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Considering how long proxies have been around, it’s natural for us to see tons of providers. With that many options, it’s normal to be confused, which is why we’re reviewing them. The provider we have for today is Anonymous Proxies. Is it a company that you should consider or avoid?

Anonymous Proxies Overview

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Considering how long proxies have been around, it’s natural for us to see tons of providers. With that many options, it’s normal to be confused, which is why we’re reviewing them. The provider we have for today is Anonymous Proxies. Is it a company that you should consider or avoid?

Living in a technologically advanced era has a lot of advantages. Unlike the olden days, today we have a service for everything and use them daily. They help make our lives easier and often work in a way that they bypass certain restrictions.

Speaking of bypassing restrictions, the services that most of us are aiming for are proxies. Regardless of whether we need them to hide our IP address or manage social media accounts, proxies are the best way to do that. The problem with them today is that there are too many.

Recommended for: Anonymous Proxies, a provider founded in 2009

We’re not saying that having too many providers is a bad thing. It’s healthy to see some competition, but it also creates a problem. Since not all of them are created equally, they won’t perform the same, and you won’t know if a provider is good or not. This is where our reviews come into play.

Anonymous Proxies Overview

To give you a better explanation of a service and its ability to get the job done, we’re reviewing them. The one we have on the list for today is Anonymous Proxies, a provider founded in 2009. Being this long on the market probably means it’s an excellent option, and you should consider it, right? Let’s take a look.

  • Multiple proxy types
  • HTTP and SOCKS protocol available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Proxies from over 30 countries
  • A free trial option isn’t available
  • No info on the size of the proxy pool


Feature of Anonymous Proxies

Despite how things look, Anonymous Proxies offers decent features, so this won’t be a short list.

Multiple product options

At first glance, Anonymous Proxies seems like it’s just another competitor of the many datacenter proxy providers, but that’s not the case. Yes, the company offers these kinds of proxies but also provides other IP addresses. The list includes residential, mobile, and even DNS proxies.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Seeing an option for unlimited bandwidth on datacenter proxy providers is the industry norm. With that said, it’s not a very common sight with other types of proxies. Anonymous Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth across the entire range of proxies, including the residential and mobile ones.

Unlimited bandwidth for some proxies

We often praise the lack of a limit on the traffic with proxy providers as a good thing. Most datacenter proxy providers offer this, so it’s not new. With that said, having unlimited bandwidth on mobile proxies and static residential ones isn’t as common. IPRoyal is one of the rate options that offer unlimited bandwidth with these kinds of proxies, which is a big plus.

Dual Authentication

Regardless of the use case scenario, you’ll need to go through the authentication process whenever you need to use a proxy. With Anonymous Proxies, you can choose how you want to authenticate to use the proxies. This provider allows you to choose if you want to authenticate with an IP whitelist or username and password, depending on the situation.

List Refresh

For the most part, people would get the proxies and use them until needed. With that said, in some situations, people may want to make changes for various reasons, and Anonymous Proxies can help. The services refresh the list monthly, meaning you can use new proxies.

Plenty of Available Locations

Plenty of Available Locations Anonimous Proxies

When it comes to proxies, for some people, the location won’t be a deciding factor. With that said, some people need advanced geo-targeting and flexibility, which is where Anonymous Proxies can help out. The provider offers IP addresses from 30 countries worldwide, nicely covering the more popular continents. It’s not on the same level as the popular names in the industry, but it should be fine for some people.

Multiple Protocols Available

In many use cases, people will be fine going for the traditional HTTP proxies to get the job done. There are some situations where specific projects require something else, which is where the SOCKS proxies come into play. Luckily, Anonymous Proxies covers both types, so you can choose which protocol you want to use.


Unlimited Bandwidth Anonymous Proxies

At first glance, the pricing structure of Anonymous Proxies seems complicated, but that’s not the case. Once you start poking, you’ll see that it’s quite simple.

