10 Best Sneaker proxies for Sneakers Bot – Cook Limited Release Shoes Right Now!

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Triple White”Branded shoes of limited edition like Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy, OFF-WHITE x Nike or Supreme can be harder to buy online. If you want to have all the best collection of sneakers and have done almost everything but failed, there is way out there you just need to use it right. The sneaker sites make it even harder to buy shoes.

Because after releasing the stuff it gets sold at a very high price and takes less than a second to get sold. Buying a sneaker is an online running competition which makes you the winner only if you have everything in your favor like proxies, servers, and bots.

Sneakers are released and sold in a fraction of second so if you want a great sneaker collection to hurry up and see what all we have got for you. Sneaker proxies, sneaker servers, and sneaker bots will help you out with buying as many sneakers you want. An emotional quotient is added with sneakers and makes it more thrilling to buy the shoes, the process is a little hard but is worth it.

Where to get the Lightning Fast & Unbanned Proxies?
Proxy Provider IP Type Price Location
myprivateproxy MPP Data Center IPs 20 Sneaker Proxies: $65 US/UK GEO dedicated IPs
storm proxies Residential IPs 10 Residential Ports: $50 USA IPs or EU IPs
buyproxies.org Data Center IPs 50 Shoe proxies: $150 US/UK dedicated IPs
microleaves proxies Data Center IPs 25 Special Ports: $249.99 worldwide GEO Residential IPs
yourprivateproxy.com Data Center IPs 10 Dedicated IPs: $29.97 US & UK GEO dedicated IPs
smartproxy.io Residential IPs 5GB MICRO: $75 worldwide GEO Residential IP
sslprivateproxy.com Data Center IPs SPP-SS-250: $650.00 US GEO dedicated IPs
mexela private proxies Data Center IPs 50 Dedicated proxies: $150 USA & Europe dedicated IPs
proxy-n-vpn Data Center IPs  250 proxies: $550.00 USA dedicated IPs
DataCenter Dedicated proxies offer the Lightning Fast Speed Proxy connect!

Rotating Residential Proxies provide the Unbanned schema to cook Limited Release sneaker!

[Note] There are NO such proxies as the best of both! Read More to know why is that.

Why use Sneaker Bot & sneaker proxies for footsites?

It gets harder to stand outside the footlocker and return empty-handed therefore online buying of sneakers is preferred.

When you want to buy sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy releases a limited edition and only one shoe to be purchased from one IP address it becomes difficult,  that’s when proxy come into play.

They give you new IP address so that every time IP address switches there are less chances of getting banned from the site. Proxies use IP address masking technique so that they can stay safe and always out of the eye of network managers.

So, Why do you need multiple proxies for cooking sneaker? For using more proxies will give you more chances to win the game, How it’s can give you more opportunities?

One Proxy mean One IP address, and One IP means one person who recognizes by the sneaker websites, some sneaker sites only allow one person to buy one limited-edition sneaker, with more IPs, more address and more Credit Cards mean you can get more limited sneakers.

Also, During a Yeezy release, One Proxy just as one person who is waiting on Adidas splash page, Now 50 IPs waiting on Adidas splash page? No doubt there are 50 times of chances to get through the splash page, isn’t it?

Free your Hand with Sneaker Automation

Sneaker Bot is must to do for Sneaker Automation. The Manual operation is definitely cannot win when compared to the Sneaker Bot.

The server is another great tool for copping, it helps to get in and out of the site as early as possible because it has a good bandwidth and ram. Nothing is as fast as a bot, Sneaker bots make the work seem automated you need not wait for the dates to be released and then login just make sure you have the right bot.

After selecting a bot you need to add private proxy settings to it and you can also rotate the proxies. So in this way, the sneaker sites will not know which IP address is buying how many shoes, you are in no danger to get caught.

You just need to add a number of online proxies to your bot in order to cop as many sneakers you want. This bot makes it possible to add the different proxy to purchase order to work around limits in order to get as many Yeezy as you want.

Thus proxies, servers, and bots are interlinked and thus buying Yeezy becomes easy for you and you don’t have to wear old sneakers from last year anyway. This combination of three makes buying supreme clothing made by designers and limited sneakers easy.

List of 10 shoe proxies for sale

  • MyPrivateProxy

myprivateproxy MPPMPP: They provide various proxies as data mining proxy, gaming proxy, SEO proxy, ticketing proxy, etc, also special proxies for foot sites which tested before you paid.

Only a few of proxy providers that provide the  Data Center proxies which support the Nike, Supreme, Adidas and many more. Is it not the best quality of dedicated proxies?

Website: https://www.myprivateproxy.net/

Want to learn more about the MPP’s private proxies for sneaker? Read our complete MPP review here.


