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If mobile 4G proxies are not enough for you, today’s review will cover Proxyguys, a provider that sells the latest and greatest 5G proxies. Are they any good?

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Mobile proxies are beginning to get more and more popular, and recently the most you could’ve got were 3G and 4G proxies. However, as soon as the 5G network began to get implemented, the first 5G proxies began to appear. One of the first in the list was Proxygyus, and despite how rare 5G proxies are, this proxy provider claims to have quite a lot. So, to verify those claims, I acquired a few 5G proxies and tested them out.

Recommended for: Sneaker copping, bypassing geo-restrictions & ad and price monitoring


5G network first came to the US about two years ago and had been growing steadily since then. As a result, it means that Proxyguys is a provider that is on the market less than that. There are plenty of mobile proxies you can find today, but not a lot are 5G. However, utilizing the latest and greatest technology means that there should be potential for a good experience, which I’m about to find out today.

proxyguys homepage

Mobile proxy providers are often limited by the number of proxies they have, which doesn’t seem to be the case with Proxyguys. The proxy pool consists of over 60 million 5G IP addresses from the US only. As a comparison, Bright Data, one of the largest residential proxy networks, has over 72 million residential proxies worldwide.

One thing to note is that you won’t find them across all states in the US regardless of the number of proxies. The 60 million proxies can be found from over 26 cities, which considering how little coverage the 5G network has, is quite impressive.

One of the main advantages of 5G proxies is that you are getting higher speeds, which Proxyguys supports. The numbers on the website say that the speeds should be between 40 and 60 Mbps constantly. While 5G can achieve much higher than that, we know that proxies can suffer from speed degradation and increased latency, meaning that the numbers are acceptable.

Before you pay for the IP addresses, Proxyuys offers the option to test them, and you have no limit access to the network for one hour. Moreover, suppose you decide to buy proxies from this provider. In that case, you can get them with unlimited bandwidth, which is rare, considering that there are plenty of mobile providers with limited bandwidth.

So far, Proxyguys seems like an excellent provider with a lot to offer and has no tradeoffs. In theory, I should recommend this provider to anyone looking for good mobile proxies, but in practice, things are not so perfect. So let’s continue with the review and find out why.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily and weekly packages
  • Over 60 million proxies
  • Free trial available
  • Some of the proxies had less than 40 Mbps

Proxy Types, Features, and Pricing

At this point, there isn’t too much competition, so a direct comparison cannot be made. In terms of the numbers, Proxyguys leads the way with over 60 million proxies in over 26 cities in the US. As a bonus, you can get unlimited bandwidth.

proxyguys Pricing

The price for this kind of service is a bit on the expensive side, but when you consider what you get, things are not too bad. Multiple package options range from daily to monthly proxies. There are 3 that give you access to the entire network, unlimited bandwidth, and an opportunity to choose the proxies from any of the available cities.  They range from $20 for the daily package, $80 for the weekly, and $300 for the monthly one. These are single IP packages, meaning that you only get access to one address, which you can use as much as you want and change as often as you need.

You can also order these proxies in bulk and get multiple IP addresses with a discount. The one that’s offered is $1125 for 5 IP addresses that come with a monthly subscription. In addition to that, you can also get a monthly package with a single location. Essentially, you pick the city and use proxies just from that location. It is a cheaper option and better if you don’t care about geo-targeting within the US. However, this package is $180 and is limited to 22GB of bandwidth, and if you want to change the location, you need to pay an additional fee of $20.

proxyguys Pricing with BULK ORDER

The way the geo-targeting is enabled is with modems. Proxyguys has a modem in each city that allows the feature and depending on the package you choose, and you can access every modem in the US or just one. Out of the box, the proxies are static, meaning that you will need to change them manually, but as an alternative, you can set up the system to rotate them at a specific interval.

All proxy packages come with two types of authentication, and you can access the service either through the dashboard or with a browser plugin. ProxyGuys also has an API that will help you integrate the proxies with automated software.

Location of Proxy Servers

I often criticize proxy providers for not having enough locations, but in this case, I will have to praise Proxyguys on this. Since the 5G network is still in its infancy, even these 26 cities offer an excellent variety.

proxyguys Location

Depending on the state, you may find some with proxies in multiple cities, but regardless of that, you still utilize the geo-targeting option on a city basis. The website offers an excellent status page where you can follow the uptimes of each location individually.

Ping and Speed Test

A 5G network can achieve gigabit speeds in theory, but in reality, those numbers are not easily achievable. Based on Proxyguys’ claims, the speeds should be stable between 40 and 60 Mbps, and there are no claims about the latency.

