Best Cheap Proxies 2024: Affordable Residential, Datacenter & Mobile Proxy Service

Are you looking for an affordable set of proxies without spending too much? Today’s list of cheap proxies will have you covered, as we’ll outline the best residential, datacenter, and mobile providers.

Best Cheap ProxiesOver the years, as the IoT industry evolved, we became accustomed to using some of its products. Among the plethora of those we have at our disposal are proxies. One of the many benefits these services offer is bypassing geo-restrictions or “hiding” your IP address.

As good as this sounds, something concerns us the most – cost. Most similar services don’t come for cheap, and the same goes for the proxies. A wide range of prices is available, but at the end of the day, you won’t get the job done for free.

With that said, what if I tell you there’s a way to get things done cheaper? Being expensive doesn’t always mean you’ll get a better product, which we’ll discuss today. This list will aim to outline the best proxy providers that won’t drain your budget.

We’ll discuss residential, datacenter, and mobile proxy providers to cover as much as possible.

Best Cheap Residential Proxies

Smartproxy the Fastest Residential Proxies

I’ve made some critiques about this provider in the past, but at the end of the day, it’s an affordable option that most people would find attractive.

As far as offerings are concerned, there aren’t many things we can fault here. Smartproxy has a pool of over 55 million IP addresses from over 195 locations, which may not be the largest pool, but it’s more than enough. This gives you access to all the fancy features this provider offers, like unlimited connections and treads, a sticky session lasting up to 30 minutes, and a lot more.

Regarding packages, there is a decent variety that would be good enough for most people. You have 7 plans to choose from with a different range of features, and you’ll pay based on the amount of included bandwidth. Prices start from $14 monthly for a package with 2 GB of bandwidth.

Depending on the package, you’ll get a different amount of IP whitelist and username and password slots to use, with the smaller ones getting less. With larger packages, you’ll get a lower price per GB. If the largest package of 1 GB isn’t enough, you can ask the sales department for a larger one. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something less, Smartproxy also offers a pay-as-you-go package, where you get a prepaid package that costs $8.5 per GB.

While many things make Smartproxy an excellent option, the lack of a free trial isn’t one of them. Your only option is the 14-day money-back guarantee to test the service and decide if you will stick with it.

Shifter Overview

Moving on, we have come to a popular residential provider that does things a bit differently than most of its competitors. Despite the differences, Shifter is an excellent provider if you’re after affordable proxies.

Looking at the numbers, we see a slight drop from the previous service, but still, plenty to choose from. Shifter’s pool of proxies has over 31 million IP addresses which is more than enough. As for the locations, the company claims to have proxies in every country in the world, but the list isn’t available on the website.

The main difference is in the features you’ll get with each package. Most residential providers offer packages based on the amount of included bandwidth, but with Shifter, it’s unlimited. It means you’ll pay based on the number of proxies you need. There are some options here as well.

Shifter has two types of proxies, basic and special. Both work the same, but the second option has more supported websites. For each type, there are 10 packages to choose from, and the cheapest ones are $149 and $299 for 10 proxies for basic and special proxies.

As previously, Shifter is a company that doesn’t offer a free trial, so testing without paying is impossible. The only option here is to purchase the smallest package and ask for a refund within 3 days if the proxies don’t perform as advertised.

Proxy-Cheap Overview

When we say something is cheap, it usually means we’re getting something of lesser quality. With Proxy-Cheap, things are different. Not only is this provider affordable, but it also offers a good product that most of us are happy to recommend.

Being a bit more affordable than most competitors means that Proxy-Cheap won’t offer as much. This becomes evident from the pool of proxies, which consists of over 7 million IP addresses in around 130 locations. It’s not a terrible number, but a bit behind the best in the industry.

You can go for the static residential proxies, which cost $3.49 per IP address, meaning you’re getting them with unlimited bandwidth. The downside here is that the available locations are the US, UK, and Canada. If you want more flexibility, then you should go for the rotating residential proxies. With these, you can choose from the full list of locations, but unlike the static ones, the bandwidth is limited. The prices start from $4.99 for the smallest packages of 1 GB, and as you go up, the price reduces.

