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Webshare is not one of the big players of the proxy industry but have become quite popular since they launched their proxy services 3 years ago. What surprises the proxy clients the most is the price of the proxies that Webshare is providing on their website.

Not only that these proxies are cheap, they are capable of handling very high internet speeds and do not bottleneck internet speed as compared to various other proxy providers. Since these proxies are very fast, they are great for surfing the internet anonymously, Accessing geo-blocked websites and data Scraping!

Recommended for: Datacenter proxies for Web Scraping.

In the competitive world that we live in, We always have to a step ahead of our rivals and competitors. Businesses are run using specific strategies, and although it may not seem like it, these little strategies make a lot of difference in the end results of your business products. Using social media, We can attract hundreds of thousands of customers using intimidating ads that pop-up on your profiles.

Optimizing your website can bring about a change in the way your business products interact with the customers. But what is the most important thing in applying these strategies which boost your sales? Proxies. They have become an essential part of the internet, which we can use for endless benefits. However, there are so many proxy selling services on the internet with so many false claims that it’s getting harder for people to choose the best proxies for themselves.

That is where we come in. In our review series, We will review various proxy selling services on the internet for the sole purpose of helping the people in choosing the best service for themselves.

Since Webshare has become seemingly prominent in the “Cheap” category of the proxy industry, We decided to review them to verify their claims and see how good or bad they are.

At a quick glance, Their website has a very user-friendly interactive interface, and any user can easily find their way around the website. Moreover, The sign-up process is undeniably easy, which makes using their proxies much more comfortable for most users on the internet.

Webshare proxies review

To give an in-depth Review about this particular proxy selling service, We used one of their plans and thoroughly experimented on 10 Proxies. This gave us a brief overview of the proxy quality and the credibility of service itself.

webshare proxy service

  • 5000 Free “private” Proxies on Signup
  • Dual Authentication Method
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Affordable Packages
  • Instant Proxy Delivery
  • Easy Signup Process
  • Higher pings than normal
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Limited Request Threads
  • No Specific Proxies
  • Lesser Locations

Proxy types, features, and pricing

With a limited amount of bandwidth and Threads, Webshare provides you with a lot of datacenter proxies at the cheapest rates.

These proxies are called private proxies, Actually, it should be the shared proxies that much cheaper, which means that you and only you will have access to these proxies. Hence your IP will not get flagged or blocked from websites because of misuse by other people since only you can use the proxy.

For this review, we signed up on their website and took account of all the proxy packages that Webshare is providing. Note that these proxies are HTTP/HTTPs proxies and currently they do not provide Socks5 proxies.

By carefully observing these proxy packages, It’s safe to say that Webshare really does provide the cheapest rates of proxies on the internet. We compiled all these different packages in a data table which can be seen as follows.

pricing of webshare proxies

Starter Plan

PackageBandwidthMaximum ThreadsPrice / Month
4000+ Proxies50 GB1000$4
4000+ Proxies250 GB1000$10
4000+ Proxies500 GB1000$20
4000+ Proxies1000 GB1000$40
4000+ Proxies2000 GB1000$70
4000+ Proxies5000 GB1000$140

Standard Plan

PackageBandwidthMaximum ThreadsPrice / Month
4000+ Proxies250 GB2000$15
4000+ Proxies500 GB2000$30
4000+ Proxies1000 GB2000$60
4000+ Proxies2000 GB2000$105
4000+ Proxies5000 GB2000$210
4000+ Proxies1000 GB2000$300

Professional Plan

PackageBandwidthMaximum ThreadsPrice / Month
4000+ Proxies1000 GB10000+$80
4000+ Proxies2000 GB10000+$140
4000+ Proxies5000 GB10000+$280
4000+ Proxies10000 GB10000+$334
4000+ Proxies20000 GB10000+$500
4000+ Proxies50000 GB10000+$834

Locations of proxy servers

The number of locations that Webshare is providing is not a lot, That is, When we compare it to other proxy selling services. They have proxy servers in 10 different locations which are given in the table as follows ;

South Africa
United Kingdom

If you want to check out these locations for yourself, Check out their website at https://proxy.webshare.io/locations/

Webshare proxy location map

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

To fully review these proxies, We conducted several tests on 10 of the proxies that we bought from Webshare. Among these tests are – ping test, speed test, geo-location test, and IP compatibility test. You can find details on our tests on the following sections.

