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Trusted Proxies is a proxy provider with a focus on providing you the ultimate proxy experience for your SEO activities. Their tailored proxies and SEO tools are suitable for growing small businesses to established large businesses and everyone else with SEO needs. With reliable and fast servers, Trusted Proxies is a proxy service that you can trust easily.

Recommended for: SEO, Web scraping, Google Search Extracting, Online Marketing.

Proxy services have grown tremendously in recent years due to their demand in expanding online presence of businesses. Due to the study needed to be done on market, target group, products and competitors, it is often required to perform thousands of Google search actions or page visits, which can easily tip off the search provider to block your IP address in fear of fraud or spam activities.

Proxy services step in such cases to prevent the search engine from knowing that all the search requests are coming from the same location by masking the IP location with one of their own. Paired with bots, proxy services can enable you to get results faster and much more than that is possible without a proxy service.

While proxies can be used for many other tasks, some proxy providers offer proxies and tools especially catered for SEO activities. One such proxy provider that has made it to our list is Trusted Proxies. As we’re on a mission to help you find the suitable proxy for your needs and have been reviewing a long list of reliable proxy providers, we will be covering the review of Trusted Proxies in this article.

Trusted Proxies website homepage

To understand how Trusted Proxies perform, we purchased their Virtual Dedicated US V-Massively Parallel [V10] proxy package and put them through several tests to determine their speed, ping, location accuracy and compatibility issues as well as user experience

Before going forward with the details, here are the snippets of the pros and cons that we found.

  • The proxies offered are high anonymous.
  • Free trial for business users.
  • Seven days of money-back guarantee
  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.
  • Proxies are available from 11 countries in North America and Europe.
  • Both IP authorization and username- password verification method are available.
  • 24/7 customer service through live chat or email.
  • Much expensive than home use proxies.
  • Metered bandwidth.

Proxy types, features, and pricing

Trusted Proxies offer several types of proxy solutions targeted for businesses. Their parallel private proxies offer enterprise-grade proxy solutions, whereas geo-targeted proxy servers offer cheaper solutions for general usage.

Their proxies are categorized as dedicated and virtual-dedicated; virtual-dedicated proxies being suitable for manual usage in browsers whereas dedicated proxies are suitable for mass usage with bots. Their pricing plans vary depending on these types as well. You can find their full pricing plan on their website.

Pricing plans

Monthly pricing plans for US UK parallel private proxies

BTW, I buy thire Vitual dedicated proxies plan. That’s is their Regular Proxies. Trusted Proxies also provider the Big G Stealth Extractor to scrape Google at high spee! However the regular proxy server do not support that.

Big G sealth Extractor

Big G Stealth Extractor

The Big G Stealth Extractor to scrape Google at high speed. The Proxy Server Cloud to scrape non-search engine sites at high speed. Regular Proxy Servers.

The Big G is a tool developed in-house by trusted proxies, it’s not a large pool of Proxy Servers. And you connect to it in a similar way to that of one Proxy Server, but there the similarity ends. It basically accept your queries at up to 600 queries per minute, pass those to Google and return the results back to you.

It can only be used to scrape Google in a small number of locations; currently the US and UK with limited availability in France, Germany, and Australis, and that’s due to the complex hardware set-up that the servers need to employ. You can look at setting up servers in other locations if we can, though that may attract a set up/maintenance fee. The Big G can be used with software such as Rank Tracker and WebCEO, and can also be used with custom-built scraping software configured to our guidelines.

The Proxy Server Cloud

The Proxy Server Cloud looks similar to The Big G in that you point your queries to one hostname address, it can run at up to 600 queries per minute, we handle your queries from there and return your results back to you. However this uses a large pool of servers based throughout the US, and we rotate your queries around the pool.

Again it can be used with reliable software, such as WebHarvy, and we also accept custom-built software configured to our guidelines. Examples of popular purposes this is used for are scraping price date from Amazon and the likes of

Locations of proxy servers

Trusted Proxies have their own servers across 11 countries in USA and EU. With enterprise-grade security and fail-safe self-healing technology, their servers can ensure you a steady service.

With virtual geo-targeted proxies in over 80 countries and hundreds of subnets, you can use their geo-targeted proxies for diverse usages. Among the countries that house their servers are, USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy and Israel.

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

As we start our review, we perform several tests to determine the performance of the proxies, starting with one of the most important criteria while choosing proxy service – ping. Then follows the speed test, geo-location verification, and compatibility of websites. We discuss the test results in detail below.

List of proxies purchased from Trusted Proxies

Ping Test:

Ping is a networking utility that calculates the round-trip time it takes for a network request to reach the host server and return. In layman terms, it means that the lower the ping, the faster a connection is established, and you are delivered the content you requested. Ping lower than 20ms is considered very good, and if the ping is above 150ms, you will start facing noticeable lags while anything in between is good or acceptable.