There’s a trend with these providers, and the lack of a free trial is something that Proxy-Cheap is known for. On the other hand, the company has a refund policy, but unlike some of its rivals, there are a bit more conditions attached to it.

Soax Residential Proxy Overview

The last residential provider on today’s list is one that we often include in your lists. Soax has a reputation for being a decently affordable service with plenty of positive sides, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve added it to this list.

Going for an affordable option means you won’t get everything that the expensive providers are offering, and with Soax, you’ll notice that in the number of proxies. There are over 5 million IP addresses, which isn’t the largest in the industry. The location coverage is excellent, and diversity won’t be an issue, with over 195 countries to choose from.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not terrible, but there are providers with a more flexible structure. You have 8 premade packages to choose from, which differ depending on the amount of included bandwidth. The cheapest one you can find with Soax is $99 per month with 15 GB. If the included ones don’t work for you, there’s also an option to ask for a custom one.

When it comes to trial and testing, Soax has a similar strategy to the previous provider I mentioned. You can get a test package for $1.99 with 100 MB of included traffic. It’s not much, but it should be enough to test the service.

Nimbleway Residential Proxy

Another provider I will recommend for the quality of their residential proxies is Nimble. But you need to get something clear — Nimble residential proxies are only cheap to enterprise but way beyond the means of regular proxy users. The starting price for their proxies is $600 for 75GB. This is expensive for small proxy users. But for those that can afford it, it is $8 per GB for the high quality of their proxy infrastructure you get. Pinterest, Uber, and the New York Times, among others, are using it.

It has millions of IP addresses in its pool, which it would route your requests through. The network is highly anonymous, and your requests through it will never appear as a proxy through traffic. You can choose the country, state, and city you want IPs from. However, if your chosen state or city is not popular, that will affect its effectiveness in terms of IP rotation, which is done automatically for you.

One thing you will come to like about this service is that its IP rotation system chooses the best IP address based on your target in other to increase the chances of the requests going through. There is no limit to the number of concurrent requests you can send and the number of sessions you can create — the only limit is bandwidth, which to purchase.

Netnut Static Residential Proxies

NetNut has really good and affordable static residential proxies that give you a steady and strong data bandwidth. These proxies make it easy for you to do things online without anyone knowing who you are. They have over 52 million residential proxies sourced from real users all over the world, so you can use them to surf and extract data from the internet safely and secretly.

These proxies are cheap for both small and big companies. And what we like is they try to cater to the individual who wants to experience the quality of premium proxy services. They help you do major things like analyzing the market and doing other business-centric activities online without worrying about your privacy. These special proxies also help you stay away from problems like getting blocked or stuck with endless CAPTCHAS hell.

NetNut has different prices for different needs, so whether you’re a small company or a big one, you can find a plan that works for you. Even if you’re a programmer, data expert, or marketer, their prices are great compared to some others.

Just like the other proxy services on offer, NetNut gives different pricing plans so that you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best. They have a Starter Plan that gives you 20GB of bandwidth for $350, that’s essentially $17.5 per GB. If you need more, they have an Advanced Plan with 50GB of bandwidth for $750, as well as the 100GB strong Production Plan. These data packages are designed to fit different budgets and usage requirements, making them suitable for small businesses, big companies, or even professionals like software developers and data scientists. The best part is that they also offer a free trial, so you can try out their proxies and see if they work for you before committing to a plan.

And oh, there’s that unmissable free-for-seven days of premium proxy usage very few others offer. NetNut is getting out of its way to ensure you’re a super good data collector on the internet. Don’t fail to take advantage of that.


Froxy Residential Proxies

In the world of proxy providers, some don’t get as much attention as they deserve, and Froxy is one of them. This provider has a decent set of offerings at an affordable price, which is why it gets included in this list.

Things are similar to the previous service I mentioned. Froxy has a pool of over 8 million residential proxies from over 200 locations worldwide. While we can’t compare it to something like Bright Data in terms of the pool size, it does very well when we look at the flexibility.

