7 Effective Ways To Beat Online Sneaker Bots

Do you want to cop sneakers and resell them for profit without making use of online sneaker bot? Then you are on the right page.

Beat Online Sneaker Bots

The general consensus among sneaker resellers is that you need bots to be successful. Accepted, that’s not far from the truth – but you can still cop without making use of a bot.

That you do not want the unfair advantage sneaker bots gives and does not want to spend money buying expensive bots that won’t guarantee you a pair does not mean you cannot cop.

With the tips described below, you will discover that even without making use of a sneaker bot, copping sneakers is still possible. 

Avoid the Biggest Release

regional releases

The fact that you won’t be making use of bots means that you have to make sacrifices, and one of the sacrifices you have to make is that you need to forget about the biggest sneaker release.

You just won’t be able to cop without using bots. This is because you would be competing against professional coppers that make use of sneaker bots hosted on powerful servers, usually close to the place the sneaker sites are hosted.

However, for every big release, there are smaller ones that you can target. You can go for regional releases that are not targeted by sneaker botting warlords. 

Build a Sneaker Copping Team

Sneaker Copping Team

One of the proven ways to beat sneaker bots and still get your hands on the number of sneaker pairs you want is to build a sneaker copping team that will help you. While you might not be able to pay huge for building an actual team of employee, you can get your family members and friends not interested in the business to help you out and pay them a token as appreciation.

Get them ready, and they should make use of their own computer, internet connection, credit card information, and shipping address. This makes it cleaner and less suspicious. However, they must be fast enough.

Make Use of Proxies

Sneaker Proxies

There is a misconception among newbies that you only need proxies when botting is involved. That thinking is wrong. Let me tell you something; you need proxies if you want to cop more than the allowed pair.

Without a proxy server to disguise your IP address, you won’t be able to cop more than one pair. However, when it comes to making use of proxies, I will advise against using just any proxies you can lay your hands on.

There are proxies you should use and proxies you shouldn’t use. To get an idea of this, read our article on the ultimate guide to sneaker proxies.

Do Mock Buying

Mock sneaker Buying

The key area sneaker bots’ beats human is in the aspect of speed – they are incredibly fast. As a human trying to compete against them, you have to be as fast as possible else; you won’t succeed.

And nothing is disappointing like you trying to find your way around the site when every other person and bot is moving fast. That’s why you need to visit the sneaker sites and practice buying. Do it for a good number of times until you are certain you know every process in and out and can do it as swiftly as possible.

Enable Auto-Fill in Chrome

Chrome Auto-Fill

Chrome is one of the best browsers to use for copping sneakers, and a lot of sneaker copping bots are available as a Chrome extension.

When using Chrome to cop, I will advise you to turn on Auto-fill. This is to reduce the amount of time it takes you to check out a pair.

Typing out your details takes time, and while you are doing that, a bot must have checked out more than once as you are still entering your detail. However, auto-fill helps bridge the gap and increase the speed at which you can cop.

Upgrade Your Computer

PC Upgradation

Your 3GB RAM system won’t help you compete effectively with sneaker bots hosted on servers running on 12GB RAM – you just can’t, it is not possible. Upgrade your computer and make sure you are making use of an internet service provider that will provide you with the top speed possible at the time you need it. Make sure your modem is also fast enough.

Uninstall applications that make your computer slow and never start applications that will make it lag the time you are trying to cop – this is to provide you maximum performance your computer can at the time you are copping.

Get Information About Release Early

If you want to succeed in the sneaker copping game with or without sneaker bots, you need to be aware that information is key. And when I mean getting information, I don’t mean getting it when everyone else already knows about it.

In fact, the information here in this regard is the information only a few users get to know about. Let a look at some of the few places you can get to know about the release.


Twitter Release

One thing with following sneakerheads and retailers on Twitter is that you get information about surprise release. While most releases are made public for sometimes before the release date, retailers sometimes, take sneakerheads by surprise and just announce a release without prior notice. Fewer people compete in this, and as such, you stand a chance.

Sneaker Apps

Sneaker Apps

Sneaker apps like Unlaced, and Foot Locker Apps among others can also be the source of your information. Make you enable push notification, so you get information immediately a release is on.

Visualping Extension

Visualping Extension for sneaker

This Google Chrome extension will help you monitor sneaker sites and notify you immediately there’s any change in them. This will enable you to know if there is a sudden release people are not aware of.


From the above, you will agree with me that it is still possible to cop sneakers without making use of bots. However, that would mean going for the low hanging fruits (less competitive ones), making sure your computer is of high performance, and getting released information about surprise release earlier than everyone else.

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