means that setting things up is pretty simple. You’ll need to register on the website and share your YouTube channel’s link. This means that other people on the service will see it and subscribe to it. As a result, it means that you’ll need to subscribe to their accounts.

Sub4Sub went with a forum-like setup for its website. As a result, once you post the channel you want to get subscribers to, there is the option for people to reply and maybe discuss ways to help you grow your account. You can also go through the already posted channels and find some that you like.

In terms of speed of growth, there isn’t a number that the company can promise. Yes, the number of subscribers can grow, but the growth rate remains unknown.

VidIQ YouTube View Bots

While there are services that you can use to buy subscribers, views, or likes, there are those that help you grow your YouTube account organically. One of those is VidIQ, a popular option with many famous YouTubers, which is why I’ve added it to this list.

VidIQ is a service designed to help you better target the videos you upload and take some of the workloads off your hands, resulting in less time thinking about setting things up. The service can outline which actions can work in favor of growing your account, and it can analyze the market and discover keywords that you can benefit from.

There are 4 packages that VidIQ offers with a different set of features. The first one is free, which is an excellent option for people that are just getting started out. It doesn’t offer much, so it’s aimed at the smaller accounts. For the paid packages, there are 3 which come with a different number of daily ideas, type of support, tracking, and many other features.

If you want to test the service for free, all you’ll need to do is create an account and use the basic package. While it may not offer much for people looking for large growth, it’s good enough to be considered a free trial.

YT Monster YouTube View Bots

Community-based services aren’t something new in the world of YouTube, and one of the many available is YT Monster. The service aims to help you grow your YouTube account through a community where you give some to get some.

YT Monster is a free service where you can create an account, share your YouTube channel, and start the growth process. A slight advantage it has over some of its competitors is that apart from YouTube, you can also utilize it to grow TikTok, Instagram, or VK accounts.

The rules that apply to you will apply to other users, meaning only real accounts are part of the service. As a result, the growth will be organic, and you will avoid getting bots as subscribers. In terms of other features, YT Monster also provides you with some advanced statistics designed to outline how your account is growing throughout time.

YT is a free service, so you won’t need to make a payment to use the service. In other words, there are no packages or anything to choose from, and you’ll only need to create an account and start the growth process.


1. Does YouTube allow the use of these services?

Technically, YouTube is against paying to grow your account by buying subscribers. This is why you’d want to get them from legitimate services that won’t deliver bots that can get you banned. On the other hand, there are no problems in terms of the services for managing videos or optimizing them, and you can use them as much as you want.

2. Is it worth paying for subscribers?

If you are just getting started with YouTube and have a limited budget, the free services are a good option. You may not be able to make a quick growth, but it would be a great starting point. In terms of the paid services, they would be an excellent option for people who want speedier growth and have the budget for that.

3. How quickly should I expect my YouTube account to grow?

Every growth service has a different rate at which it grows the accounts, so the time it takes will depend. Some of them can deliver 1000 subscribers in less than a day, while others will go for a stretched-out approach, and it may take a few more days.

4. How will YouTube growth services save time?

These services aim to increase the number of subscribers and view times of your videos, so there are several for that. On the one hand, buying subscribers means that you won’t have to do anything related to that and continue working on the content. On the other hand, you have services that help you optimize the keywords, a step that may take longer if you decide to do it manually.

5. A service is asking for my YouTube password. Why?

None of the services I mentioned on this list will ask you for your password. The reason for this is that the companies only need the link to your channel and can start delivering the products you paid for. If a service asks for your YouTube password, you are probably looking for a spam one.

6. What to do if the number of subscribers begins to drop?

One thing you need to be aware of is that when you buy subscribers, you are purchasing real accounts. This means that over time some of those people may decide to unsubscribe if they don’t like the content you upload. It’s perfectly normal to see a fluctuation in the number of subscribers.


When you look at how popular YouTube is, it’s no surprise that there are so many services on the market. Despite that, not all of them can deliver excellent service or are as good as they claim to be. The list of YouTube growth services I mentioned in this article are ones that I’ve had some experience with and got decent results.

With that said, you may be able to find other services that may fit your needs better.

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