Another area where this provider offers flexibility is in terms of the pricing packages. Froxy has 6 predefined plans for you to choose from, all of which come with limited bandwidth. The smallest one costs $60 per month with 5 GB of included traffic. Going for the larger packages will result in a lower price per GB and more ports to be used. If none of the packages cover your needs, you can contact the sales department and ask for a custom package.

I often critique providers for lack of a free trial, but with Froxy, things are slightly different. There is a trial package, and for $1.99, you can get 3-day access to its services with 100 MB of included bandwidth. It’s not a lot, but it should be enough to test the product before purchasing a full package.

Best Cheap Datacenter Proxies

Proxy-Seller Overview

The first provider from the datacenter list is Proxy-Seller. We’ve featured this service in the past and are mentioning it again because it’s an affordable option for people who want a good set of datacenter IP addresses.

Regarding pool size, Proxy-Seller doesn’t mention any numbers but claims to have a large number of proxies. In terms of locations, there are data centers in over 50 countries, so the flexibility is there. Regardless of which country you’re looking at, you’ll get similar features and, most importantly, gigabit speeds.

As far as the prices are concerned, things will depend on the location you want the proxies to be from. If you’re looking for proxies from Asia, some of the prices are well under $1, while some European countries will set you back over $2 per IP address. Like most datacenter proxy providers on the market, the bandwidth is unlimited regardless of location.

Getting a free trial from a datacenter provider is rare, and Proxy-Seller is no different. Without a free trial, your only option is to purchase a couple of proxies and ask for a refund within 24 hours if they don’t work well for you.

MyPrivateProxy Overview

In the datacenter segment of the proxy industry, there are veteran companies that can still offer their services at an affordable price. One such option is My Private Proxy or MPP for short.

One thing I’ve always liked about this provider is that it’s transparent with the information, meaning you’ll know the size of the pool and the locations available. MPP has over 300 thousand IP addresses from 39 datacenters, making it flexible. Keep in mind that most of those are in the US, with a few available in Canada and Europe.

This provider offers multiple types of proxies, depending on your needs. If you want to go as cheap as possible, you have the shared proxies, which start from $50 per month for 50 proxies. The private ones are structured differently, and the smallest package includes only 1 IP address for the price of $2.49. In both cases, you have plenty of packages to choose from, or go for a custom package if none of the available ones work for you. There is also the option for dedicated proxies if you need them for copping sneakers or similar applications.

Like with the previous provider, MPP doesn’t offer a free trial, so it’s not a massive downside. One thing this company is good for is the refund policy. You’ll have 3 days to play around with the proxies and ask for a refund if they’re not performing as you need.

InstantProxies Overview

The last affordable datacenter proxy provider on today’s list is InstantProxies. This company has been around for a while, and at first glance, it seems like it’s a poor choice. In reality, you’ll be getting solid proxies that are more affordable than most of its competitors.

Unlike some of the names on this list, InstantProxies is a provider that doesn’t offer too much information. There is no information about the pool size, and the list of locations isn’t available on the website. With that said, the company offers proxies in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, so there’s plenty of flexibility.

The pricing structure is standard, but there is a slight difference when you’re making a purchase. With InstantProxies, you have 6 packages to choose from, depending on the number of proxies you’ll need. The smallest one comes with 10 IP addresses and costs $10. It goes up to 500 proxies, and there’s an option to ask for more if you need to. The main difference is when you’re making the order, you can choose the application for the proxies so that you’ll be given IP addresses that perform as intended.

You’re mistaken if you think that InstantProxies is different than its rivals. The company doesn’t offer a free trial, and your only option to test the proxies and get your money back is the 24-hour refund policy.

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

The Proxy-IPv4 proxy network offers 3 types of proxies, including datacenter, mobile proxies, and ISP proxies. Their datacenter proxies are the cheapest they offer and also one of the cheapest in the market in general. With just $1.5, you get 1 US proxy for a month. And if you want, you can purchase just 3 days of proxies at an even cheaper cost.