You have 4 things you’ll need to choose. The first one is the type of product. Anonymous offers proxies, but there are other products in this provider’s lineup. Next up is the type, an option that will vary depending on your chosen product. The duration of the commitment is the next option to choose from, and you have 4 options: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. Finally, you should choose the number of IP addresses you need.

The thing I’m not a massive fan of with this provider is the limitation. Individual or small businesses will be fine because they can get up to 100 proxies. Enterprise users will struggle a bit because there isn’t an option to get more. You can reach out to the support team and see if they’re willing to create a custom package for you. In a worst-case scenario, you can purchase multiple packages.

As you’re moving the slider left and right, you’ll notice that the values change in the section below it. The website instantly outlines how much a package would cost you, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay. Going for the larger packages and the longer commitments means you’ll get a discount, which is a good thing with this provider. Anonymous Proxies isn’t the most affordable option in the industry, so a discount is a welcomed feature.

Now, we come to a slight downside of this proxy provider, and that’s the lack of a free trial. It means you’ll need to purchase a package and hope the service works as intended. With that said, I have to mention the refund option. It’s not a money-back guarantee like some of its rivals. With Anonymous Proxies, you can request a refund if the service isn’t performing as promised or you haven’t received the product in full.


What payment methods are accepted by Anonymous Proxies?

A good proxy provider isn’t flexible just in terms of what it offers; it should also offer flexible payment options. Anonymous Proxies offers that which is a big plus. You can use the traditional way of paying with a card or some of the popular payment services. The best thing about this provider is that you can also pay using cryptocurrency.

Does Anonymous Proxies offer a change of proxies?

There are many situations where you may want to replace the set of proxies you paid for, and Anonymous Proxies has that problem solved in a very user-friendly way. The service allows you to replace the IP addresses once every 30 days. Unlike some of its rivals, the feature is available automatically, so you won’t have to contact the support staff to replace the proxies.

What protocols do Anonymous Proxies offer?

Regarding available protocols, Anonymous Proxies offers something that some of tis rivals don’t. Like most other providers on the market, you can choose between HTTP and SOCKS proxies. You also have Shadowsocks with this provider, so what’s the difference? HTTP proxies are the standard ones, usually aimed at browsing, and they cover all browser-related activities, like SEO, ad verification, and more. SOCKS proxies offer bigger flexibility, and you’d be using them for applications that aren’t limited to a browser. With Shadowsocks, you get access to the SOCKS protocol but with increased security, meaning everything is encrypted.

What is DNS Proxy?

Among the many products that Anonymous Proxies offers are the DNS proxies. They are a privacy-related tool aimed at helping you mask the original DNS addresses. In essence, these help you prevent any kind of tracking from your ISP. As a bonus, you can use these in instances where you need to access geo-restricted content.


As far as proxies are concerned, no one wants to deal with poor providers. Most of us are willing to pay for the service because we need it and want a good product. Anonymous Proxies isn’t one of those disappointing options, which is why we can recommend it.

Right off the bat, the main advantage is that it has multiple products. Being able to purchase different kinds of proxies from the same provider is a great offering. Getting datacenter, residential, and mobile IP addresses from a single provider is just the right amount of flexibility people need.

Speaking of flexibility, another positive side is the location list. It’s not something that can compete with the prominent names in the industry, but it’s more than enough. Unfortunately, the pool size is unknown, so we don’t have much to compare it with.

Packed with features, Anonymous Proxies isn’t a provider that will leave you wanting more. With unlimited bandwidth, multiple supported protocols, and high speeds, we can’t find many faults with this provider.

The price may not be the cheapest in the industry, but Anonymous Proxies is still more affordable than some of its rivals. With the flexible packaging options and the ability to get a discount, you get the full package. You don’t get a free trial, but you can ask for a refund if the service doesn’t perform as intended.

As a whole, Anonymous Proxies is a provider that does many things right, making it a good option for many people. Of course, there are some drawbacks, but the advantages outweigh them. This is one of those proxy providers that we’d recommend to anyone.

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