To learn the different ping response to hosts across different countries, we used an online ping testing service that can check the ping time to different servers from different locations. Here we have shown our test result to three major locations for testing ping. The ping to the server is also included which determines the ping to the nearest server.

IPProxy locationPing by Speedtest.netPing from Georgia, USA (ms)Ping from London, UK (ms)Ping from Quebec, CA (ms)
(ms), USA157.888.622.8, USA144.891.120.4, USA4863111.424.1, USA2257.890.423, USA462.7114.924.1, USA462.6111.324.1, USA144.697.826.8, USA257.6107.221.3, USA563111.424.2, USA058.388.125.3

Speed Test:

There’s no denying that browsing speed is one of the key factors while choosing any ISP. However much your internet speed be, if the proxy server has a slow connection, your browsing speed will be bottlenecked by that. So, it is imperative that your chosen proxy provider has good connection speed. In this test, we verify exactly that.

We use the world’s leading internet speed detection website, to perform our test. The test yields an impressive result with 80% of the proxies having a download speed of more than 50 Mbps and the rest 20% having more than 20Mbps. The very high upload speed is also a plus point. Find our full test result below.

Speed tests with Proxy-SellerDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPing (MS)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)

Speed test without proxy:


Trusted Proxies ip vps system

IP 1: Proxies ip 1

IP 2: Proxies ip 2

IP 3: Proxies ip 3

IP 4: Proxies ip 4

IP 5: Proxies ip 5

IP 6: Proxies ip 6

IP 7: Proxies ip 7

IP 8: Proxies ip 8

IP 9: Proxies ip 9

IP 10: Proxies ip 10

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

We perform the geolocation test to see if the locations the proxy provider provides are diverse enough and if they provide sequential IPs. As we ordered US proxies from Trusted Proxies, the geolocation test we performed doesn’t do much good except for telling us the cities they are from.

All the proxies they gave us by default are from Illinois according to a geolocation testing website. The good thing is, although they’re from the same state, none of the IPs are sequential and part of different subnets, which is really appreciable.

IPs of proxies  IP2Location Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Enzu Inc ( Location: Pinellas Park, Florida, USA

ISP: Secure Dragon LLC.

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: QuadraNet Enterprises LLC

Organization: Secure Dragon LLC( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP:  Nexeon Technologies Inc.

Organization: Not Available

Location: West Chicago ,  Illinois, USA

ISP: New Continuum Holdings Corporation

Organization: Nexeon Technologies, Inc. ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago ,  Illinois, USA

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Enzu Inc ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Nexeon Technologies Inc.

Organization: Not Available

Location: West Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: New Continuum Holdings Corporation

Organization:  Nexeon Technologies, Inc. ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Nexeon Technologies Inc.

Organization: Not Available

Location: West Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: New Continuum Holdings Corporation

Organization:  Nexeon Technologies, Inc. ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: SharkTech

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Sharktech

Organization:  Appstractor-Corporation-(UK)-Ltd ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Host Virtual Inc

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: NetActuate, Inc

Organization: Host Virtual, Inc ( Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Nexeon Technologies Inc.

Organization: Not Available

Location: West  Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: New Continuum Holdings Corporation

Organization: Nexeon Technologies, Inc. ( Location: Isenburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Not Available

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

ISP: Enzu Inc

Organization: Enzu Inc (


The results should not surprise anyone. The trusted proxies provide the datacenter proxies, in general, are always good ISP! All of the tested IPs are good and No balklisted found!

IP address compatibility Test

We perform the IP Compatibility Test to get an idea of how restrictive a proxy provider is in terms of usability. Many providers restrict access to other websites except for the few websites a tailored package offers. This allows them to resell the same proxy IPs to different customers with different purposes but may result in a significant downgrade in performance.

To find out whether or not Trusted Proxies block access to major sites for using proxies, we put them through our IP compatibility Test. Having scored a perfect score, Trusted Proxies performed remarkably well. You can see the test result below.

IPs of proxies IG TW Pin YT AZ G Netflix CL Nike Adidas
Without proxy X X
*IG – instagram, TW – Twitter CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, TM – Ticketmaster

Features of Proxy-Seller

why trusted proxies

Highly anonymous proxies

Trusted Proxies offer very high-quality anonymous proxies suitable for good performance.

The proxies offered by Trusted Proxies are classified as high anonymous proxies so that the website that you browse will not receive your IP address. Instead of your IP address, a proxy IP address replaces your original IP in the HTTP forwarding header.

SEO tools

Proxies offered by Trusted Proxies are specifically tailored for SEO activities. They also offer several SEO tools that make your life even easier.

The Big G Stealth Extractor, for example, can extract search results from Google of up to 600 results per minute, which is remarkable compared to general proxies.

Enterprise-grade service

The servers of Trusted Proxies are protected with enterprise-grade security with a high bandwidth connection. They also provide 24/7 customer support for all your technical needs to keep your business going smoothly.