It’s not the first time to see some bold claims, but considering how fast the network should be, the numbers are not impossible. I tested a few proxies to see the real-world speeds and latency, and the results are below.

Speed tests with ProxyGuysDetails of the Speed Test
IPs of proxiesPingDownloadUpload ip)179.61322.05


proxyguys vps ip test


IP 1:

IP test 1 with proxyguys


IP 2:

IP test 2 with proxyguys


IP 3:

IP test 3 with proxyguys


IP 4:

IP test 4 with proxyguys


IP 5:

IP test 5 with proxyguys


IP 6:

IP test 6 with proxyguys

IP 7:

IP test 7 with proxyguys

IP 8:

IP test 8 with proxyguys

IP 9:

IP test 9 with proxyguys

IP 10:

IP test 10 with proxyguys

I must say that I’m slightly disappointed by the results I got, especially in the speed department. Proxyguys claims that the download speeds should be stable around 40 to 60 Mbps. Unfortunately, almost half of the tested proxies didn’t even reach the lower end of that spectrum, with one proxy showing speeds of below 10 Mbps. As for the other half of the tested proxies, the speeds were within the promised range, and one even going a hair above it.

The latency results were a bit more consistent, where most proxies were between 100 and 150 ms. Two were slightly below 100, and one went to 184 ms. I would have like to see some lower numbers, but they are not as terrible as some of the other proxy providers I’ve reviewed in the past.

My thoughts on this are not the best, but I would cross Proxyguys off the list as a good proxy provider. Despite some having lower speeds than promised, the good news is that all of them were stable and didn’t experience any drops.

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

Bypassing geo-restrictions or the need to make it look like you’re in another location are two of the main reasons why people use proxies. To ensure the best experience, the proxies need to be able to mask your original location, and mobile proxies are one of the best for that application.

The main thing to look out for in these situations is that the proxies are from the location where the provider claims they are. The 5G proxies from Proxyguys are from the US, but in this case, I wanted to test if the city on the test matches the one that the provider claimed.

IPs of proxies

 IP2Location Location: Anaheim,California,United States of America

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Riverside, California,United States

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Peoria, Arizona, United States of America

ISP: Verizon Wireless.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Fruitland Park,  Florida, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Orlando,  Florida, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Stamford, Connecticut, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: New York City, New York, USA

ISP: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Location: Arlington, Texas, USA

ISP: Verizon Wireless

Location: Dallas,  Texas, USA

ISP:  Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless

I’m happy with some of the results, but not with all of them. Part of the proxies showed two different cities in the same state, which is not a big issue. The bigger issue is that there are some proxies that in both tests showed two different states. In general, this shouldn’t be a problem since things are mostly the same in different states in the US, but I would have like to see some consistency.

IP address compatibility Test

The most important test in my reviews is the compatibility one. Essentially, you are using proxies to access websites that otherwise wouldn’t work with other kinds of proxies or without one.

For this test, the best type of proxies to use are residential and mobile proxies. They are IP addresses that real people use for their home or mobile connections, so for this test, they would excel. I’m using some of the most strict sites on the internet that don’t allow proxies to access them.

IPs of proxies IG TW Pin YT AZ G Netflix CL Nike Adidas ip) x

*IG – instagram, TW – Twitter CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, CL – Craigslist

I’m not surprised by the results, as this is how the table should look like when testing residential and mobile proxies. In addition, each IP address accesses every website with no problems.

Features of Proxyguys

5G proxies

The main selling point of Proxyguys is the fact that the company has 5G proxies. This is a relatively new technology with plenty of advantages, with the main one being increased speeds and stability. At the moment, there are over 60 million IP addresses in over 26 cities across the US.

Unlimited bandwidth

I’m a big fan of proxy packages with no limits, and Proxyguys offers that. The plans with the geo-targeting options available come with unlimited bandwidth, which is a rare occurrence in providers that sell mobile proxies.

City-level geo-targeting

When I talk about geo-targeting, I often refer to the option to choose specific countries if the provider offers that option. However, with Proxyguys, you don’t get the option to select the countries since the proxies are in the US. Instead, you can choose to get proxies from a specific city if your project requires it.

Virgin proxies

In terms of proxies, people would like to use IP addresses that haven’t been used before. The advantage that Proxyguys has over some of the other providers is that the 5G proxies are new on the market. It means that not many people before you would have used them before. So this is an excellent option knowing that you won’t end up with IP addresses that are blocked.

Static and rotating proxies

One of the advantages that some proxy providers have is the flexibility to use the IP addresses as you see fit. This means being able to use them as static proxies or rotate them at a specific interval. Proxyguys offer both options and an excellent range of flexibility in terms of the rotation period.

