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MarsProxies is a Panama-based proxy provider that has captured the attention of budget-conscious proxy users worldwide. The fantastic options, such as non-expiring residential traffic and customizable plans, have made them a go-to choice for many private and small to medium-sized business clients.

While their catalog includes multiple types of proxies, their Ultra Residential Proxies are the company’s flagship product. They offer ethically sourced residential IP addresses in almost every country in the world, making them suitable for activities such as web scraping, unblocking geo-restricted content, ad verification, website testing, market research, and much more.

MarsProxies are quite supportive to newcomers, so if you have little to no experience with proxy servers, you can count on their friendly and knowledgeable agents. Their proxies are easy to use, and you can make an order immediately without contacting the company’s sales agents.

If you need more information about MarsProxies, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this no-frills proxy service provider so you can decide if they are the best choice for your needs and budget!

MarsProxies Review Overview

  • Ethically sourced residential proxies
  • Non-expiring residential traffic
  • 1M+ residential IPs in 190 countries
  • Precise geo-targeting options
  • Dual authentication
  • HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 support
  • No monthly commitments
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Bulk discounts
  • Great customer support
  • Limited documentation
  • Pool somewhat smaller compared to more established proxy providers

MarsProxies Types and Pricing

MarsProxies is a versatile proxy provider offering residential, datacenter, ISP, and sneaker proxies. Let’s learn more about the pricing structure of their residential proxy service and what to expect when placing an order.

The company’s residential proxy service requires no monthly contracts or long-term commitments. You can order as much traffic as you want and use it whenever needed. It’s pretty straightforward, with no hidden fees or upsells.

MarsProxies Types and Pricing

The traffic you buy stays yours until used completely, so you don’t have to worry about losing unused GBs. Pricing starts at only $4.99 per GB, but bulk discounts can bring it down to just $3.49 per GB, making this residential proxy service one of the most affordable in the entire industry.

The proxies support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols and dual authentication methods, so you can use them for any website, application, or software you want.

Using MarsProxies’ residential proxy service means having your IP address automatically changed after each request. While this is highly beneficial in situations where constant IP rotation is required for optimal anonymity, you can also take advantage of the company’s incredible sticky sessions.

They let you keep the same IP address for longer – anywhere between 1 second and 7 days. This is crucial for scenarios where you should avoid resetting your relationship with the target website, such as banking or multiple account management.

Locations of Proxy Servers

Locations of Proxy Servers in Marsproxies

The fantastic location coverage of MarsProxies is one of the most appealing features of their residential proxies. Their network offers residential IP addresses in 190 countries, covering every corner of the world.

Their precise geo-targeting options include country and state/region targeting at no extra charge. So whether you order 1, 10, or 100 GB of residential traffic, you get the option to specify the state/region of your proxies for free.

Speed and Latency Test

No one likes slow speeds or high latency, whether collecting data or streaming a movie. That’s why you should consider these factors when choosing your proxies.

To start, here are the test results of our VPS to show what we’re working with.

Speed and Latency Test of Marsproxies

Speed refers to the amount of data your online device can upload or download at a time, while latency indicates how quickly it gets the result after taking an action. For that reason, we’ve tested MarsProxies’ residential proxy addresses.

MarsProxies Gateway IPs Ping Download Upload
No proxy 11 296.78 20.07
US1 189 11.29 10.11
US2 309 35.76 20.13
US3 147 291.86 19.97
US4 202 20.78 21.69
US5 284 16.39 14.23
US6 157 28.70 20.16
US7 306 21.45 19.29
US8 332 62.16 20.10
US9 182 57.31 20.07
US10 187 109.11 20.11
GB1 111 25.68 20.08
GB2 106 20.88 20.43
GB3 82 16.24 16.11
CA1 265 54.00 20.10
CA2 178 36.59 20.15
CA3 180 56.45 20.07

MarsProxies US1

MarsProxies US2

MarsProxies US3

MarsProxies US4

MarsProxies US5

MarsProxies US6

MarsProxies US7

MarsProxies US8

MarsProxies US9

MarsProxies US10

MarsProxies GB1

MarsProxies GB2

MarsProxies GB3

MarsProxies CA1

MarsProxies CA2

MarsProxies CA3

The results look pretty good overall, ranging from decent to exceptional in some cases. The residential proxy pool from MarsProxies certainly provides more than enough performance for all kinds of tasks.

