The Best Jio Proxy Providers of 2024

There are tons of Jio proxy providers available on the market, but not all are ideal for this situation. Today, I’ll be discussing residential and mobile proxies, as you’d want excellent anonymity, without any chances of getting caught wither by Jio or the website you want to access.

Jio Proxy

People around the world may not know what Jio is, but Indian residents will have certainly known where this article is heading. Jio is a telecommunication provider in India, offering mostly mobile services for the masses.

In the past several years, the company has been criticized for enforcing specific bans on its customers, blocking access to certain websites and services. While this may not be a deal-breaker for some, others are having a difficult time.

One of the best ways of bypassing these kinds of restrictions is to use a proxy. These services manage to avoid the restrictions by fooling the provider regarding the destination. Jio blocks the IP addresses of certain services and websites, so when you use a proxy, you mask your real destination, successfully going around the blocks.

Best Residential Jio Proxies

Storm Residential Proxies Overview

The list starts off with one of the cheapest residential Jio proxy providers on the market – Stormproxies. The company doesn’t have a lot of offer, but considering the prices, you shouldn’t expect too much.

The pool of Jio proxies consists of only 40 thousand IP addresses, which is among the smallest pool you’ll find. The diversity of locations is limited in the US and EU only, with no detailed information of their origins. As for the features, the list is minimal as well. You get some basic geo-targeting and an option to have the Jio proxies rotating or sticky, where the session can hold the same IP for 5 minutes.

As I mentioned, this is a cheap Jio proxy provider, where you pay based on the number of ports you want to get. The packages go from 5 to 50 ports, and regardless of which one you get, the bandwidth is unlimited.

Storm Residential Proxies Price

Stormproxies doesn’t offer an option to test the proxies for free, as some of their competitors. Instead, your choice is to get the smallest package and try it out for 24 hours. You can ask for a refund within that time-frame.

  • Among the cheapest Jio proxy providers
  • No limit on the bandwidth
  • Option to choose between rotating and sticky sessions
  • Not a lot of locations to choose from
  • The refund period is not the longest in the business

Shifter Residential Proxies Overview

Shifter is a Jio proxy provider that has improved quite a lot over the years. It reached a point where it can go against the more popular providers that have been around longer.

The pool of IPs consists of over 31 million Jio proxies in almost every country in the world. You get some impressive numbers, but the list of countries is not available, so you cannot know if that’s a marketing trick.

When we reach the prices, things start to get a bit more unique. Shifter offers 2 types of Jio proxies basic and special. The basic ones are cheaper and can be purchased from 25 to 5000 proxies, while the special ones can go from 10 to 4000. The difference is in the sites that they can work on, as well as the geo-targeting features. In general, the special proxies are a better option, as you get a lot more flexibility with them, but if the prices are out of your budget, you may get away with the basic ones.

Shifter Residential Proxies Price

A slight downside is that there is no free trial to test the proxies before you purchase them. Shifter offers a 3-day money-back guarantee, and the best approach is to get the smallest package and upscale if you need more.

  • Plenty of Jio proxies in multiple locations
  • Two types of proxies to choose from
  • No limit on the traffic you use
  • You may find cheaper Jio proxies
  • No free trial option

SmartProxy for Residential Overview

If you compare Smartproxy with Shifter, you will notice that there are quite a lot of similarities and a few differences.

The similarities begin with the pool of Jio proxies. Smartproxy has over 40 million IPs coming from almost 200 countries worldwide. The numbers are slightly larger, but nothing drastically different.

One thing that’s different is the price, as this is a slightly more affordable Jio proxy provider, but not without a compromise. The one I must mention is the limit in the bandwidth. As for the packages, you can choose from 3 packages, ranging from 5 to 50 GB of included monthly traffic. There is an option to get more and customize your own package. In all 4 cases, you get access to the entire pool of Jio proxies through the country-level geo-targeting. You get city-level targeting, but it only has 8 cities.

Smartproxy doesn’t offer a free trial, meaning you cannot test the Jio proxies before purchasing. To do that, you will need to purchase one of the packages and ask for a refund within 3 days to get your money back.

  • A big pool of Jio proxies
  • Great price considering what you get
  • Wide range of countries to choose from
  • No package with unlimited bandwidth
  • The free trial is not available

Best Mobile Jio Proxies

Soax Mobile proxies Overview

Soax may not be a very popular Jio proxy provider, but considering the numbers and features it has, it shouldn’t be avoided.

Soax has over 3.5 million mobile proxies in the pool, but the biggest problem you may have is the location. The list of over 120 countries includes the residential and mobile proxies, meaning that they are not differentiated. Despite that, it offers locations on demand, so if you need something specific and you don’t have it at the moment, Soax may deliver.

As for the pricing, there are 4 pricing plans with a different amount of included bandwidth. The higher you go on the pricing ladder, the cheaper the GB price is, and the same goes for the included ports. There is also an option to get a customized package with as much bandwidth and ports as you need.

The best feature Soax has is the daily packages, which are excellent for people that don’t need to pay for an entire month. An advantage in this situation is that even the daily packages get the same set of features as the monthly ones. The difference is that with the daily Jio proxies, the price per GB is slightly higher.

