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Netnut is a premium residential proxy provider with high-quality proxies. It is the only proxy network in the market that gets it IP addresses directly from ISPs. Direct connectivity to ISPs gives it a good number of advantages including one-hop connectivity, reliability, and fast speed – but these are not just its strengths – it has more strength and a few weaknesses.

Continue reading our in-depth Netnut review to discover how their proxies perform in our tests and a host of other things about Netnut.

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Compared to other popular providers; Netnut is a new provider. Anyone might be skeptical about getting proxies from a company that is relatively new. You might have the same feelings for NetNut, which is why we are testing their proxies today.

We will be covering the features that make them stand out from the crowd and give our opinion if they are a provider that you should look into.

Companies that are new are usually less popular, which is why people tend to avoid them, at least until they build up their reputation. NetNut being that kind of company is trying to speed up the reputation process. From the start, they are a company that has features that are unique to them.

It might interest you to know that even though it is a new provder, Netnut has a residential proxy pool with over 10 million IPs from worldwide locations. you will agree with me that 10 million IPs is not what you will expect from a new provider. What is even more impressive is that these IPs are sourced directly from ISPs and not via peer to peer networks as other providers do. The IPs are always online, if we’d make an evaluation on p2p basis IPs numbers we can notice that we have about 5-7 million IPs based on the knowledge that the average of online p2p users is below 10%.

  • 7-day free trial
  • DiviNetworks powered infrastructure.
  • Worldwide targeting with US city-state selection
  • 24/7 support
  • Direct ISP connectivity with additional P2P network for scalability
  • Virtually zero fail rate
  • High speeds and low latency
  • Chrome extension available
  • HTTPS proxies only
  • No Live chat support

Proxy Types and Pricing

Being a company that specifically sells residential proxies, don’t expect to see other products in here.

Their pricing are based on bandwidth usage – they also support request based pricing too. For their bandwidth usage plans, they have seven pricing plans ranging from $300 for the smallest package and $3500 for the biggest one. There is one more package that has no price on it, so if you need that one, you’ll need to contact the sales team. For any other price inquiry such as 2TB, 5TB, etc. they need to contact us as well.

NetNut Pricing Plans

All pricing plans give you access to the 10 million residential proxies, so the only difference between them is the amount of traffic that you get every month and the price that you get charged per gigabyte if you need more.

A 7-day trial period is also available. If you apply for it, you will get a 100GB traffic, and at the same time, the NetNut will create a Skype group chat with you, the account manager and a developer.

Their request based plans are not for small proxy usage as you will need a minimum monetary requirement of $7500. For this, pricing is based on successful requests and you are allowed to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Below is a screenshot showing what comes with each of the request based plans.

One of the things that makes them unique is the network type. Most of their competitors rely on a p2p network, such as Luminati, Microleaves and Oxylabs residential proxy networks.

You may be interested in, What is Luminati proxy network & How it work.

That means that the data sent from your computer passes through someone’s actual machine, meaning that to be able to use that IP the user must be online. NetNut’s solution to this problem is to use DiviNetworks. They work with over 100 ISPs all over the world meaning that they get the residential IPs directly from the ISP. That means that a user doesn’t have to be online to use their IP address.

Locations of proxy servers

The list of locations isn’t the biggest one out there, but it’s not that bad. They have residential proxies in around 50 countries. Half of those are located in the US, while the rest are from the other countries. The list of countries where they have residential proxies is:

United Stated (US)
Sweden (SE)
Finland (FI)
Switzerland (CH)
Spain (ES)
Mexico (MX)
Italy (IT)
France (FR)
Canada (CA)
Germany (DE)
Denmark (DK)
Norway (NO)
Russia (RU)
Ukraine (UA)
Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT)
Netherlands (NL)
Turkey (TR)
United Kingdom (UK)
India (IN)
Madagascar (MG)
Brazil (BR)
Hungary (HU)
Ireland (IE)
Australia (AU)
China (CN)
Qatar (QA)
Iraq (IQ)
Saudi Arabia (SA)
Jordan (JO)
Philippines (PH)
Taiwan (TW)
Japan (JP)
Hong Kong (HK)
Kenya (KE)
Cyprus (CY)
Malaysia (MY)
Singapore (SG)
Indonesia (ID)
Vietnam (VN)
Bangladesh (BD)
Luxembourg (LU)
Nepal (NP)
Argentina (AR)
Thailand (TH)
South Korea (KR)
Israel (IL)
United Arab Emirates (AE)

As of this time, they offer geo-targeting by cities and states in the US. They intend to support other cities and states in the future.

Usage examples for different countries

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

Getting proxies from a provider that doesn’t rely on the p2p network might be a good thing. In almost all proxy tests so far, the speed and latency were not breaking any records. Just as a reminder: the latency is the time it takes for the data to go to the server and back, while the speed is the amount of data that passes through the endpoint in a second.