GEOlocation Test/ISP Test

While proxy providers show the geographical location of their IP addresses, you can never be 100% sure if what they say is true. With so many proxy services out there, you should be wary of scammers who offer you proxies in a location they don’t even support.

For that reason, we’ve put MarsProxies IP addresses to the test, revealing their type and location.

Does MarsProxies offer real residential IP addresses?

Rotating proxy Hostname/IP ISP/ASN Country Type
No proxy AS10753 – LUMEN-LEGACY-L3-CUSTOMER-SHARED-USE United States Good IP (residential or business)
US1 AS11426 – TWC-11426-CAROLINAS United States Good IP (residential or business)
US2 AS7922 – COMCAST-7922 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US3 AS7029 – WINDSTREAM United States Good IP (residential or business)
US4 AS7922 – COMCAST-7922 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US5 AS33363 – BHN-33363 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US6 AS6128 – CABLE-NET-1 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US7 AS20115 – CHARTER-20115 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US8 AS14051 – SUREWEST United States Good IP (residential or business)
US9 AS7018 – ATT-INTERNET4 United States Good IP (residential or business)
US10 AS7015 – COMCAST-7015 United States Good IP (residential or business)
GB1 AS5089 – NTL United Kingdom Good IP (residential or business)
GB2 AS5089 – NTL United Kingdom Good IP (residential or business)
GB3 AS5089 – NTL United Kingdom Good IP (residential or business)
CA1 AS577 – BACOM Canada Good IP (residential or business)
CA2 AS6327 – SHAW Canada Good IP (residential or business)
CA3 AS803 – SASKTEL Canada Good IP (residential or business)

MarsProxies ISP NO_PROXY

MarsProxies ISP US1

MarsProxies ISP US2

MarsProxies ISP ISP US3

MarsProxies ISP US4

MarsProxies ISP US5

MarsProxies ISP US6

MarsProxies ISP US7

MarsProxies ISP US8

MarsProxies ISP US9

MarsProxies ISP US10

MarsProxies ISP ISP GB1

MarsProxies ISP GB2

MarsProxies ISP ISP GB3

MarsProxies ISP ISP CA1

MarsProxies ISP ISP CA2

MarsProxies ISP ISP CA3

IP Address Compatibility Test

Some websites and platforms have specific geo-restrictions that may prevent you from accessing them from a certain location. This is when you turn to proxies. However, many of these websites are very good at detecting proxy servers.

So, we did another test to discover how undetectable MarsProxies’ residential proxy servers really are.

Rotating proxy IPs IG Pin TM CL Nike Adidas
No proxy

Just like with speed and ISP testing, the results are exceptional across the board. We didn’t run into any issues with any of their residential IPs.

Non-expiring Residential Traffic

Unlike most residential proxy providers, MarsProxies offers non-expiring traffic. This means you don’t have to use your residential traffic in a specific time frame. It’s yours until used completely, whether tomorrow, the next month, or the next year.

Flexible Pricing

At MarsProxies, you can create the perfect plan for your needs and budget. They let you order as little as 1 GB of residential traffic. For bulk orders, you can take advantage of their generous discounts without worrying about wasted traffic.

Excellent Customer Support

MarsProxies’ support agents are known for their swift and helpful responses. They listen to their clients and provide the necessary assistance 24/7, which is especially beneficial for newcomers or those with limited proxy experience.

Easy to Use

MarsProxies has a user-friendly dashboard and a simple setup process that lets you quickly configure your proxies. Once you buy the proxy addresses through self-service, you wait for the order to be confirmed, and you can use them right away.

