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As the internet’s need for ISP proxies increases, so does the number of companies that offer them. Having that many options can confuse many people because they won’t know if it’s a good service. To answer those questions, we’re reviewing one service at a time, and the one for today is ProxyWow.

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We often talk about proxies as a way to get you access to content that is otherwise restricted to you. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as many other applications exist. This led the market into a proxy frenzy, where more and more providers began to appear. Having that much competition does wonders in terms of pricing but also pushes the companies to offer better products. Among the many companies that were born from the need for proxies is ProxyWow.

On paper, the company seems to offer all the right boxes regarding what it offers and at what price. The most surprising aspect is that it’s relatively new, founded in 2018, meaning that it goes up against some of the veterans in the industry. Having this in mind, the main question is: can it compete?

Recommended for: Anonymity, Social Media Management & Bypassing geo-restrictions.

There aren’t tons of providers that offer products as ProxyWow does. Unlike most residential or datacenter companies we cover, this one is slightly different. This service covers ISP proxies, which aren’t the most common type on the market.

Unlike many of its competitors, with ProxyWow keeps things as simple as possible so that you can focus on what you need. You’re greeted with a sleek-looking website that doesn’t have tons of pages or things that can distract you. Everything you need to know is on the home page, and you’ll just need to scroll through it.

ProxyWow Overview

Regarding the product, we’re talking about ISP proxies, which are static residential IP proxies (Proxywow got #5 on Cherrypicks’s ISP proxy rank), but ProxyWow gets them directly from a provider. My main concern is that the company doesn’t outline how many IP addresses it has in its pool. To be fair, it’s not the first one to keep this information away from the public.

Regarding location, your only option is US proxies, just as the company advertises. It gets its proxies from several US-based service providers to ensure you get the exact product it promotes. There are some claims about the products and their performance, so we’ll look to see if it’s a good enough performer.

  • Affordable prices
  • The option to get as many IP addresses as you want
  • No limit on the bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Multiple ways to reach out to support
  • IP whitelist and username and password authentication available
  • Latency is slightly higher
  • Download speeds are average
  • No free trial or refund policy

Proxy types, features, and pricing

ProxyWow Pricing and Plan

This will be a relatively short section because there aren’t many products to discuss. ProxyWow deals only with ISP IP addresses, so if you’re looking for more, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

As an ISP proxy provider, ProxyWow doesn’t source the IP addresses from existing customers. Instead, it gets them directly from the providers, removing the bottleneck of a client’s internet package and limitations. As a result, unlike with regular residential proxies, here you won’t be limited by the amount of traffic per month.

In terms of the pool size, unfortunately, that information isn’t available. Other providers work similarly, so I won’t fail ProxyWow for this. The location is another aspect that some may find limiting. The company only offers ISP proxies from the US.

The pricing structure is simple, and you won’t have a lot to think about. You have 4 pre-defined packages that vary depending on the number of IP addresses you want. The smallest package starts from 5 proxies for a price of $25. A positive thing about this is that you can purchase additional IP addresses for the same price. For example, you can get the smallest package of 5 proxies and pay for 3 more, meaning the total would be $40. Going up the scale means that you’ll be paying less per proxy. The most you can get with these packages is the Pro plan, which includes 400 proxies.

In some situations, you may need more, something that ProxyWow can provide. If your use case requires over 1000 ISP proxies, you can ask the sales team for a quote. Naturally, the price per IP will be lower when compared with all the other packages.

Essentially, the lowest you can go is 5, but you have all the flexibility you want after that, even if you need a lot more. The best part about this is that you have unlimited bandwidth, so you can use as much traffic as you need.

Locations of proxy servers

There isn’t much to talk about the location. ProxyWow’s ISP proxies are from the USA, so it’s not as flexible as some of its rivals. Even though US proxies are more than enough in most cases, some people may want an IP address from another part of the world.

ProxyWow sources these proxies from certain providers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and a few others. Considering the names we see here, it’s clear that we’re not looking at some “weak” sources.

Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

ISP proxies are often better than residential ones from multiple aspects. You often get slightly higher speeds, but the main thing is that you’re getting slightly more consistent results. To be fair, there can also be some limitations from the ISP. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how ProxyWow does.

