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Lumiproxy is an excellent residential IP address provider. For those just starting out with proxies or looking for a seamless experience, Lumiproxy stands out with its competitive pricing and user-friendly dashboard.

Whether it’s switching online IP addresses, data capture or ad verification, Lumiproxy is an excellent solution for a variety of needs.

In recent years, the Internet has been flooded with companies selling proxy addresses, with a particular focus on companies offering residential proxies. Unlike data centre proxies, residential proxies are more difficult to detect and block and therefore offer a higher degree of anonymity.

With a plethora of proxy providers flooding the market, it is only natural to choose carefully. Let’s take an in-depth look at what one of them, Lumiproxy, has to offer.

Lumiproxy stands out as one of the most cost-effective and compelling proxy providers. With top-tier residential IP proxies from over 195 locations, a pool of over 90+ million residential IPs, and an intuitive dashboard, Lumiproxy is well suited to meet the needs of both novice and experienced proxying users looking for a hassle-free experience.
Fast, Cost-Effective Proxy Service Provider

Over 90 million residential IP addresses to choose from

User-friendly control panel to easily manage sub-users, monitor traffic usage and track data

99.99% stable operation

Wide geographical coverage, covering 195 countries and territories worldwide

HTTP/socks5 proxy support

API subscription management for convenience

Unlimited concurrent connections for multitasking

Rotating and sticky IP sessions for flexible options

Easy to use, fast verification

Advanced proxy rotation features to ensure security and anonymity

Unlimited residential IP proxies and static residential proxies available

24/7 online customer service support

Response time of less than 0.6 seconds ensures a fast response time

Lumi Proxy Overview

Lumiproxy Pricing and Types

Lumiproxy Pricing

LumiProxy offers diverse and flexible pricing plans to suit different users’ needs and budgets. Their prices are based on your proxy usage, and the larger the purchase, the more favourable the price.

Minimum price plans include:

  • Dynamic Residential IP: Only $0.80 per GB. This is an affordable option for low volume users.
  • Static Residential IP: Only $6 per GB. This is a premium option for those who need a more stable IP address.
  • Unlimited Residential IP: Only $78 per day. This is the premium option for users with long-term networking activities and projects.

Whichever pricing plan you choose, it offers flexible purchasing options that can be adjusted to suit your actual needs. And, with no hidden fees on pricing plans, you can use the service without worrying about additional costs.

With LumiProxy’s pricing plans, you get access to high-quality proxies at great prices to help you achieve your online goals and safeguard online security and privacy.

Payment options include credit card, PayPal, virtual currency and Alipay. After registering an account, you can access the agent dashboard for management and setup.

Lumiproxy Pricing

Lumiproxy offers a number of compelling features. Firstly, they offer two types of proxy sessions: sticky sessions and rotating sessions. When you choose a sticky session, you can keep using the same proxy for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, you can choose shorter sticky sessions that last anywhere from 1 minute to a maximum of 30 minutes. The IP address of the rotating residential session changes automatically with each connection request.

On the other hand, Lumiproxy’s rotating residential IP addresses rival or even surpass those of other companies. Having twice as many IP pools as your competitors means that you run little to no risk of being blocked when crawling or crawling.

Proxy Server Location

Another attractive aspect of Lumiproxy is the superior quality and diversity of its residential IP addresses from prime locations. Its extensive network covers more than 195+ countries, including the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany and other major countries around the world.

Proxy Server Location of Lumi Proxy

Unlimited Residential Agency

Here is a side note about their unlimited residential proxy service, this service is simply tailor-made for some users with high traffic demand.

What is an Unlimited Residential Agent?

Residential proxies are proxy services that use real residential IP addresses. Compared to data centre proxies, residential proxies provide IP addresses that originate from real Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and are therefore more difficult to identify and block.Lumiproxy’s Unlimited Residential Proxy service means that users can access a large number of unrestricted residential IP addresses worldwide without bandwidth and traffic limitations.

Benefits of Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and IP Addresses: Users can access a large number of IP addresses without worrying about bandwidth or traffic limitations.
  • High anonymity: Since the IP address comes from a real residential network, it is difficult to be identified and blocked by the target website.
  • Global Coverage: Lumiproxy provides residential IP addresses from all over the world, supporting the needs of multiple geographic locations.
  • Fast and Stable: Static Residential Proxy ensures high speed data transfer and stable connection.
  • Transparent billing: users are not charged hidden fees for extra traffic or bandwidth.

Lumiproxy’s Unlimited Residential Proxy is mainly suitable for traffic demanding scenarios as it charges by the hour without limiting traffic usage.

Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy Pricing Issues

When considering the pricing of Lumiproxy Unlimited Residential Proxy, it offers a variety of package options to suit different needs. The lowest package price is $76.33 per day, and while it can be purchased on-demand, the relatively high price for a separate day is not enough of a bargain.

Especially for personal business, it is recommended to consider purchasing a longer package if you need a lot of traffic support. Purchasing a package for two months or longer will allow you to enjoy a lower average daily price, thus saving you money and ensuring stable service.

By choosing a long-term package, users not only get more usage time, but also benefit financially, providing reliable support for the continued growth of their business.