Self-Healing Servers

Another advanced feature of Trusted Proxies is that they offer technology that they call ‘Self-healing’ servers. In this method, you are provided a list of hostnames instead of proxy IP addresses.

In case of any IP change or server failures, they quickly replace the proxy IPs behind the hostnames, so that the hostnames remains the same, but IPs are refreshed. This means that you don’t experience any server issues for an extended duration and don’t need to update proxy IPs every so often.

IP and Username authorization

A very useful feature of Trusted Proxies is that they let you receive authorization to access the proxies by both IP authorization and Username-Password verification. Since both methods are equally helpful for different usage types, it is great to have both options available.

Username-password verification is easier when you need to use multiple login sessions from different networks very frequently or if you have a dynamic IP address. On the other hand, when all the devices are on the same network, authorizing the IP for the network is of much less hassle.


Trusted Proxies are one of the very few proxy providers who offer configurable APIs. APIs are much helpful if you have scripting knowledge and lets you automatize many of the tasks. You can integrate the proxies to the bots using the APIs so that the bot is always updated with proxies.

Trusted Proxies API

You can now use Trusted Proxies API in the following ways:

a) Retrieve the list of proxy servers configured in your account along with the associated country.

i. action = listproxy, subaction = ip | dns

If you choose “ip” as a subaction, it will output the list of proxies along with their IP addresses. Similarly, if you choose “dns” as a subaction, the API will output the list of proxies along with their DNS names.

b) Retrieve the list of whitelisted Customer Static IP addresses.

i. action = setmyip, subaction = list

If you choose “list” as a subaction, the API will output the list of whitelisted IP addresses in the customer account.

c) Set Whitelisted IP Addresses.

i. action = setmyip, subaction = deleteandadd, staticip =

If you choose “deleteandadd” subaction with comma separated list of static IPs, the API will set those IPs to the whitelist of the customer account.

d) Rotate IP for Cloud Rotator.

i. action = cloudrotate, iporname = IP address or DNS name (FQDN) of your Cloud Rotator

Please find below the details of the API and PHP examples on how you can call the API from your code.


2. Set $postfields array with the appropriate Trusted Proxies username and password. Please refer to the email that you received while you signed up for our service.

3. The API call only supports the POST method.

4. The API returns the json data which can be decoded as appropriate.

A sample:

  $url = ""; # URL to TrustedProxies API goes here
 $postfields = array();
 $postfields["username"] = "your username"; #Trusted Proxies Username
 $postfields["password"] = "your password"; #Trusted Proxies Password
 $postfields["action"] = "listproxy";
 $postfields["subaction"] = "dns";
 $query_string = "";
 foreach ($postfields AS $k=>$v) $query_string .= "$k=".urlencode($v)."&";

 $ch = curl_init();
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 30);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $query_string);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0);
 curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0);
 $jsondata = curl_exec($ch);
 if (curl_error($ch)) die("Connection Error: ".curl_errno($ch).' - '.curl_error($ch));
//echo $jsondata;
 $arr = json_decode($jsondata); # Decode JSON String
 print_r($arr); # Output

Payment options

Trusted Proxies offer a variety of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal, which enables you to pay the subscription fees with your convenient method.

How to use

Signing Up for Trusted Proxies

One of the most noteworthy features of Trusted Proxies is that they offer a 7-days trial period for you to test out their proxies if they work for your needs. You can di

It might not be quite intuitive for many people to find the purchase page. But it’s right there on the landing page of Trusted Proxies. Find the ‘Pricing’ link at the middle of the page and click on the pricing on the next page, which will take you straight to the checkout page.

Buying proxies from Trusted Proxies

How to install/use

As we noted previously, Trusted Proxies lets you choose between IP authorization and username-password authentication. This can be changed anytime according to your preference, from a very well managed control panel with lots of customizable options.


Whitelisting IPs

If you want to configure the proxies to use in your browser, simply go to the network settings section of the browser’s options. Enable the proxy and enter the IPs provided by Trusted Proxies. If you have set up username and password authentication, you may be asked for the login credentials while setting up proxies. This is not required if you have your IPs whitelisted in the control panel of Trusted Proxies.

If you use bots to automate your tasks, the API provided by Trusted Proxies is of great help as you can pull much information through the API. This makes your tasks much hassle free and saves time as well.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Trusted Proxies is the kind of proxy provider that gains your trust easily as you start using it. If you own a business that requires a high volume of data scraping and other sorts of SEO activities, Trusted Proxies have your back with their enterprise-grade proxy solution. By using their extractor tools, you can reduce the cost of proxies significantly.


After using the proxy solution provided by Trusted Proxies extensively, we can recommend their service for their professional and reliable service. They should focus on making their service a bit more intuitive and also work on the user experience. Their pricing is also quite high, and we’d like to see them worked upon. Let us know if you trust Trusted Proxies with your proxy needs.

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