In the Ultra Residential Proxies Dashboard, you can choose between USER:PASS (username + password) and IP:AUTH (IP authentication.) Selecting the first option gives you a chance to choose between an IP hostname and a DNS hostname.

Easy to Use MarsProxies

While these tests offer a general indication of speed and ping, it’s essential to remember that your results may vary slightly depending on the server’s location and the speed allocated by your ISP to the IP address you’re using.

In summary, while 9Proxy’s speeds may not set any records, their proxies perform reliably well, getting the job done efficiently.

While they are the same thing, the DNS hostname is easier to remember ( followed by the port and the location.) On the other hand, the IP hostname hides where your proxies are coming from, so it’s up to you.

Opting for IP:AUTH lets you whitelist your IPs when setting up your proxy addresses.

MarsProxies Dashbord

You can also choose the preferred protocol, HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5, and rotation: Randomize IP or Sticky IP. The first option rotates the IPs randomly for you, and the latter allows you to select the desired sticky session duration.

The domain name and port number are the same. The only difference is the addition of the specifications for the sticky session at the end.

Finally, you can either copy the list of credentials to access their residential pool or download it as a TXT file.

While you can find many integration tutorials and how-to-use guides, MarsProxies’ blog still needs more content to cover integration with all the major software applications. Based on the constant updates of the blog, we’re sure it’ll soon expand enough to provide answers and assistance to all users.

Are MarsProxies Residential Proxies Good?

MarsProxies sources their residential IPs using ethical and legal methods, ensuring peace of mind for clients. Their ethically sourced proxies carry IP addresses assigned by authentic ISPs to real residential online devices, ensuring the highest trust score for minimal risk of detection and ban.

As you can see from the results of the tests we conducted, MarsProxies’ residential proxy addresses are 100% residential and can help you access any website or service online.

How to Authorize & Use

As we already discussed, MarsProxies offers dual authentication support. This means you can choose between username:password and IP authentication methods, making their proxies extremely flexible and secure.

You can make the selection in the Ultra Residential Proxies Dashboard, where you can also specify the location of the proxies, the protocol support, and the rotation.

Copying and downloading the list of credentials is as easy as clicking a single button.

In a nutshell, using MarsProxies’ dashboard is a no-brainer. Everything is nice and clear, making the whole experience as simple as possible for users.

Our Verdict & Summary

The only way to decide if MarsProxies is the right choice for you is to know everything it offers and lacks. With our detailed review, we outlined its biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Editor’s Rating

  • Features – 5 stars
  • Pricing – 5 stars
  • Reliability – 5 stars
  • Easy to Use – 5 stars
  • Support – 4 stars

User Rating


Thanks to the intuitive dashboard, self-service, and instant delivery, MarsProxies is the perfect option for newbies or anyone else seeking simplicity in proxy services. Within minutes of placing an order, the proxies are ready for use. Moreover, setting up proxies and making necessary changes is simple and easy.


The affordable and flexible pricing is one of the best things about MarsProxies. You get non-expiring residential traffic at below-industry-average prices. On top of that, there are generous bulk discounts that make the service even more affordable. Given the performance we’ve seen, it’s safe to say that MarsProxies offers one of the best price/value ratios on the market.


There’s not much to complain about here. All IPs provide great speeds, with zero connection drops or any similar issues. On top of that, they’re all 100% residential, and we were able to access all websites.


MarsProxies Customer Support

MarsProxies has 24/7 customer support available via email and Discord. While there’s no live chat option, the support agents provide quick and helpful responses via email within minutes. Also, they are especially supportive to clients with little to no experience with proxies.

Choose MarsProxies if you’re looking for easy-to-use residential proxies infused with all the necessary features at budget-friendly prices. If you want an enormous pool of IP addresses, then you might look elsewhere. We hope our review will help you make the best decision for you!

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