Lumiproxy Residential IP Speed Test

Anyone who has ever used a proxy knows the importance of speed and latency. In order to check if we can get great proxy performance at a reasonable price, we conducted a speed and latency test, using one of lumiproxy’s solutions for the test.

Before we started testing their proxies, we ran basic tests on our VPS to check speed and latency for a more in-depth comparison.

In order to get accurate speed test data, I conducted a proxy speed test using my VPS, which is hosted on the vultr platform and has a fast internet connection because it runs on a high-speed server.

Considering that Lumiproxy’s dynamic proxies do not have a speed limit set, the speed of the dynamic proxies depends on the user’s network speed and therefore does not need to be tested. Next, we will focus mainly on the static proxy part.

Below are the results of a speed test for Lumiproxy static proxy for Los Angeles, CA, USA, my server is located in Illinois.

Next are the results of the Lumiproxy static proxy test:

Lumiproxy Residential IP Speed Test

This test will help you get a general idea of speed and ping values. So, keep in mind that your results may vary slightly depending on the location of the server. It also depends on the speed dedicated by the ISP to the IP address you are using.

Lumiproxy Residential Proxy Test

Does Lumiproxy provide 100% residential IP proxy?

Lumiproxy provide 100% residential IP proxy

The above test is a randomly selected IP address, and you can see that lumiproxy’s residential IP is still very reliable, and did not expose my real IP, nor did it detect unsafe IP addresses, or data centre IPs.

Lumiproxy Compatibility Test

Gone are the days when you could access websites from anywhere in the world at any time. Today, many websites have strict restrictions on the geographic location of visitors, and as a result, many people turn to proxies. In order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of lumiproxy’s residential address, we conducted a test.

Lumiproxy Compatibility Test

Interpretation of test results:

Accept: refers to the accepted format website


User-agent: user agent

Accept-encoding: code of accept type

Accept-language: Acceptable language

X-request-ID: request ID

X-real-IP: Real IP

X-forwarded-for: previous IP

X-forwarded-host: previous hosts
As you can see from the test results, all the indexes are excellent, but we learnt from the salesperson that they only have restrictions on TK, paypal and government related URLs, but not other websites.

Lumiproxy Features


Lumiproxy should be proud of the location. They have residential IP addresses in 195+ countries.

IP Pool

Having endpoints in so many countries means they have a large pool of IP addresses. They claim to have over 90+ million residential IPs, which is much more than many of their “premium” competitors.

Cheap Bandwidth

We’ve already mentioned that they offer unlimited traffic, which is great for heavyweight users.

How to use lumiproxy?

Let’s first take a look at their control panel (dashboard) to understand how to use the proxy server before we start testing.

Lumiproxy, like most good proxy servers, provides a simple way to manage proxy servers through a dashboard user interface.Lumiproxy’s interface is very intuitive and easy to use. You can monitor traffic usage and manage the IP address locations to be used.

Rotating agents:

This type of endpoint provides a new IP address for each request (rotation):

Using this IP address and port, each new connection request randomly selects an IP address from 90 million residential proxies. This type of endpoint is ideal for data collection, web crawling, or other similar tasks. If you only need a random US IP address, use port 5888 and a country-specific address such as US IP:

This will use a new US proxy for each connection.

Sticky IP endpoints:

This type of endpoint provides you with an IP address for a longer period of time (up to 2 hours). To maintain an IP address for a longer period of time, you need to use a Sticky Endpoint.

Once registered, you can find all endpoints in the proxy dashboard. Lumiproxy can provide up to 10,000 ports for sticky IPs. So, for a sticky US IP, you can use

In this way, you can simultaneously use 2000 sticky IP addresses from each country, which rotate every minute. If you need more sticky sessions, you can connect them via the reverse connection node.

You can use Lumiproxy’s network in two ways: The authentication method is how you access the server. and Lumiproxy provides two methods:

1. Standard username and password authentication.

Simply use your account information to access the Lumiproxy proxy server. Using this method, you can access the proxy server from anywhere.

2. IP Whitelisting:

You can add the device IP address to the whitelist so that Lumiproxy will allow all requests from that IP address to pass through. This is very handy if your software does not work with username and password authentication methods.

This is also very useful if you always work from the same location, as you don’t need to use a password.

Our conclusions and summary

This review expresses an attitude that does not allow for a definitive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the service. It mentions some strengths but also points out some weaknesses.

Using Lumiproxy’s residential IP address is very convenient for anyone. In just a few minutes, you can have a new online identity! If you are a professional, Lumiproxy can also provide you with some useful features. They offer third-party integrations that may be perfect for your needs.

Price wise, their pricing is really A+. You will get a lot more service compared to most other agency providers. Also, the 24h money back guarantee they offer is a great opportunity to try them out!

In terms of reliability, although their residential IP addresses are fairly stable, the speeds and ping values may not be the best. There may be some test results that are less than reassuring, especially for addresses in certain countries, and websites may not open properly except for specific ones.

For support, they offer 24/7 live chat support! This is so convenient! Additionally, you can contact them via email, telegram, or social media.

Overall, I would recommend Lumiproxy if you want to have a good proxy experience.Also, I would say that their customer service is really impeccable and they will answer all your questions immediately.

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