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Proxy-n-VPN is offering private proxy service suitable for general purpose as well as for specialized cases. You can use their proxies to access any sites as well as ticketing, coping sneakers or web-scraping. Their proxies support Craigslist ad posting.

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One of the most important things in many online businesses nowadays is to have a proxy service subscription. A proxy service lets the business access different sites for marketing, advertising, shopping, and many other sectors. which often do not allow multiple accounts for an IP.

There are many proxy services currently in operation now and to help you find the best suitable one for you, we have come up with this series of reviews of different proxy services. In this review article, we discuss the positive and negative aspects of the popular proxy service ‘Proxy-n-VPN.’

Proxy-n-VPN website homepage

Founded in 2012, Proxy-n-VPN is one of the proxy providers who provide VPN service as well. With the motto of ‘protecting the online privacy and security of its users,’ Proxy-n-VPN offers highly anonymous dedicated proxies and secure VPNs that come with many other features.

Although Proxy-n-VPN offers both proxies and VPNs, our review series is especially focused on proxies – private proxies, to be more specific. So, we’ll only cover the review of private proxy service provided by Proxy-n-VPN in this article.

To carry out this review and understand the overall performance and user experience of ‘Proxy-n-VPN,’ we purchased a package of 10 private proxies from them. The proxies were bought solely for review purpose, and there is no affiliation with ‘Proxy-n-VPN.’ After using the proxies for over a week, we have found some features of the service that we liked very much while some aspects also came to our attention which did not impress us at all.

  • Fast and dedicated high anonymity HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
  • Diverse packages of private proxies, ranging from a single proxy to up to 1000 proxies with dedicated proxy plans for Instagram, Craigslist, Ticketmaster, Gaming, and Shopping.
  • Competitive pricing plans.
  • More than 30 datacenters located in the USA and Europe.
  • Both IP authorization and username-password authorization are supported.
  • Dedicated control panel for managing proxies.
  • Proxies are delivered immediately after payment.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Payment via credit cards is accepted as well as PayPal.
  • Does not offer SOCKS proxies
  • Does not let users have trial usage before buying proxies.
  • of locations for the packages is not disclosed.
  • The refund policy is not user-friendly.
  • Specific locations cannot be obtained.
  • Does not allow custom packages.
  • Does not disclose the number of locations in a package.

Proxy-n-VPN Types and Pricing

As mentioned earlier, Proxy-n-VPN offers both proxies and VPNs. They also have both shared and private proxy packages. They offer some specialized packages too for specific purposes such as Instagram, Craigslist, Gaming, Ticketmaster and Shopping. Other than these websites, their general-purpose private proxies work very well across the internet.

Pricing plans of ‘Proxy-n-VPN’

The pricing structure of Proxy-n-VPN is excellent and is user-friendly. Unlike many proxy services out there who do not offer single proxies, Proxy-n-VPN lets you buy a single proxy for only USD 2.35. They have other packages as well, ranging from small to medium to large. You can buy up to 1000 proxies for a price tag of USD 1390, which compared to some other services, is very inexpensive. The pricing plans of the proxy packages offered by Proxy-n-VPN is given below (as of October 2018).

Private Proxies PackagesInstagram Proxies PackagesCraigslist Proxies PackagesTicketing Proxies PackagesGaming Proxies PackagesShopping Proxies Packages
No. of IPsPrice (USD) (Billed monthly)Price per Proxy
1000$1,390.00 $1.39
No. of IPsPrice (USD) (Billed monthly)Price per Proxy
No. of IPsPrice (USD) (Billed monthly)Price per Proxy
Gaming Proxies Pricing Plan

Shopping Proxies Pricing Plans
proxies for Ticketing sites

Locations of proxy servers

Although Proxy-n-VPN boasts a total of 30 data centers in the USA and Europe, they are mostly located in the USA. They don’t mention the number of locations given in each proxy packages in their pricing plan or features description. However, we received proxies in two different cities in Europe while the rest of the IPs among the 10 private proxies were located in the USA, which is pretty standard.

They list all of their data centers with hardware configurations and server status on a page on their website. There is an interactive map too, which shows the servers at that location and their details.

Proxy Server Locations of Proxy-n-VPN

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

To perform a series of tests, we purchased ten IG proxies from ‘Proxy-n-VPN.’ Four standalone tests were carried out on the proxies to find out how the service performs.

my proxies of proxy-n-vpn
My proxies of proxy-n-vpn (10 instagram Private Proxies cost me $27)

Ping Test:

Among the tests, the first was to test the network latency. We used to check the ping of the proxies in prominent locations in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Depending on the distance from the ping servers, the latency varies. This gives us an idea of what the ping would be if the servers of the target website are located near these places. The test results are not particularly impressive, as many of the proxies have a ping higher than 50ms. You can see the test results below.