I wouldn’t call the results all over the place, but there are a few things we need to address. The download speeds aren’t the worst, but a few didn’t perform as well as the others. You have one proxy with speeds under 5 Mbps, while the highest is over 17. The upload speeds are very impressive, with numbers ranging from 30 to almost 60 Mbps.

Next up is the part that I don’t like too much – the latency. With proxies, you shouldn’t expect the same latency as your home connection, but in this case, I was expecting a bit more from ProxyWow. All proxies we tested had ping higher than 300ms, which is average at best, especially when compared to some of its rivals. One good thing about this is that you’re getting consistency, as all proxies are within 30-40ms of each other.

Overall, the results aren’t the worst I’ve seen. There are providers with much lower download speeds and higher latencies. If you can live with this, then you shouldn’t have too many problems.

IPPing fromLos Angeles, USA
Ping from London, UK
Ping from Quebec, CA
(ms) 85.974.324.7 85.674.525.0
Speed tests with ProxyWowDetails of the speed test
IPs of proxiesPing

Speed test without proxy:


proxywow ip vps test No Proxy

IP 1:

proxywow ip 1 test

IP 2:

proxywow ip 2 test

IP 3:

proxywow ip 3 test

IP 4:

proxywow ip 4 test

IP 5:

proxywow ip 5 test

IP 6:

proxywow ip 6 test

IP 7:

proxywow ip 7 test

IP 8:

proxywow ip 8 test

IP 9:

proxywow ip 9 test

IP 10:

proxywow ip 10 test

GEOlocation Test / ISP Test

Location accuracy is crucial for people that need that. Considering that ProxyWow offers proxies in the US only, that should be fine for almost any use case. Despite that, we ran our ISP test to see how things are.

IPs of proxies

 IP2Location Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Endoffice LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Endoffice LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Endoffice LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Endoffice LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

ISP: Charles River Operation LLC

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

ISP: Sprint

The most interesting thing here is that there is a difference. Even though the cities are about 50 miles apart, we should have seen similar results. With that said, ProxyWow has proxies from Sprint, so I’ll take those results as relevant. In this regard, the location is true.

IP compatibility Test

One of the main reasons for getting ISP proxies is their ability to bypass website restrictions. Residential IP addresses can also do that, but I’ve seen some that didn’t have as much luck. To test this, we ran the proxies from ProxyWow against some of the stricter websites on the internet.

IPs of proxies Instagram Twitter pinterest Youtube Amazon Google Netflix Craigslist Nike Adidas IP

A table full of check marks is exactly what I expected from ISP proxies. All of the IP addresses from ProxyWow had no problems accessing the websites. The result is that you’ll have almost no limitations on which sites or services you use them.


ProxyWow Feature

ISP proxies

Proxywow of ISP proxies

Being the only product that ProxyWow offers, this is the most crucial feature of the service. Essentially, these are residential proxies, but unlike the ones we know, these aren’t from customers. Companies like this one source them directly from providers, offering a few benefits over the standard residential we know and use.


Comparing isn’t easy because most ISP providers have different pricing structures. With that said, generally speaking, we can consider ProxyWow to be an affordable option. With a starting price of $5 per IP address, you’re looking at a competitive price even when compared to the datacenter proxy providers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Proxywow of Unlimited Bandwidth

In the world of proxies, you expect to have some limitations whenever you pay for a service. In many cases, that’s the bandwidth, something you won’t have a problem with when going for a package from ProxyWow. Regardless of which package you choose, all of them have unlimited bandwidth. As a result, your only concern will be how many proxies to get.


At first glance, ProxyWow seems to limit you to 4 packages and an option to get a custom one. The biggest difference between this provider and its competitors is flexibility. With the smallest package, the minimum number of IP addresses you can get is 5. After that, the only difference is in the price per proxy. This means that you can get as many proxies as needed as long as that number isn’t less than 5.

Two types of authentication

Continuing the trend of flexibility, ProxyWow also allows you to choose how you want to authenticate your proxies. You can choose between an IP whitelist or username and password. This is excellent because some people use the proxies in a single location, while others don’t, so it’s up to you to decide which ones you’ll use.

Easy to use

Use of ProxyWow

As far as ease of use is concerned, there aren’t too many services offering a simple dashboard like ProxyWow. It’s bare-bone, which is a good thing because you only have the things you need without too much fuss.

On the top left of the dashboard are the buttons for social media and support, and on the right side are the main controls. Below that is the list of proxies, and everything is on a single page, so you won’t need to navigate.

