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Living in an age where proxies are very popular can be problematic. There are countless available providers, so choosing the right one can be a struggle. We aim to review as many as possible, and today, we’ll look at Proxyware.

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Whenever we talk about certain services, we emphasize that you need to go for reputable names. It doesn’t matter if you need to use a service for a personal or business-related task; you’ll want a service that can deliver on its promises.

We rely on various types of services, and considering what kind of site this is, you have an idea of what we’ll be talking about today. Proxies have become essential to many people’s internet adventures, so we often say getting a good set is important.

The popularity of proxies meant that more and more companies would join this niche, which is a good and bad thing. Having more companies means you have more choices about which one to go for, but it also means that you’ll struggle to decide which option is better.

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Going from some of the prominent names in the industry is a safe option. They have proven themselves over and over again, so you can be sure that things will be running as smoothly as possible. What about the lesser-known providers? Ones like Proxyware. Homepage

Unlike many of the names we already know in this industry, Proxyware is a newcomer. The company was founded in 2023 in Paris, France, so it’s still in its infancy. Despite that, it offers everything you’d need from a proxy provider. It ticks many of the right boxes we look for when we need proxies.

  • Multiple available products
  • Affordable
  • Available refund
  • Option to ask for a custom order
  • Not a lot of information about the pool size and list of locations
  • No free trial

Features Features

We mentioned that Proxyware is a relatively new provider, and most of them start with few features. Fortunately for this one, it offers all the bells and whistles you expect from a provider, at least in terms of the basic ones.

Several product options

One of the many things we praise with some providers is the option to get multiple products from a single company. This is a good way to have everything in one place in case you need multiple types of proxies. Proxyware follows this trend and offers multiple types of IP addresses. You can choose between residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, with the option to choose between the standard and static residential proxies.


Whenever a new company comes to a market filled with prominent names, it needs to offer something that will get people interested. Regarding Proxyware, among the several features that should get people interested, we have affordability. In an industry filled with expensive proxies, people who are on a budget may want to get something cheaper. Naturally, there may be some compromises, but as long as the services deliver fundamentally, people will be fine with it.


There are countless situations where you may run into CAPTCHAs, which can be avoided using good proxies. Luckily, the ones from Proxyware are an excellent option. They are clean and not flagged, meaning you won’t run into this issue most of the time. To be fair, even the team admits that a CAPTCHA may be inevitable, but in most situations, you won’t have to deal with that.

API implementation

Using proxies isn’t all about setting them up on your browser and be done with it. There are some use cases where you may need to use proxies in a certain application, which is where the Proxyware API comes into play. Thanks to this feature, you can integrate the API into any app you use and get the most out of the proxies this provider offers.

Fast Proxies

One of the many several crucial aspects of a proxy provider is speed. Proxyware claims to have fast proxies, and there is some truth to that, but let us explain. Residential and mobile proxies are good with speeds, but there’s no way to tell how fast or slow each IP will be. Companies that make these claims usually refer to the datacenter proxies. In most cases, they come from servers connected to gigabit speeds, so you won’t notice any issues in terms of speed and latency.

24/7 Live Support Support

In many cases, using proxies is a pretty straightforward experience, and people have no issues. Unfortunately, things aren’t always smooth, so you’ll need to ask for some help. With any proxy provider, the main source of help is the support staff, something you may need to rely on. With Proxyware, you’re looking at 24/7 live support, something that we don’t see with rivals that have been on the market for a lot longer.

Locations and pool size Locations

When it comes to pool size and locations, we feel like Proxyware still has room to grow. The entire list of locations isn’t outlined on the website except for a handful of countries, covering popular locations from America, Europe, and Asia. It’s not spectacular, but unless you need something specific, this will do the job just fine.

As for pool size, since we don’t know which countries are available, we’ll have to go off what it says on the website. Looking at the numbers, those handful of countries have a little under 2 million IP addresses, which isn’t too bad considering that this provider still hasn’t celebrated its first birthday.

Proxyware claims to have global coverage, so we hope that we get a chance to test this out.

Pricing Pricing

Many of the proxy providers we looked at had some pricing structure with multiple packages depending on the set of features. With Proxyware, things are simpler. Each type of proxy has one package that you can tweak based on what you need to get.

The mobile proxies come at a price of 77 euros per month, offering high-quality IP addresses that are guaranteed to be clean and trusted. With these proxies, you have the option to use the IP rotation feature, thanks to Proxyware’s API. The delivery is instant with no setup fees, and you’re looking at speeds of up to 15 Mbps, which is pretty decent for this kind of proxy.

Next, we have the static residential proxies starting from 4 euros per month. These are IP addresses from real connections, meaning that you’re looking at a similar experience as the mobile ones. Websites and services will look at these as real people and not a proxy. As for the features, similar to the previous ones, there are no setup fees, and you get to use them instantly. The best part is that these are dedicated proxies, meaning you’re the only one to use them.

Finally, we have the datacenter proxies. These start from 1 euro per month and are the option you’ll be looking at if you need proxies for some projects where high speed is crucial. Similar to the residential proxies, these are dedicated, so you won’t have to share them with anyone else. Proxyware claims to have global coverage, but as we mentioned, not having a list of locations is something people should take with a grain of salt.

The last option available with Proxyware is the custom order. This provider offers you the option to reach out to the team and ask for a package tailored to your needs. Naturally, the price of the package will depend on what you need, which is why you’ll get a quote.


Q. How long is the refund period?

Whenever you have a provider that doesn’t offer a free trial, you rely on a refund policy. Fortunately, Proxyware has one, but unfortunately, it doesn’t give you a lot of time. You have 48 hours to request a refund form when you place the order.

Q. Which payment methods are available with Proxyware?

Having flexible payment options is a big plus with any service, and Proxyware doesn’t lack them. The company accepts credit card payments, as well as several money-sharing services. Alternatively, you can also pay using cryptocurrencies.

Q. What can I use the proxies from Proxyware for?

Being a provider with multiple proxy types means that there are multiple use-case scenarios for the proxies. Since Proxyware offers all 3 types of proxies, it means that you can use them for anything. This ranges from browsing or streaming to scraping or SEO.


When it comes to getting proxies, we often recommend going for prominent names in the field. This is a bit unfair because many smaller names show some potential and are worth giving them a chance. One of those smaller names is Proxyware.

The company has been around for less than a year, but it still seems to offer a lot, at least in some areas. We’re talking about the available products, and with this company, you’re looking at datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies, which is what many of its popular competitors offer.

One thing that this company has going in its favor is the affordability. When compared with the larger names in this niche, you’re looking at lower proices than a good amount of its rivals. This is good, but it also means that this provider may lack in some areas.

The biggest complaint is the lack of information about the size of the pool and the full list of locations. There is some info about a few countries and all you have to go on. To be fair, it’s not too bad, and with almost 2 million IP addresses in several countries, it’s a good sign.

In a worst-case scenario, you can purchase a package and ask for a refund in case the proxies don’t perform as you thought they would. You have to rely on this because the company doesn’t offer a free trial.

Overall, Proxyware is a provider that seems to do some things right. Multiple products at an affordable price is what most people would like to have. Sure, there are some downsides, but considering everything, this may not be such a bad option. You can at least give it a chance and see if it works for you.

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