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Need the Moblie or 4G Proxies? Proxy-Cheap is one of the many proxy providers offering real mobile connect proxies from mobile network operators like Verizon, AT&T, Do their mobile proxies are really work well? Let’s find out!

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Existing a little less than a year, Proxy-Cheap is a proxy provider that has gotten a lot of attention, which is no surprise. Offering several million mobile proxies for a low price is something that people tend to notice.

Recommended for: Social automation, Ad verification & Market research

It is not often that we see a proxy provider that exists less than a year, but manages to get so much popularity. Proxy-cheap is the provider in mind. Having over 6 million IP addresses, including mobile, residential, and datacenter in 127 countries in the world, is impressive. Combine that with a price that is quite a lot cheaper than some of their competitors, and you have a recipe for the perfect proxy provider.

Proxy-Cheap Homepage

On today’s list of reviews, we are going to take a look at Proxy-cheap and their proxies. The number of available proxies, combined with the competitive prices, makes this a provider that you should not disregard. Combine that with the location of the IP addresses, and it seems that they have ticked every box.

As we mentioned in the intro, Proxy-cheap offers three types of proxies: mobile, residential, and datacenter. In this review, we will only be looking at the mobile proxies and putting them to the test.

my proxy-cheap mobile Proxies

Let us dive in and see if that is true.

  • Decent amount of proxies
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Instant access after payment
  • Limited payment methods
  • Few functions for Mobile Proxies
  • No trial

Proxy Types, Features and Pricing

the mobile proxies are what the name suggests, IP addresses from mobile providers that are assigning to 4G users on a mobile network. Proxy-cheap only offers two packages of this type of proxies – France and the US region. Do not let the European region misguide you; they do not have addresses from other EU countries.

Mobile Proxies Pricing Plans

Both plans come with unlimited bandwidth, and the price shown is per proxy address. If you buy more addresses, you get a certain discount, depending on the number of proxies you get. One advantage the US package has over the European one is that you can target specific locations within the states. In other words, you can get addresses from a specific state.

One downside is that you can only pay with PayPal or with cryptocurrencies, something that might put some people off.

Locations of Proxies

If you want to get mobile proxies from Proxy-cheap, you will be limited to France or the US. The exact number of proxies is unknown because they only state the total number of proxies they have, so we cannot be sure how many you would be able to have. If we take into consideration that we are talking about mobile proxies, then the number would not be all that great, maybe several hundred thousand IPs.

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

A proxy provider can make all the claims it wants, but at the end of the day, the test is what determines if their proxies are good or not. We put the speed and latency of Proxy-cheap’s proxies to the test to see if we can recommend them.

The speed of the proxies is the amount of data it can pass through it in a second, while the latency is the time it takes for that data to get from the source to the end-point and back. Ideally, the speed should be higher, and the latency lower.

Before we started testing the proxies, we ran a test without a proxy to have a reference speed and latency results, so that we have something to compare the other results with. All of our tests are run on

Proxy-Cheap Speed test on VPS

With the baseline determined, let us take a look at the speed and latency test of the proxies.

Speed tests with Proxy-CheapDetails of the speed test
IPs of Rotating ProxyPingDownloadUpload (no proxy)1206.22403.66

IP 1:

Speed test with ip 1 with proxy-cheap

IP 2:

Speed test with ip 2 with proxy-cheap

IP 3:

Speed test with ip 3 with proxy-cheap

IP 4:

Speed test with ip 4 with proxy-cheap

IP 5:

Speed test with ip 5 with proxy-cheap

IP 6:

Speed test with ip 6 with proxy-cheap

IP 7:

Speed test with ip 7 with proxy-cheap

IP 8:

Speed test with ip 8 with proxy-cheap

IP 9:

Speed test with ip 9 with proxy-cheap

IP 10:

Speed test with ip 10 with proxy-cheap

If we take into consideration that we are testing mobile proxies, the speeds are not all that bad. On the other hand, all of the proxies should be 4G, so we can say that the speeds are not all that great.

Almost all 4G proxies are slow, Personally, I don’t think it’s a big issues.

We have seen better results in other competitors. If we look at the latency column, things are not improving. There is barely any result below 300 milliseconds, with one result reaching almost 500. The good news is that we do not see unfinished results, so even the speeds and latency are terrible, they are stable.

Geolocation/ ISP Test

Regardless of how fast or slow proxies maybe, if they are identified as proxies, then they would not be of use to you. We put the mobile proxies from Proxy-cheap through our geolocation test, so see how good they are.