Having DiviNetwork implemented, NetNut claims that the speed and ping test will provide better results. Let’s see them.

First, we did a controlled test on our VPS.

Speed test on VPS
Speed test on VPS without proxy
Speed tests with NetNutDetails of the speed test
IPs of Rotating ProxyUnloadedLoadedDownloadUpload (no proxy)2243.37233.17 80825979 146155514 28345236 31334036 32672828 76776.15.1

IP 1:

NetNut speed test ip1


IP 2:

NetNut speed test ip2

IP 3:

NetNut speed test ip3

IP 4:

NetNut speed test ip4

IP 5:

NetNut speed test ip5

IP 6:

NetNut speed test ip6

IP 7:

NetNut speed test ip7

IP 8:

NetNut speed test ip8

IP 9:

NetNut speed test ip9

IP 10:

NetNut speed test ip10

IP 11:

NetNut speed test ip11IP 12:

NetNut speed test ip12


The results are amazing. Only one proxy had latency over 100 ms; the rest were well below that mark. The speeds are also very good. Some of the other competitors of NetNut were barely able to provide speeds of several MBPS. Here we see speeds of over 50 MBPS, which is excellent.

Geolocation Test / ISP Test

We already mentioned that they don’t have residential proxies in every country in the world. Regardless of that, the proxies still need to be good and from locations where they claim they are. Having a bad proxy will cause problems when accessing geo-restricted content.

Let’s test NetNut proxies about their ISP, Are real the residential IPs of the proxies?

NetNut Proxies ISP Test Details of the ISP Test
IPs of Rotating Proxy Hostname/IP ISP/ASN Country Type AS22549 – TBDSL-01 United States Good IP (residential or business) AS13638 – METALINK United States Good IP (residential or business) AS14333 – ON-RAMP-INDIANA United States Good IP (residential or business) AS14333 – ON-RAMP-INDIANA United States Good IP (residential or business) AS63296 – AMARILLO-WIRELESS United States Good IP (residential or business) AS22549 – TBDSL-01 United States Good IP (residential or business) AS13638 – METALINK United States Good IP (residential or business) AS22549 – TBDSL-01 United States Good IP (residential or business) AS13638 – METALINK United States Good IP (residential or business) AS22549 – TBDSL-01 United States Good IP (residential or business) AS13638 – METALINK United States Good IP (residential or business) AS13638 – METALINK United States Good IP (residential or business)

IP 1:

NetNut isp test ip1

IP 2:

NetNut isp test ip2

IP 3:

NetNut isp test ip3

IP 4:

NetNut isp test ip4

IP 5:

NetNut isp test ip5

IP 6:

NetNut isp test ip6

IP 7:

NetNut isp test ip7

IP 8:

NetNut isp test ip8

IP 9:

NetNut isp test ip9

IP 10:

NetNut isp test ip10

IP 11:

NetNut isp test ip11

IP 12:

NetNut isp test ip12


The results shouldn’t be surprising. sells residential proxies, so all IPs should be good.

IP address compatibility Test

Having a good proxy doesn’t always mean that you’ll get access to certain websites. There are a lot of sites with strict rules for accessing them with a proxy, and they are good at discovering that. So, If you try to access them with a proxy, you will get blocked. To see how good NetNut proxies are, we put them to the test.

IPs of Rotating Proxy IG Pin TM CL Nike Adidas N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
*IG – Instagram, CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, TM – Ticketmaster

The first thing that you thought when you saw the results is that they don’t work with sneaker websites? That’s not true. NetNut has special endpoints for sneaker websites. As for the rest of the sites we tested, the results are exemplary.

We had no problem accessing any of the websites that we usually test. But when we test their proxies to access the Nike and Adidas, Show the HTTPS  error, so we can not test it on Nike and Adidas, We already report this to their support, should fix it soon.

Features of NetNut Proxy


As we mentioned previously, the advantage of DiviNetwork is that they get the proxy addresses directly from the ISPs. That provides better stability, reliability, and speeds

Website targeting

NetNut offers you to target specific websites for scraping. Unlike some of their competitors, they don’t charge extra for that.

7-day trial period

Unlike a lot of its competitors, NetNut offers a relatively long trial period. With that, you also get direct support from their team to help you set things up.

Realtime dashboard

Apart from the proxies you get from NetNut, You will get an account to get the traffic analytics and Report, which you can get your realtime updated statistics including total usage bandwidth, and request statistics, usage per country and your account information.

Bandwidth and requests statistics

How to use

Using NetNut’s proxies is not complicated at all. The dashboard is easy to get around, and you don’t get too many options that can be confusing. Most of what you see on the dashboard is statistics.

When you sign up for an account, you get the login credentials and a proxy port. That is all you will need to authenticate. The basic string for authentication with country geo-targeting is,

That will provide you with a US proxy address that will change every time you send out a request.