However, the more proxies you purchase and for a longer period, the cheaper the price per proxy monthly becomes. Aside from the US already mentioned, you can purchase proxies for over 30 other countries. One thing you will come to like about this service is the performance it offers. I have tested the speed of this service and recorded an average download speed of 64.72 Mbps which is considered one of the fastest.

The proxies have low spam scores which make them perfect for a good number of use cases, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, online streaming and gaming, and other Internet marketing tasks.

Webshare Overview

Continuing the trend of affordable datacenter proxy providers, we have Webshare. In many ways, this service is similar to the previous one, but it’s important to note that the type of proxies is a bit different.

Webshare is a provider that primarily deals with datacenter proxies, but unlike the previous one, you cannot get shared ones. Instead, there are private, dedicated, and rotating ones. While this sounds excellent, the company doesn’t outline the size of the pool. The only information available is the locations, and you have over 20 countries to choose from, which is slightly less than some of its rivals.

The private and dedicated proxies come in a wide variety of packages, starting from 25 IP addresses as the smallest packages. For the private proxies, the package costs $18.52, while the dedicated ones will set you back $49.87. You won’t get as much flexibility with the rotating ones, as there are only 3 plans, starting from 10 proxies that cost $6.76. Regardless of which type of package you choose, you’re getting unlimited bandwidth with all of them.

A free trial is something that you also won’t get with Webshare, so you’ll have to rely on the company’s refund policy. The problem is that even though you have 2 days, some conditions can seem limiting compared to some of its rivals.

Rayobyte Data Center Proxies Overview

We’ve seen plenty of rebranded providers in the proxy industry, and the same goes for Rarobyte. This provider was formerly known as Blazing SEO, a service we recommended on multiple occasions.

The company offers a lot in terms of pool size and doesn’t hide some of the information. You can get access to over 300 thousand datacenter proxies from 26 countries. Compared to some of its rivals, it may not be the most flexible one, but the locations are spread across the globe, so it’s flexible enough.

As far as the packages are concerned, you’re looking at one of the most flexible options on the market. There are 3 tiers of packages that determine the price per IP, but you can get as many proxies as you need. The smallest package comes with 5 IP addresses, and the price depends on the type. The semi-dedicated ones are $1, the dedicated ones are $2.50, and the rotating ones are $3.75. going for more proxies means you’ll get them at a lower price, and if you decide to subscribe for more than a month, you’ll get an additional discount. Finally, if none of the available options work for you, there’s the option to get an enterprise package with as many IP addresses as you’ll need.

Rarobyte doesn’t offer a free trial like most of its rivals. The good news is that there is a 2-day refund period, where you can get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the service.

Best Cheap Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller Mobile Proxies Overview

The first provider in the last category is Proxy-Seller, a company we’ve already mentioned. Apart from the datacenter offerings, this proxy provider also has mobile proxies, which are on the affordable side of things.

Looking at the website, you’ll notice one thing missing – the number of proxies. Proxy-Seller doesn’t outline the pool size and only mentions the locations. You have 14 countries to choose from that cover the US, plenty of European countries, and a few in Asia and Australia. The good news is that regardless of which location you go for, the proxies will be with 4G speeds.

As far as packages are concerned, there are plenty of possibilities, and you can customize it however you want. Proxy-Seller allows you to purchase 1 IP address, and you can get it for a week if you need to. The price depends on the location, and the cheapest package is the weekly one from Kazakhstan for $18. The most expensive are the proxies from England that will set you back $44 for a week. With this provider, you can choose the provider, and since you’re paying based on the number of proxies, you’re getting unlimited bandwidth for all of them.

Like with the datacenter proxies, Proxy-Seller doesn’t offer a free trial. Instead, your only option is to purchase a package and ask for a refund within 24 hours of the transaction.

Hydraproxy for Mobile Proxies Overview

Another name you’ve seen on this website is Hydraproxy. This provider deals with residential and mobile proxies, but I’ve chosen the mobile ones for today as they are affordable without sacrificing performance.