  • Storm Proxies

storm proxiesStorm Proxies is one of the best proxy providers which offer the Residential Proxies, now the use the Residential IPs to cop on the Adidas is a good option, which you do not need to care about the proxies banned by the sneaker website, the most disadvantage is the price.

Website: http://stormproxies.com/

For more about their residential proxy network performance, You can read our in-depth review and test here.


  • BuyProxy.org

buyproxies.orgThis proxy provider is named as a superhero on the net with unlimited bandwidth, API integration, authentication etc, Offering the orders for the shoe proxies.

Website: http://buyproxies.org/

You may be interested in to read, Buyproxies.org Review.


  • Micro Leaves

microleaves proxiesMicroleaves mainly gives backconnect proxies, dedicated HTTP proxies, shared HTTP proxies and automated captcha solving at different prices, Also another nice option for the footsites.

Website: https://microleaves.com/


  • YourPrivateProxy

yourprivateproxy.comYPP- Abbreviation of Yourprivateproxy, offer good for lots of footsites except Adidas, Maybe the buyers using their proxies on Adidas too much.

It is a private proxy provider with high anonymity. Their proxies allow you to have private surfing and also helps you in protecting your identity online. They offer you with elite proxies this means private proxies which are quality dedicated for security and anonymity on the Internet.

Website: https://www.yourprivateproxy.com/


  • Smartproxy.io


Smartproxy is another cheap residential IPs proxies which pay by bandwidth. When you want to use their proxies for cooking shoes, the minimum plan with 5 GB should enough!

And their proxies compatible to the ANB- Another Nike Bot, AIO Bot, NikeSlayer, EasyCop and so on. Their Residential IPs are rotating every 5 minutes via gateway endpoint.

Website: http://www.smartproxy.io/


  • SSLPrivateProxy

sslprivateproxy.comIt is one of the few virgin proxies helping you to not get banned in the social media fights going on all over. Their proxies are secure, safe, reliable and fast, Offer different proxy packages for what do you need. But costly..and only entire subnets to sale that’s mean the Minimum order is 250 proxies.

Website: https://www.sslprivateproxy.com/


  • Mexela

mexela private proxiesMexela offer anonymous dedicated HTTP proxies for AIO Bot and other SEO programs such as GSA, scrapeboxE,Also Mexela offer small packeage of 50 Dedicated Sneaker proxies to help you cooping on sneakers sites and Money back guarantee.

Website: https://mexela.com/


  • Proxy-n-vpn

proxy-n-vpnproxy-n-VPN also give you the best discounts and make it a reliable business. They have proxies for various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And only entire full subnet (only one subnet) proxies to sale.

Website: https://www.proxy-n-vpn.com/


These are some of the best proxies one can get to get started. So, buy and try one. Above given are the best proxies that you can trust and use and happy sneaker copping which will lead you to buy the sneakers as soon as they go viral.

Keep in mind to use all the possible things to do are Server, proxies and bots thus you will have great sneaker collection. Be the first one to get an Adidas Yeezy as soon as they get released.

[Last Update on February 21st, 2019.]

Sneaker proxy providers Need to Avoid

  • [Note:] Now HighProxies do not sell sneakers proxies at this time.

The first is the Highproxies! Which is a great private proxies provider, And their proxies 100% work well on Instagram! But unfortunately, Highproxies Do not support sneaker websites! And You can read our detailed review to about Highproxies.

highproxies.comThey have a various proxy option like Instagram proxies, shared proxies, private proxies, craigslist proxies also have data centers in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Florida etc. and give you options about selecting your location. The site gives everything you need.

Website: https://www.highproxies.com/


And There are 2 Bad-Rated proxy providers should avoid for copping shoes online, based on our experts test.

  • Blazingseollc proxies

blazing proxies

After we have used their shoe proxies from last releasing, I really not recommend any more!

It is a US dedicated proxy, has automatic delivery, replacements and gives the speed of 1Gbps. They also give discounts on buying proxies. But be careful your personal information for some of the guys report this problem on twitter.

Website: http://blazingseollc.com/


  • ACTProxy

actproxyI just buy 50 of their proxies, “Proxies have features like a good uptime, 1 Gbps uplink on all servers, non-sequential IP’s, unlimited bandwidth etc. Their server qualities include better performance and redundancy causing less downtime.” and  “servers have a minimum of 8gb ram and have RAID arrays. The home network can be replicated as they have 1Gb speed”, But after I used, The speed is really slow…I doubt it’s the shared or public proxies?!

Website: http://actproxy.com/

What’s the need to consider when buying sneaker proxies?

Choosing proxies is hard and takes a lot of time. You need to consider a lot many things while selecting a proxy for different sneaker websites. The below parameters will help you out to select them.