IPLocation Provided by Proxy-n-VPNPing from Georgia, USA (ms)Ping from London, UK (ms)Ping from Quebec, CA (ms) Angeles0.7134.881 Jose8.3150.777.6

Speed Test:

The second test that we performed on Proxy-n-VPN was a speed test. Although speed is not significant for many businesses, some businesses require many concurrent connections which may slow down a connection speed if the proxy server does not have good internet connection speed.

Proxy-n-VPN claims that their data centers are equipped with 1000Mbps internet connection which is pretty impressive. We tested the speed of the proxies using our own moderately fast connection speed of 52.13 Mbps.

Speed test without proxy on VPS

But, the highest speed after using the proxies dropped to only 2 Mbps, which is not good at all. We can safely say that the service doesn’t pass the speed test.

The proxy speed is very low and will definitely cause jitter even in your daily web browsing. Some businesses might find this okay with their work, but most will not.

Speed tests with Proxy-N-VPN's ProxiesDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
IP- Speed test
IP- Speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- Speed test
IP- Speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test
IP- speed test

And you can compare their proxy speed to other dedicated datacenter proxies like Stormproxies, Highproxies, MPP proxies and YPP proxies.

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

Our geolocation test was carried out to verify if the proxies provided by Proxy-n-VPN can really mask our location with their server location. In this test, Proxy-n-VPN passed with flying colors. For each proxy IPs, at least one of the two testing websites showed the same location as provided by ‘Proxy-n-VPN.’

We also confirmed that they provided us 2 European proxies and 8 USA proxies in our ten private proxies package. The eight proxies located in the USA were also distributed in 6 states, so the IPs were non-sequential which is a huge plus.

The full details of the geolocation test of Proxy-n-VPN that we performed are given here.

IP Location Provided by Proxy-n-VPN  Data from IP2Location Data

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
ISP: Yeah Local/Not Available
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
ISP: QuickPacket, LLC

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Location:  Buffalo, New York, USA
ISP:  PNV GROUP Ltd/ Not Available
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
ISP: ColoCrossing

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Location:  Buffalo, New York, USA
ISP:  PNV GROUP Ltd/ Not Available
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
ISP: ColoCrossing

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
ISP:  PNV GROUP Ltd, Not Available
Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
ISP: ColoCrossing London, Greater London, Great Britain. Location: London, England, UK
ISP:  UK Dedicated Servers Limited/ Not Available
Location: London, England, UK
ISP: UK Dedicated Servers Limited Los Angeles, California, USA Location:  La Jolla, California, USA
ISP:  H4Y Technologies LLC/Not Available
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
ISP: Cogeco Peer 1/  H4Y Technologies LLC Paris, Ilede France, France Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France
ISP:  Calum Davidson/  Not Available
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
ISP: M247 Ltd San Jose, California, USA Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
ISP:  PNV GROUP Ltd/Not Available
Location: San Jose, California, USA
ISP: ColoCrossing

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Location:  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
ISP: DC/Not Available  
Location:   Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
ISP: Centrilogic, Inc. Miami, Florida, USA Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ISP:  Host Wagon LLC/Not Available
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
ISP: QuickPacket LLC/Host Wagon LLC

IP address compatibility Test

We also tested whether the general-purpose private proxy packages can access some high demand sites such as social media sites, Amazon, craigslist, sneakers sites, etc. Many websites, for which Proxy-n-VPN has dedicated proxies, are pre-blocked by the proxy server.

So, the general-purpose proxies cannot access sites such as Craigslist, Nike, Adidas etc. However, we found that most other sites are accessible easily. Proxy-n-VPN has dedicated packages for Craigslist and Sneakers sites, so if you want to access the sites, you can buy those packages.

IPs of proxies






































*IG – instagram, TW – Twitter, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, , TM – Ticketmaster, G – Google, CL – Craigslist

Features of

Proxy refreshing

Proxy-n-VPN lets users request for a reshuffle of the proxies. You can request for a refresh of proxies by going to the proxy control panel and then filling the Proxies Change Form. If eligible for new proxies, you will be issued new proxies within minutes. However, there is no auto proxy refreshing each month.

Proxy change request

Dual authentication method

Proxy-n-VPN supports dual authentication method for its proxies. For IP authentication, you’ll need to authorize your current IP on the Proxy-n-VPN control panel to be able to use the proxies.

