How to Hide Your digital Fingerprints To Protect Social Media Accounts

If you are showing interest in reading this article it means that you manage and maintain more than one social media account and conduct activities other than just socializing through social media accounts.

Not only you, there are many other who maintain hundreds of social media accounts so that they can do affiliate marketing and sell or promote products of their clients through these social media accounts of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and others.

While using these numerous social media accounts it is necessary that you do not get challenged or restricted as then you will not be able to do the work that you are doing with these account profiles.

Why are social media accounts restricted?

Before you know how to hide your web finger prints so that you can continue using a number of social media accounts, you must know the reasons that are responsible for restricting your accounts. However, you must remember that although you take enough precautions there will be high chances that some of your accounts will be restricted. So be prepared for that.

There are mainly two reasons that lead to restriction of your account profile. The first one being the connection you are using to access the social network site and the second one being the activities that you do there at the social networking site.

By ‘connection’ it is meant by the way you get connected to the website that is either through IP, cookies or browser. Activity denotes the different activities like messaging, poking, follow, unfollow, like, pin etc. with that particular account. Among these two connections is very important because it is with this you can manage your accounts. And as a manual user cannot have 1000 followers a single day, you can also check in whether you blast 1000 followers the moment you open a twitter account!

Hiding the digital fingerprints

The moment the social media site feels that you have a lot of accounts and you are abusing their system they will restrict ones that comes their way. They can do this by tracking your digital fingerprints.

So, it is necessary to know what fingerprints can be tracked by them.

Whenever you log in to any particular social media site say Facebook they can track your

  • IP address
  • Browser type, operating system, user agent
  • Cookies
  • Local storage

There can be many other things that are tracked by them.

Thus, when you are able to control them you are halfway done. Let’s see how

IP Address

If you are using the same IP address for following many twitter accounts then there are high chances of getting restricted. You cannot even create an account and start following others if you use the same IP address for creating a new account, you will be restricted!

The solution to this is to buy proxies and assign single proxy for every single account. You may say that if you maintain 300 accounts you will need 300 proxies! If you really value your accounts and want to make money from them you have to! The social media will consider you as a normal user who is using a static IP for accessing their account like any normal user.

Browser type, operating system, user agent

It is necessary to use consistent browsers and operating system for the accounts. If you keep them changing then they may be though as malicious. Although many social media sites do not bother them but sites like eBay, LinkedIn or Amazon may. So be careful.


You have individual proxies for each account and after logging out of one account you change the IP and then logged in to another account and still found that you are skewed! The reason is that social media sites like LinkedIn uses cookies that tracks your system and when they found the same system suing different IPs for logging in with different accounts they restrict them.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to clear the browser history and cookies before you use any other account with a new proxy. Whether you use Opera, chrome Mozilla or IE as your browser once you clear the history and the cookies you are free to get access to the websites.

Local Storage

Another way of tracking you back is the local storage that is those files that are stored on your computer. You must clear your local storage from time to time so that nothing can be tracked back easily.

Now for working with all this there is different software that can be useful tool for managing the tasks easily. With the help of this software you can easily control these factors and hide your digital fingerprints.

Different Useful Software

  • MultiLogin App that is used for accessing many social media accounts manually. It has different functions like preserving browser cookies, assigning proxies to accounts, cleaning the local storage. It can also share access to these accounts without sharing the password of the accounts.
  • Multifox is software that is actually an extension of the Mozilla. It can be used for assigning and preserving cookies for each tab. For those who are looking for certain quick changes it is a very useful tool. Once the proxy is changed the IP will change all the tabs and hence you need to be careful with it.
  • Clear console that is also a Firefox plugin that is useful for cleaning the local storage.
  • Foxyproxy is a great tool that is most useful for switching between the proxies. When you are facing difficulty in managing numerous proxies use this Firefox plugin to manage the proxies and switch them easily. Just with a single click you can change the proxies.

Hence, when you are using social media for making money you must know how you can save your accounts from getting restricted that will allow you to perform better. Just try this and you will be able to manage as many social media accounts you want.

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