IP Type: Residential Sneaker Proxies or dedicated proxies

There are lots of debate about what proxies are better to use? Is use unbanned residential proxies or fast dedicated proxies? Residential proxies or Data Center proxies: Which one is better for cooking limited sneakers?

The answer mainly depends on your project, which websites do you want to cook and how many accounts do you want to run on your shoe Bot, No one proxy provider can 100% guarantee their proxies work on specified websites and never get banned!

In general, I suggest you,

  • For Nike, Adidas, and Supremenewyork.com, I suggest you use the Residential IP Proxie.
  • For Footsites, such as FootLocker, FootAction, SneakersNStuff,  FinishLine, ChampsSports, KB24, FootAction and more, You have to choose based on your project! Datacenter IPs are much cheap but may be blocked by some footsites, and Residential IPs are hard to ban but slow and expensive! Both have own advantages, So You have to consider it based on your project!
  • For Shopify websites such as kith.com and yeezysupply.com, Use the dedicated proxies for releasing will be fine.


Avoid taking free proxies they steal your private information. Even if you find a trustable free proxy it’s hard to rely on it and it will be relatively slow till the time you will be waiting and the shoes will be already sold out. Therefore go with a paid proxy who is fast enough and trustable you can always check it out. Reliability on the proxy is must which is given by paid proxies.

Free proxies make their business by ads that pop up during you trying to connect to the server. Thus there is time lapse and you end up frustrated without any shoe. Free proxies survive till only 12 – 24 hours before the network managers ban them it is not the case with private proxies, here you always have options and they keep rotating so that they don’t get caught.


When the server and the proxy server is nearby you will see many pings popping so the proxy server should be away from the main server and there is also a ghost checkout you can delay your bot time. BTW, look like the ping is not so important on Adidas.


Don’t choose proxies from faraway places. Those proxies are easier to find and get banned. If there is a distance between sneaker server and proxy they have to be connected before directing to the main sneaker site so there is time lapse and when you need to buy a sneaker wasting a second might even be a loss.

If you have the IP address of Nigeria you have chances to get banned even if you are not doing anything wrong because the country is known for scams similarly if you have the IP address of US no one looks at you with suspicion and you can be the luckiest to get your sneakers. Make sure the proxies you choose have data centers near to the site server this makes you connect fast to your site.

All these things have to be kept in mind while selecting proxies and servers and these features will be provided only by paid proxies, free proxy tends to engage your time in ads that pop up making your process of buying sneakers slow.

Tips on Copping Adidas Yeezy

Kanye West the best designer of shoes and Yeezy is the hottest and most viral thing in the market and you would want all of it. Adidas Yeezy is the official sneakers and supreme clothing company and has the project with Kanye West to design these shoes. When you go to buy these sneakers they get sold even before you enter the store.

Adidas Yeezy has a brand image their method is to increase demand in the market by releasing best quality but the limited amount of shoes such that every IP address is tracked down making sure no one buys more than one shoe pair. They don’t adjust with the prices but the sneakers are worth buying.

I could not tell How to cop the Adidas Yeezy Step to Step, Here is some Tips may really help you out.

  • Do not Test Or Ping the Proxies to the Footsites.

The Foot sites have a flag system to prevent you use the automatic program or Bot, If you use the proxies to ping or test on the Footsites via the bot before releases, You IP address may be blocked mean the proxies will be banned.

So if you want to know whether the proxies work or not, I suggest test other normal sites, like youtube, twitter…If you’re still want to works on footsites or not, you can step it on your browser to test 1-2 proxies with the different user agent.

  • ALWAYS go 1:1 with your proxies!

This is extremely important! If you do not, your proxies have a much higher chance of getting banned and usually those proxies services do not provide refunds for Supreme & Sneaker website. Be smart with your proxies!

  • Don’t limit your brain on only copping on your country.

Now we are in the same world, when you in US, you can easily use re-shipping service to get an address in UK, such as,



More, easily search on Big G.

And It’s not hard to find the UK IP address, for UK IPs you can easily find the UK proxy providers,  Also, you manual to cop on your PC when using the VPN service to get the UK IP.

  • anothernikebot-sneaker-botIf you want to find a Bot to win Adidas Yeezy, Recommend using AIO Bot – All In One Sneaker Bot.


Some tips on AIO bot make sure to run the accounts/tasks with different ship address and card information on every task to prevent to cancel the orders.

The proxies should from different subnets, for now, the Adidas is so smart to ban your ip address with proxies.

The AIO Bot support on Adidas USSneakersNStuff, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, ChampSports, Finishline…and so on. Now the Adidas is running HMAC which blacked 80% datacenter proxies and have to use residential Proxies for US Adidas,  But the residential Proxies are hard to find with slow speed and the residential proxy network is not reliable…So, Now i do suggest you move the battlefield to the footsites which more easy to win this game.