Free trial

ProxyGuys offers you an option to test the proxies before purchasing. You will get access to a testing account, and you can play with it for 1 hour. It’s not as long as the free trials that other providers have; I would take 1 hour over no free trial at all.

Easy to use

Unlike some of the providers I’ve reviewed in the past, ProxyGuys isn’t too complex to use. Instead, you get a decently modern-looking dashboard with most of the options laid out pretty clearly.

First-time users may struggle slightly, but nothing that they won’t overcome in a few minutes.

In general, ProxyGuys isn’t a provider that will cause you headaches learning how to use the proxies.

How to authenticate

I’m a huge fan of proxy providers that offer two types of authentication, and ProxyGuys is one of those. Having the ability to authenticate wither with IP whitelisting or a username and password makes any proxy provider flexible. The best thing about ProxyGuys is that the authentication process is easy to use.

For username and password authentication, you need to log in to the dashboard and find the location you want to use. Then, click on “Connect” if you’re not connected already. Once the connection is established, the dashboard will provide you with all the information you need, just as the username and password.

To use the IP whitelist option, first, you need to enable it. Once you get in the location you want to use, you will need to click on “Enable IP Whitelist.” The dashboard will refresh, and near the top, you will find a button that says “Set IP Whitelist.” It will take you to a different section where you’ll need to enter your IP address. You need to click on “Set IP Whitelist,” and you’ll be good to go to save the changes.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Despite how excited I am to have a proxy provider with 5G mobile IP addresses, ProxyGuys is not the perfect provider. It’s far from the worse, but I feel like I should have gotten better speeds.


This part is a mixed bag, not because ProxyGuys can’t be used for plenty of applications. But, on the other hand, having 5G mobile proxies means that there isn’t a restriction you won’t be able to bypass. The biggest problem you may have is in terms of the location. Having over 60 million proxies is excellent, but you are limited to the US only and not in all states.

For the packaging and pricing, there’s hardly anything to fault. You have the option to go full unlimited with access to all locations and ho cap on the traffic if your budget is not your concern. On the other hand, if you need something a bit more specific and don’t plan to use too much bandwidth, there are cheaper plans with fewer restrictions. I especially like the fact that you can get daily proxies, which can be great for sneaker copping.

In terms of use cases, I cannot think of one where you will feel a limitation unless the location is essential. In other words, as long as you don’t have a problem with using US proxies, you won’t have any issues with using the ones from ProxyGuys.


To be honest, there aren’t too many 5G proxies providers on the market, so an apples-to-apples comparison is not doable.

Despite that, when compared to other mobile proxy providers and what it offers, I’m going to say that ProxyGuys has a great balance. The proxies are not the cheapest ones you’ll find on the market, but you also get them with unlimited bandwidth.


I cannot say that I’ve used ProxyGuys for years, but I have had no problems with the services for the past several weeks. Despite not getting the results that the company promises, everything was running smoothly.


Support is something that is often overlooked, as not many people use it. Despite that, having good support can be crucial for a good user experience. The good news is that ProxyGuys don’t disappoint here.

The best thing is that, unlike many competitors, there is 24/7 live chat support. And the best thing about the best thing is that there are no bots. ProxyGuys’ support team consists of primarily US-based employees that are always available and eager to help.

You also have the option to check out the FAQ section. While it’s not the most extensive one, the most common questions are already answered.

As a bonus, ProxyGuys has a youtube channel with a few video tutorials on how to use the services.

Our Verdict

ProxyGuys is a proxy provider that has plenty of advantages with only a few drawbacks. In most cases, there will be no limit for you to have a good experience using the proxies.

The pool of proxies has over 60 million 5G mobile IP addresses from 26 cities across the US. In the past, I’ve reviewed residential proxy providers with less, so this is one of the biggest advantages.

There are plenty of packages that will suit most people’s needs, and the one thing I liked the most was the unlimited bandwidth. In addition to that, you can get daily or weekly proxies. This is a very attractive offer that you won’t see with most of the other providers on the market.

In terms of the tests, the one that showed not the best results was the speed and latency one. While the ping wasn’t terrible, a few proxies had speeds below the minimum 40 Mbps mark that ProxyGuys claims.

ProxyGuys offers a 1-hour demo for you to test the proxies, and there is also a refund policy. Both are excellent features, and while 1 hour may not be as long as most people would like it to be, it’s better than nothing.

In general, ProxyGuys is a proxy provider that I can recommend. I may have critiqued the reduced speed, but you are looking at an excellent mobile proxy provider at the end of the day.

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