Netnut Rotation proxy gateway test to
Netnut‘s Rotation proxy gateway test to

Additionally, you can get a sticky IP address, but it might be a bit confusing because the string is different.

There are two parameters that you will need to add: “-s” and “!a”. The s parameter is for the server number and the “!a” parameter is for the sticky IP number. Before you begin, you will need to ask your account manager how many servers are in the specific location. For example, if the number of servers in the US is 100, that means that the “-s” parameter can go from 1 to 100. So this parameter will look like this:

The second parameter is the number of sticky IPs, “!a”. each server has 256 sticky IP addresses that you can use. That means that you can assign a number from 1 to 256.

A full string with both parameters applied would look like this,

username!a27:[email protected]:33128

Whenever you change the sticky IPs, make sure to randomize the server and IP number so that you don’t get an IP with the same prefix.

Netnut Sticky proxy gateway test to
Netnut‘s Sticky proxy gateway test to

How to authorize NetNut

Currently, NetNut offers only username and password authentication, and they are working on implementing authentication with whitelisted IPs.

You are only available to add sub-users if you have the reseller package. Otherwise, we already explained in the previous section how to authenticate with a username and password.

Our Editor’s Verdict

We are always happy to see a new company that brings a big change to the table. NetNut might not have millions of IP addresses, but the way that their network works give them an advantage.


Even though the authentication process is slightly more complicated than its competitors, NetNut is still a service that is very easy to use. The dashboard is simple, and once you get the hang of authentication strings, you will have no problem with them.


NetNut is not the cheapest proxy provider out there. They are in the top half of the pricing ladder. On the other hand, it might be worth to pay extra for getting a proxy network that seems to be working better than most others.


As we keep mentioning, the DiviNetworks is the one thing that makes NetNut unique and gives them an advantage over their competitors. A failure rate of less than 1% and IP addresses that are online 24/7 regardless if the user is online or not makes them pretty reliable.


Even though NetNut’s team will help you set everything up from the start, if you ever get stuck or need help, you have 24/7 support. You can contact them via email or Skype, and they will try to help you instantly.


NetNut is a company that shows the world that being new in the business doesn’t mean that you are bad. In over a year they have gotten over half a million IP addresses deployed through a network that has a lot of advantages over the standard p2p — one of the most important one being the speed and latency, which in NetNut’s case are excellent.


The support staff is always there to help if you get stuck. NetNut is one of the few providers that we warmly recommend. If you are still having doubts, give their proxies a 7-day test and see for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “NetNut Review”

  1. It took a proxy to work with payeer website. It’s long known to everyone, but unfortunately it’s blocked in USA. Picked up from the available proxies. Tried to register, at registration I was sent a confirmation email to my email, which never came up. I Skypeed them. To which they started asking a lot of questions:
    “Thanks for coming out.
     I’d like to ask a few questions before we move on to our conversation.

     _What are your main 1-3 target sites?
    _Have you ever used any other proxy provider? If yes, with whom and what’s your monthly average traffic? 
    _Which countries would you like the proxy IP location to be in?
    _How did you hear about NetNut? ”

    I said it was for payeer, and then they asked me what the site was. Guys, in the 21st century, they don’t know what kind of website. And they’ve got Google disabled))) Eventually, I explained what and why, and then I was turned down. When asked why rejection is ignored. We can only guess what kind of service it is and how it works. I do not advise you to waste time on this!

  2. From my experience with them for the past 7 months, they keep their IP pool clean so there are no IPs being blacklisted. That what’s keeps them rocking.

    Nowadays you can keep bouncing from one proxy provider to the other, looking for the best proxy pool where you know for sure you won’t get blocked.

    Take the other providers with instant dashboards, for example. They were working great until you got to the point where simple requests to the most generic websites got IP blocked, Just because most of the IPs were used for some “non-ethical” purposes and it affects the rest of the users who knows how to handle their proxies 😉

    So my advice: Better get to the right niche in order to get better proxies.

  3. I thought about switching to netnet because it is promising a lot.
    I wanted to contact them, but their support is basically unreachable. Then i checked out some reviews and found one from 2019 that said that 40% of the given IPs had problems connecting to cloudflare sites, which is not acceptable for me. The IP pool seems static (however huge), so it was too risky for me to pay the rather high price (in comparison to whats offered) and then risk on having an IP pool where half is unusable.

    So i have to test them first. When i requested a trial, i filled out the form with great details. It said i would get an email. Never received one. Contacted them on skype again. Finally got an answer after half a business day. It was a pre-written message that asked me the same questions that where in the request-trial form again. And they require an government issued id to provide a trial.
    You have to strip yourself naked for them, to get a trial, for proxies that you want to use to be anonymous in your scrapping. An Israeli company with no customer service.


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