For username-based authentication, you don’t need to make any change to the control panel. But in both cases, you’ll need to configure the proxies on the browser/application. The list of proxies can be downloaded in IP:Port:username:password format, which is very helpful since most applications use this format while adding bulk proxies.

3-days refund policy

Proxy-n-VPN does not let you try their proxies for free before you buy. Instead, they have a refund policy. You can get a refund of your purchase if you have not used the proxies.

The catch is, if you have used the proxies after purchasing and then found out that they are not a good suit for you, you will not get a refund. This is admittedly not a good refund policy and does not keep users in mind.

BTW, Squidproxies is also offering 3-days money-back guarantee.

US and EU Locations

Proxy-n-VPN has a total of around 30 proxy servers in the USA and Europe, 3 of which are in the UK and France. The USA proxies are distributed across 20 states, covering almost all of the country. Their servers are highly equipped as well. However, they don’t mention if it’s possible to get proxies from specific locations after purchase.

High Configuration Servers

The server configurations of Proxy-n-VPN are quite impressive and especially suitable for as proxy servers. Paired with server grade processor and RAM, they also have a high-speed internet connection for a flawless browsing experience.

Server configurations of ‘Proxy-n-VPN’

Does Their Proxies easy to use?

Signing Up for Proxy-n-vpn

Signing up for Proxy-n-VPN is very easy. You can easily find the list of packages offered by Proxy-n-VPN on their homepage and from the navigation menu. After choosing a particular package, you can checkout easily by filling up a form. You will receive the proxies instantly which are usable as soon as you are ready. Proxy-n-VPN accepts payment via PayPal and Credit Cards (via 2checkout).

How to buy 10 IG proxies
How to buy 10 IG proxies

How to authorize/use Proxy-n-VPN’s Proxies

It is possible to choose either IP authorization or username authentication easily from the control panel. For IP authentication, a maximum of 3 IPs can be authorized at a time, which we believe may be insufficient for many.

How to authorize IPs

Irrespective of the authentication method, the proxy network configuration settings are the same. The proxy settings are usually found inside the settings of the internet application.

Add the proxy IP and port number given by Proxy-n-VPN under the manual proxy configuration. For username authentication, you’ll need to enter your username and password, whereas, for IP authentication, you’ll need to authorize your IP address in the control panel. You can also use your smartphone to use the proxy. The settings to configure proxies is found inside the Wifi settings.

Our Editor’s Verdict

After our thorough test of ‘Proxy-n-VPN,’ we cannot say we are absolutely satisfied with their service. It did not perform well in our ping and speed test but passed marginally in the geolocations test and IP compatibility test.


The lack of choosing specific locations, custom package plans and unfriendly refund-policy may not be well suited for many. Although Proxy-n-VPN has been around for quite some time now, they need to update some of their critical services which will only help them in the long term.

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 3 reviews
by Marg on Proxy-n-VPN

I have been using proxy-n-vpn for over 3 months now, and their services are great. The private proxies are fast and they work without any issues. There is no reason I should switch to other companies. Thank you!

by Adam Nemanja on Proxy-n-VPN

I am with Proxy-N-Vpn for almost 8 months and I never had any issue with them.
I was blown away when I ran a speed test and saw that the up/down speeds are identical to my main Internet connection – virtually no difference whatsoever. Having dealt with super-slow proxies in the past, I really appreciate how much more enjoyable it’s going to be to work with this one. Can’t recommend enough.

by theHeavyProxyUser on Proxy-n-VPN

Horrible support!

I am in this kind of business for nearly a decade, been with Proxy and Vpn almost since their birth, when they were still promoting themselves on forums. Technically I would give them 9/10, but in terms of support - 0!

1. Proxies stop working, no response overnight
2. When you pay your invoice, you must tell them you have paid in order to avoid stop of service (and yes, they did cut off my proxies, despite being paid!). On top of that, imagine, you can even not write them an email, you must login in the website, open a ticket, and city the PayPal transaction id. Every time you pay. To avoid your service being shut down.
3. The support is *extremely* inadequate, they can not understand basic explanations and have a normal conversation. I spent a few months trying to explain them they have issued me wrong invoices and that I need to fix them in order to avoid accountant problems. They did not understand that, different people were rotating on the other side of the ticket system, I had to reexplain everything over and over again, and eventually I gave up! So many times writing the same thing, so many times trying to explain a matter, which could be solved in 15 mins in every normal company.

If you have another technically reliable option, stay away from them!!!

I am giving them 3 stars only because I know there are really few providers with good proxy quality tech-wise.

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