Hydraproxy is similar to the previous provider and doesn’t mention the number of IP addresses in its pool. In terms of location, it’s much more limiting as you’ll be getting proxies only from the US. This provider covers 48 states, and you will be given the option to choose the provider in some situations. The best part here is that you’re getting proxies with excellent performance, meaning that you’ll only work with 4G IP addresses.

When it comes to pricing packages, Hydraproxy offers excellent flexibility. You have packages for 1, 3, 7, and 30 days and you can get as little as 1 port. It means that the cheapest you can go is $2.95 for the daily package. The best part about it is that you get unlimited bandwidth, regardless of which package you choose.

Hydraproxy, like most of its rivals, doesn’t offer a free trial, which is no surprise. There is a refund policy, but there are some conditions attached to it. You can ask to get your money back within the first 24 hours, but only if you get the 1 or 3-day package and you didn’t pay over $100.

IPRoyal Mobile Proxies Overview

Next, we have a provider that we’ve never mentioned in terms of mobile proxies. IPRoyal is a company that, on paper, seems to offer a lot for an affordable price, but it’s not a leader when compared with some of its rivals.

Let’s start with the pool size, which can seem a bit misleading. IPRoyal claims to have over 100 thousand mobile proxies in one section, while others say there are only 10 thousand. The reality is that the 100 thousand includes the residential proxies as well. With that aside, another issue some people may face is the location. Currently, your only option is to get 4G proxies from Lithuania.

The good news with IPRoyal is that it’s pretty flexible when it comes to the packaging options. You have the option to get daily, monthly, or yearly packages, and the cheapest you can go is $7 for the daily ones. All of these include the entire pool of proxies, and you’ll have no bandwidth limitations.

Testing for free is something that IPRoyal doesn’t offer and is among the strictest providers on the market. The provider also doesn’t have a refund policy unless there’s a problem with the service. It means that your only option is to purchase a daily package and test it.

Bright Data Mobile Proxies Overview

You might be confused seeing Bright Data here, but when it comes to mobile proxies, this is a provider that can be categorized as affordable.

Unlike most of the providers on this list, Bright Data can boast with having the largest pool of mobile proxies. The company has over 7 million mobile IP addresses that combine 3G and 4G speeds. As for the locations, you can get the proxies from any country in the world, meaning it’s also the most flexible.

Pricing flexibility is where Bright Data shines the most, but there is a drawback. While the names in this category are going for unlimited bandwidth, with this provider, you have a limitation on that. As a result, the packages you’ll get depend on the amount of included traffic. The smallest one is $500 per month, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, you also have a custom package where you can get as much bandwidth as you need. Alternatively, there is also a prepaid package, where you’re paying as much as you spend.

One thing that Bright Data is known for is the long trial period. With this provider, you can get 7-days of free trial even on mobile proxies.

The Social Proxy for Mobile Proxies Overview

The last provider in the affordable mobile segment is The Social Proxy. Affordability is one advantage, but unlike the rest of the companies I mentioned, with this one, you can also get 5G proxies.

One thing I would have liked to see with The Social Proxy is the size of the proxy pool, but unfortunately, we don’t get that. The only available information is the locations, which are a bit limited. You can get mobile proxies from the UK, Austria, Germany, Israel, and two US states – Texas and Ney York. I wouldn’t say it’s the most limited option, but compared with the previous provider, you don’t get too much.

You don’t get too much flexibility in terms of pricing, as The Social Proxy has things structured based on the location. Each package is 90 Euros – 89 for the package and 1 as a sign-up fee for all locations with 4G proxies. If you want the 5G ones, you’ll need to pay 120 euros. One thing to note is that the 5G proxies are from New York only.

Surprisingly, unlike most of its rivals, The Social Proxy offers a free trial. Regardless of which location you choose, you can get a 24-hour trial, which should be enough to see if the proxies would work for your application.


Getting a new set of proxies doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to pay a lot of money. With our list of the best cheap proxies, you can complete your project without spending too much on it. With that said, these are our top picks. This means that you may find other cheaper alternatives, especially if the providers offer a discount.

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