Ping Test:

The first test that we performed on the proxies was a ping test. To check the quality of the proxies, How fast they are and how far the servers are located, the Ping test can unveil many factors such as stated above. By pinging these proxies, We can check the server response time and the delay in the response.

In a nutshell, Higher ping means lower response time, higher delay time, and Vice Versa. We used the popular internet service https://speedtest.net. This service calculates ping by connecting to the nearest server possible, providing the least possible ping. The results of the ping test of each of the proxy were comprised in the form of a table as shown below!

Proxy IPPing
Without Proxy2 ms ms ms ms ms ms ms

Pings which are lower than 100ms are impressive. Higher pings can cause jittering, Hiccups, which lead to slow browsing speed and can seemingly destroy your gaming experience. However, Pings mostly depends on how far you actually are from the proxy server. If you’re present thousands of miles away from the proxy servers, High ping is inevitable.

The ping test result of Webshare proxies was very moderate. Some proxies pinged as high as 281ms while some as low as 174 ms.

Speed Test:

The next test we performed on the proxies was to check the connection speed. This gave us an overview of the proxy speed and the best scopes of applications for the proxies. We used the world’s most popular network testing tool, speedtest.net to determine the upload and download speed for the proxies.

It is one of the most trusted speed calculating online apps and has been widely used all around the world. We used this to check the connection speed of the proxies we bought.

Our test results showed that this 80 % of the proxies enhanced the download speed of the proxies, while one proxy IP showed ultra high speed capping a download speed of 120.05 Mbps. We took a speed test beforehand without using any proxy just to have something to compare the test results to.

Speed without proxy

Speed tests with Proxy-SellerDetails of the speed test
Proxy IPPingDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Without Proxy2 ms35.46387.24 ms51.221.98 ms26.711.63 ms16.591.64 ms46.812.83 ms3.082.56 ms120.057.71

IP 1: ip 1

IP 2: ip 2

IP 3: ip 3

IP 4: ip 4

IP 5: ip 5

IP 6:

Webshare ip 6

IP 7: ip 7

IP 8: ip 8

IP 9: ip 9

IP 10: ip 10

Geolocation Test / ISP Test

One of the many reasons to why we use proxies in the first place is to change our IP address to some other location for different purposes like Surfing the web anonymously or accessing a website which is accessible only from a specific region of the world.

Whatever your reasons for using a proxy might me, It is mandatory that they proxies you are buying have the server location which you desire. Otherwise, there is no point in buying a proxy in the first place if you’re not getting the proxy location that you need. We used two different websites to check the location of these proxies to minimize the errors.

We performed this location test using two different websites, and the locations of these proxies were the same as mentioned on Webshare. The following are the Geolocation test results of all the proxies combined into tabular form.

IPs of proxies IP2Location ipinfo.io

Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

ISP: Not Available, Nine Pixels

Location: London, London, City of, United Kingdom

ISP:AT&T Services, Inc. (att.com), LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy

ISP: UpSpirit LLCNot Available

Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy


ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V.,LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: Natalia,Texas,United States

ISP: Masstroielit LLC/Not Available

Location: Seattle,Washington,United States

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V./LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: Amsterdam,Noord-Holland,Netherlands

ISP: Probity Ltd/Not Available

Location: Warsaw,Mazowieckie,Poland

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V./Probity Ltd (probity.com) Location: Stockholm,Stockholms lan,Sweden

ISP: Teamzen Ltd/Not Available

Location: Stockholm,Stockholms Lan,Sweden

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V./LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: Amsterdam,Noord-Holland,Netherlands

ISP: YaiSales Ltd/Not Available

Location: Not Available,Not Available,Netherlands

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V./LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: London,England,United Kingdom

ISP: KPK Kreditny Soyuz / Not Available

Location: Seattle,Washington,United States

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. / LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: Netherlands

ISP: RabbitsPowerX LLC/Not Available

Location: Not Available,Not Available,France

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. / LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (leaseweb.com) Location: Amsterdam,Noord-Holland,Netherlands

ISP: RapidSeedbox Ltd / Not Available

Location: Amsterdam,Noord-Holland,Netherlands

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. / RapidSeedbox Ltd (rapidseedbox.com) Location: Strasbourg,Grand-Est,France

ISP: RapidSeedbox Ltd / Not Available

Location: Not Available,Not Available,Netherlands

ISP: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. / Jason (jasoninc.com)

As seen above, The IP’s are non-sequential which is an added plus. However, All of the proxies given above belong to the same ISP as displayed by ipinfo.io. This means that the IP’s may as well be of the same subnet as well.