And, HOT and profitable Releasing is upcoming in March 2019!

Which pair of Sneaker worth to cook in 2019? 

We all know adidas using the “false scarcity” to increase the hype of  buyers, here when I writing this post, adidas Originals has announced that,

yeezy boost 350 v2 clay

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 'Inertia'Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Inertia’ Release Date: March 9th, 2019
Yeezy Boost 700 V2 ‘Geode’ Release Date: March 23th, 2019
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Clay” Release Date: March 30th, 2019

This is do really great opportunity to cop on adidas. Usually adidas will notice before dorp on their sites or on twitter, that’s  enough time to make sure you prepare to win.

Last, Good luck to be the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”

20 thoughts on “10 Best Sneaker proxies for Sneakers Bot – Cook Limited Release Shoes Right Now!”

  1. Hello. I’m struggling setting up luminati Proxies with my Bnb bot. Is there anyway at all you could help. It we be so helpful, looking forward to your response thank you so much

    • Sorry for i miss your comments..which type of proxies do you buy? data or residential?
      If data center IPs, on the luminati’s CP – control panel you can use the Datacenter IPs in format of IPv4 which I think you can easily use on your Bnb bot.

      if residential ips, its really tough to set up..that’s why i not added those residential ip proxy providers on this list.

  2. I want to purchase fashion, sneakers, tickets… practically anything i can flip to make money. What would be the best way for me to go? RN, i’m looking at AIO Bot, Supreme Bot, Nike Bot, one of the best paid proxies to handle everything. Do I also need a fast server if i’m using a proxy service?

    • If your home network is fast enough, Whether use the server or not is mainly on the basis of mutli-threads, mean how many concurrent connections or how many tasks which you want to run,

      And I would like to share some my experience on AioBot, its works well when I use 500 tasks on aiobot with 2 processor cores (80% the CPU occupancy), but when run 600 tasks show 100% the CPU occupancy on 2 processor cores(i7)…which really let my computer slow down!

      That meas more processor cores(CPU) means you can runs more tasks with the proxies, and the RAM is not so important for the use 1000 tasks on 4G RAM of PC, there are much idle RAM not used.

    • Suggest you use Myprivateproxy for UK proxies and proxy server located in London and Newcastle, their proxies delivery fast.
      so, i advise you check the data center of the proxy providers first before you make your choice.

  3. Hi,
    I would like to be ready for next release in June.
    I got 500 accounts Nike accounts.
    I live in France et the release will be on the Nike FR Store.
    Necessary to use french proxies with my bot ? If yes, do know french secured proxies ?
    And with 500 accounts, do I need 500 proxies ?


    • Yes, You have to use the proxies for multiple pairs on nike or other websites and you’ need a bot for 500 accounts!
      For more than 100 accounts on the sneaker bot, I recommend you use the Server to run the Bot, the server can help you reduce the network ping and More processor to handle the tasks!
      And you need need 500 different payment methods, Such as 500 cards:)
      Good lucky.

  4. Hi, i live in Germany and im Working with Ycopp. Its my first time to use Any sneaker bot, my first question is : do i Need to use proxies if im going for only 3 pairs of yeezys ? If yes, which paid proxy i should go for ?
    The second one is : do The AIO bot work in Germany ?

    • 1. Still need the proxies in my views, run more accounts on Adidas means more opportunity to win, and you’re working with the Ycopp bot, why not to use the proxies, for which one, I check both MPP and YPP are offer the German proxies.

      2. At this time, The AIO bot not support the adidas.de, but support Footlocker UK, DE, IT, FR …

  5. Hi I’m trying to buy some proxy’s but I’m not sure which one to buy. I’m in Dallas Texas but I’m tryna buy multiple pairs but they are only in other country’s like UK UE etc. My question is that if I have a proxy from UK will I be able to cop a pair IF I have a UK Proxy? I have a good custom pc that can handle all the ram and everything.

    • Yes,If just want to buy manual, your You can buy a VPN offer UK IP address like ExpressVPN.But now all those VPN offer the shared IP to use, so only few chance to bypass the sneaker website.

      If you are going for multiple pairs or you’re running a bot,you need to more UK IPs to run the accounts, and lots of providers offer the UK proxies, Both MPP and YPP are offer the UK proxie.

      And I suggest you buy proxies from differnt providers, For If 10 get banned from one, switch over to the other providers proxies and test those. Maybe those don’t work either and hopefully you have like another 10 left that aren’t banned.

  6. I am using PureVPN with 300K+ IP addresses to choose from whenever I automatically connects. You can also buy dedicated IP addresses to maintain your identity when buying.

    • You need based on which market you cop online, there are lots of re-ship services online, even you’re in Canada, you can buy US proxies to cop sneakers.

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