Proxy-Cheap ISP Test Details of the ISP Test
IPs of Rotating Proxy Hostname/IP ISP/ASN (no proxy) AS20473 – AS-CHOOPA AS21928 – T-MOBILE-AS21928 AS20057 – ATT-MOBILITY-LLC-AS20057 AS22394 – CELLCO AS6167 – CELLCO-PART AS21928 – T-MOBILE-AS21928 AS21928 – T-MOBILE-AS21928 AS21928 – T-MOBILE-AS21928 AS8047 – GCI AS21928 – T-MOBILE-AS21928 AS22394 – CELLCO

IP 1:

ISP test with ip 1 with proxy-cheap

IP 2:

ISP test with ip 2 with proxy-cheap

IP 3:

ISP test with ip 3 with proxy-cheap

IP 4:

ISP test with ip 4 with proxy-cheap

IP 5:

ISP test with ip 5 with proxy-cheap

IP 6:

ISP test with ip 6 with proxy-cheap

IP 7:

ISP test with ip 7 with proxy-cheap

IP 8:

ISP test with ip 8 with proxy-cheap

IP 9:

ISP test with ip 9 with proxy-cheap

IP 10:

ISP test with ip 10 with proxy-cheap

The results should not surprise anyone. Mobile proxies, if they are good, should not be detected by proxies at all. After all, one of the reasons they are the most expensive is the fact that they are almost undetectable. If we take a closer look at the ISP/ASN column, we see that the addresses are from T-Mobile, Cellco, AT&T, or GCI – all providers that offer mobile services and all of them in the US.

IP address compatibility Test

Speed and location will mean nothing if you cannot access specific sites. Some of the more popular sites are strict about what kind of IP address can access it and from where. We took Proxy-cheap’s mobile proxy addresses from both previous tests and put them to the test against some of the strictest websites.

IPs of Rotating Proxy IG Pin TM CL Nike Adidas (no proxy) X
*IG – instagram, CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, TM – Ticketmaster

Here we have results that should also come as no surprise. All proxies had no problems accessing all the sites we tried them on. We even had no problems with Ticketmaster – a website notorious for very strict policies when it comes to proxies. These results show that we really had good proxies that are undetectable.

Features of Proxy-Cheap

24/7 Support

Something that should be among the most important things with a proxy provider is the support. Proxy-cheap offers a 24/7 live chat support, so if you ever get in a situation where you need help, you will have your problem solved instantly, instead of waiting for an email response.

IPv6 Datacenter proxies

This is something we do not see every day. In a world dominated by IPv4 IP addresses, it is refreshing to see a provider offering IPv6 proxy addresses. Bear in mind that only their datacenter proxies are IPv6, the rest are IPv4.

Referral Program

A feature we keep seeing more and more with proxy providers these days. You can use Proxy-cheap’s referral program to earn some bonuses that you can later use to buy more proxies. The program works on percentages.

How to use

Easy to Use

The dashboard is clean, but the lack of features or options might make you think that it is more complicated than it really is.

Note, other mobile proxies providers are usually rotating the IP every 3 or 5 minutes automatically, proxy-cheap offer their mobile proxies that sticky the IP address until the connection is down! This is much better for account management.

Login to the dashboard and from the left navigation panel to go proxies. Then from the main page, go to mobile proxies, and there you have everything that you will need to set up or change.

Proxy-Cheap dashboard

If you click on the gear icon on the right side, you will see the details of your proxy, as well as change the proxy protocol and the authentication settings.

How to authenticate

Speaking of authentication, the mobile proxies from Proxy-cheap can only be authenticated with a whitelisted IP address.

To add or edit a whitelisted IP address, you will need to go in the settings of the mobile proxies and click on “Change” in the row where it says “Whitelisted IP.” If you already have one set up, you will see it displayed there. Once you enter the new IP address, click on “Update,” and the changes will take effect almost instantly.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Proxy providers always have something good you can tell about them. The same goes for Proxy-cheap. In some segments, it falls short, but it excels in others.


You will have no problem using Proxy-cheap’s proxies. They are easy to set up, and the dashboard is simple and easy to get around. There are only a handful of options and settings that you can change, so you will not need a tutorial on how to use it. As soon as you get the proxies, you can start using them.


They are cheap. Proxy-cheap has one of the lowest prices in the proxy provider category, so that is a big upside. You are getting mobile proxies, so do not expect to get them for a few cents per address. But even with that in mind, the mobile proxies that they offer are among the cheapest on the market.


During the time we spent testing the proxies, we had no problem with them at all. People online that have used them also reported no problems, so so far, so good for Proxy-cheap in the reliability department.


One of the selling features that Proxy-cheap advertises on their website is their 24/7 live chat support. Having that means that you will always get a live person to talk to you about a problem you have with your account or proxies. They have a knowledgebase which does not contain anything that a user might need, so that is a bit disappointing.


Proxy-cheap, as we keep mentioning in this review, is among the cheapest proxy providers on the market at the moment. They have been around for less than a year and are far from the perfect service, but they are more than adequate for most people. The number of mobile proxies is unknown, but selling them cheaper than other companies’ residential proxies tells a lot. The speeds and latency is not something that will win them the first price, so if you need to move a lot of data around with your proxies, you should look elsewhere.


One thing I do no like is their mobile proxies do not offer IP rotation options! Except that, the quality of the proxies is excellent, so if you can get over the waiting, you should give Proxy-cheap and chance and see if they would work for you. Before you do, bear in mind that they do not offer a trial, so be prepared to pay for their proxies if you want to test them.

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