Soax Mobile proxies Pricing

Soax doesn’t offer a free trial package, at least not in the form you’d think. You can get access to the Jio proxies for 3 days for $1, it’s not really free, but it’s better than paying for an entire month.

  • Plenty of mobile Jio proxies
  • Option to test the proxies
  • Over 3.5 million 3G and 4G Jio proxies
  • All packages have a traffic limit
  • You need to pay $1 to test the proxies

Luminati mobile residential

If you ever search for the best proxy provider, you will undoubtedly get Luminati as a result. With that in mind, you should also consider it as an excellent Jio proxy provider.

Luminati has over 7 million mobile Jio proxies in its IP pool, making it one of the largest mobile proxy providers on the market. There is a bold claim that you’ll find mobile Jio proxies in every country in the world, and going through the list, you’ll find that is true.

The price is far from affordable, and you will probably be paying for one of the most expensive Jio proxies. They are divided into 4 packages depending on the amount of included bandwidth. The bigger packages or yearly subscriptions come with a bigger discount. There is also a feature similar to Soax’s daily packages.

In the case of Luminati, they are not daily Jio proxies; instead, they are pay-as-you-go. It is like a pre-paid package, and you pay as much traffic as you use. Keep in mind that these have the highest price per GB.

Luminati mobile Proxies Pricing

One thing I often praise about Luminati is the trial option. You can get a 7-day free trial to test the Jio proxies, which is one of the longest trial periods in the business.

  • The biggest mobile Jio proxy network in the world
  • 3G and 4G proxies
  • 7-day free trial available
  • Pre-paid package is available
  • The most expensive option
  • You cannot pay for unlimited bandwidth

Proxy Cheap Mobile proxies Overview

Last but not least, you have Proxy-Cheap. The main selling point of this company is how cheap their Jio proxies are.

There is a slight problem with the number of Jio proxies that Proxy-Cheap has. The company’s claim is over 6 million IP addresses, but that is for the entire pool, including the residential as well. The thing we do know is the number of locations the proxies come from.

You can get them from Belarus, Italy, Russia, the UK, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Thailand, the US, France, Lithuania, and Ukraine. The number is not all that great, but it covers the 3 important continents. Proxy-Cheap also offers carrier targeting offering Jio proxies from 30 ISPs.

Price-wise you may seem like it’s expensive at first, but if you consider what you get, it won’t seem that high. The packages are based on the country you get them from, and most of them are 4G, except the US ones that come in 3G and 4G variety. The prices vary depending on the country you get them, but they all come with unlimited bandwidth, making it an excellent limitless option.

Proxy Cheap Mobile proxies Pricing

One thing that’s appealing to Proxy-Cheap is the fact that it offers a free trial. While the period is only limited to 1 hour, it still gives you a chance to test the proxies before making a crucial decision.

  • Unlimited mobile Jio proxies
  • Most proxies are 4G
  • 30 Carriers to choose from
  • The number of mobile Jio proxies is unknown

FAQs about Jio Proxies

Will my government know that I’m using a Jio proxy?

No. The entire point of the proxy is that the government doesn’t track your online activity.

Can my provider tell if I’m using a Jio proxy?

Maybe, but not in the way you think. The provider will see the proxy as the destination IP address but will not know that it’s a proxy. There are some cases where the provider may identify a particular IP address as a Jio proxy and block access to it. In those cases, all you need to do is to replace it with a new proxy, and you’ll be good to go.

Why can’t I use datacenter or free Jio proxies?

The main issue with free or datacenter Jio proxies is that they are already known as proxies. The main reason for that is datacenter proxies are flagged by providers as proxy addresses, so the access to them will already be blocked. It’s a similar story with the free Jio proxies, and there is one other thing to be worried about – security. Since a company does not manage them, you won’t know who can control the data packets meaning that any sensitive data may get compromised.

What is the difference between the residential and mobile Jio proxies?

Residential and mobile Jio proxies are similar in regards to where they come from. Both types are provided to customers by ISPs. The difference is in the kind of connection they come from. Residential ones are from regular connections you have at your home or in your office. Mobile ones are from the cellular connections that customers get on their mobile phones.

What speeds should I expect from the Jio proxies?

That depends on the type of proxy and the speed of the device that the proxy originates. Regardless of how fast your regular connection is, it will be for the outgoing packets from your device to the proxy. From that point, the speed will depend on the speed of the proxy. Don’t expect lightning-fast speeds, but they should be decent enough to have a typical browsing experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that the latency may get higher. That is because the packets won’t go from your device directly to the destination server. Instead, they will go to the proxy, which will redirect them to the destination server.


Jio users were not happy when the company decided to block access to specific websites and services. For some, that meant nothing, but others were looking for a way to avoid the restrictions. One of the best ways to get around that are proxies.

If you never used them or are not informed in that area, I’ve compiled a list to make your life easier. I outlined 3 mobile and 3 residential Jio proxies that you should look at. All of them are excellent providers and will get the job done.

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