As part of the controls on the right, you can filter or sort the proxies as you need. We only have 10, so it’s unnecessary, but this feature will come in handy for those with larger packages. There’s also a download button that exports the entire list into a TXT file.

The button for column view will enable you to select and deselect the columns you want to see. In our case, we removed the username and password columns for apparent reasons. And the last button in the dashboard is where you can set your whitelisted IP addresses.

How to authenticate

Configure IP authentication

The authentication method will depend on you and your needs. You won’t need to do anything for the username and password method, as you will use the same credentials to log into the service. If you want to use an IP Whitelist, there are a few steps involved.

On the top right, you’ll need to click the IP Auth button, which will open a small window. Here you have 6 fields, meaning you can whitelist up to 6 IP addresses. Once you enter the addresses, click save, and you’ll need to wait for the service to refresh. ProxyWow refreshes every hour, so it won’t take too long for the changes to be accepted.


ProxyWow isn’t a service that will dominate the ISP proxy market, but some pretty attractive features make it a good option. To be fair, there isn’t a single service that’s perfect, which is why we review them so you know if you’ll be fine with the product they offer.


Usability is a crucial aspect of proxies, and ProxyWow delivers on that front without any issues. ISP proxies are slightly better than residential ones, so you won’t have any issues getting detected in this regard. As for applications, considering the type, there are no limitations, so you can use the proxies for anything from bypassing geo-restricted websites to running social media accounts.

Having a simple dashboard is another positive side of ProxyWow, meaning there isn’t a steep learning curve. You have only the necessary info and options there, so you can start your project as soon as possible. Also, having the option to choose between two authentication methods is a nice touch.


The pricing structure is another positive side of ProxyWow, as it offers you as much as you need. With this company, the lowest you can go is 5 proxies for $25, meaning you’re paying $5 per IP. The more proxies you get, the price per IP becomes more affordable.

What makes this provider more attractive than some of its rivals is its affordability. In the ISP segment, there aren’t too many companies that can offer proxies at this price point. With some, there are even regular residential IP addresses that are more expensive. The best part is that you can get as many IP addresses as you need.


If we disregard the download speeds or the latency, ProxyWow has no issues with reliability. The service runs buttery smooth without any problems or downtime, at least during the testing period. As for the proxies, they also ran without any issues, working as intended and giving us access to any website we wanted to check.


The support isn’t the strongest side of ProxyWow, but I wouldn’t call it terrible. There is an FAQ section on the website, answering some of the most commonly asked questions, and that’s all there is. To be fair, there isn’t a lot of guidance you’ll need with the system, but some of its rivals offer a knowledge base with some general info or usage examples.

You have a few options if you need to contact the support team. You can go through the Contact Us page and fill out a form, which means you’re looking at email support. As for the other options, there are several to choose from. You can reach out to ProxyWow via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Discord, meaning you’re technically getting live chat support. There’s decent flexibility here, enabling you to choose the platform you already have. Now all of us have Facebook accounts, you know?

Our Editor’s Verdict

Perfection in the proxy industry is just a myth. Some providers are better than others, but as much as we love them, they still have some drawbacks. The same goes for ProxyWow – it’s an excellent ISP provider, offering a lot for an affordable price, but there are a few things to consider.

The main thing that some people may be concerned with is the download speeds and latency. They are far from the worst I’ve seen, but there are situations where you may need something faster. I wouldn’t categorize them as poor, but I expected a bit more. The upload speeds, on the other hand, are excellent, much higher than I expected.

You may not get the lowest latency or highest download speeds, but you won’t pay too much. The affordability of ProxyWow is an area that compensates for the speeds, which is why most people will find it to be a good option.

You won’t get tons of guides or articles, which you probably won’t need. The service will provide you with proxies, which you can use later as you please. To be fair, if you need help, you can reach out to the support team, which will be happy to help.

Another area some people may not be too happy with is the trial and refund policy. Considering the type of proxies, it’s understandable why you won’t get them for free to play around. To be fair, they aren’t too expensive, so you can risk a month to see if the service works for you.

Overall, ProxyWow is a provider that deserves to be given a chance. I believe that the affordable price makes up for some of this service’s shortcomings. As I said, there isn’t a perfect provider, but some are better. With this in mind, I think ProxyWow is a solid option for most people.

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