IP address compatibility Test

This is the last test that we performed on the proxies, but it was also one of the most important tests on the proxies as well. In this test, We check the compatibility of the proxies as we use it to access different popular websites on the internet. Why do we perform this test?

Well, It is very common among the proxy selling services to give out used and blocked proxies which do not work on different websites. Moreover, some providers restrict access to some websites to promote their specialized packages for the sites. To check if Webshare gave out some Broken proxies, We performed the test on their proxies as well!

By the test results, We noticed that some of the proxies were not able to access many of the websites, which means that these proxies are either blocked or flagged by many popular websites and are hence used. Although most of the proxies were able to access most of the websites, The failure of quite a few other proxies subsequently lowered our trust factor on Webshare.

If you’re plan to use their proxies for instagram automation, 100% avoid it.

IPs of proxies IG TW Pin YT AZ G Netflix CL Nike Adidas X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
*IG – instagram, TW – Twitter CL – Craigslist, Pin – Pinterest, YT – YouTube, AZ -Amazon, G – Google, TM – Ticketmaster

Features of WebShare

Highly anonymous HTTP/HTTPS Proxies

Webshare offers highly anonymous shared and dedicated proxies. These proxies have very high anonymity which prevent websites from accessing your personal information.

Dual Authentication method

Webshare is a leading proxy selling platform on the internet. Their proxies not only come with the best quality, but they provide both types of authentication methods on their proxies as well. Having both authentication method makes it easier for customers to access their proxies quickly and easily.


A very useful feature of Webshare is that you can easily download their API in the form of a .txt file which can be used to insert into bot software. Using this, You won’t have to manually enter each proxy after refreshing.

Webshare API download

API .txt file


Monthly Randomization

With the click of a button, You can easily choose a new set of proxies at the end of each month without contacting their support.

Free shared proxies

When you sign up on their website, You get access to a 1000 proxies with a small data limit. You can use these free proxies as a trial version and check out whether or not they are suitable for you.

Easy to use

Using Webshare is very easy. If you haven’t figured it out, We’re here to help you. First of all, you need to sign up by clicking on the Sign-up Now button on their homepage. After providing an email and password, You will be redirected to the Dashboard which looks like this.

Webshare Dashboard

Now if you want to use the free proxies given to you by Webshare, you can simply click on “Proxy,” and then “List” and your 1000 proxies will open. However, If you wish to buy one of their proxy plans, Click on “Subscription” on the left side of the dashboard and then click “Plans.”

Webshare Dashboard Zoom

After clicking on that, You will be redirected to the following page.

Webshare proxy packages

From here on, You can select the plan that you wish to buy and proceed on with the payment methods.

How to install/use

After buying proxies, The first thing that you need to do is authorise the proxies that you have bought. To authorise the proxies, Click on “Proxies” and then click on “List” to view the proxies that you have just bought. You will see this page in front of you.

Webshare proxy list

In the Authentication method box, Choose whether you want Username/Password authentication or IP authentication of your proxies. If you want  IP authentication, Choose “IP Authentication” from the drop-down menu and click “Set-up IP authentication.” You will then be redirected to this page.

Webshare IP authentication method

From here on, You can easily authenticate your proxies the way you want!

Our Editor’s Verdict

Webshare is one of the cheapest proxy selling services on the internet. Not only do they provide cheap proxies, But They also provide a lot of proxies as well. Their proxies passed most of our vigorous tests, which is more than what can be said on proxies with the same price point as Webshare’s.


However, The proxies provided by Webshare were unable to access some of the major websites on the internet, which mainly included social media websites. Hence they are not recommended for use on social media. We would recommend Buyproxies.org for your general-purpose browsing, surfing, and streaming.

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  1. 1. Most Proxies are not residential (not as claimed in there “ISP Residential plan”)
    2. 80% of proxies are in blacklists, so it is impossible to work with.
    3. Be careful, they will not refund you money if you use more then 1gb traffic. So my 3k USD year plan stuck there forever.

    Overall – very greedy and unreliable proxy service, with sneaky refund policy, which does not take into account that in order to check the performance of 100 proxies, in any case, you use more than 1 Gb.


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