Cookie Proxies Review

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Cookie Proxies Review

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Cookies are text files transmitted from a website and stored on your device as you browse it. They are requisite for the present Internet but also pose a threat to your privacy. Cookies are essential for browsing as they allow developers to develop more customization and quick website visits.

In addition, they enable websites to recall you, your logins, shopping carts, and other details. They can, however, be a treasure hunt of private information for culprits to pry on.

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Cookie Proxies Home Page

Cookies Proxies are one of the most effective ways to hide your device’s actual IP address. It is a good option when selecting proxies to utilize for anonymous web browsing and bypassing limitations. Moreover, they are optimum and trusted to work despite being expensive.

Cookie Proxies are ideal for sneaker copping. It offers many features such as network speed, anti-proxy detection, and the best possible location. You have the option of using datacenter, residential, or Captcha proxies. They can work on a variety of sneaker-related websites.

  • Cookies are friendly users as clients can choose what they need to do with cookies.
  • Availability of cookies is for an extended period.
  • Convenience as cookies can easily remember information related
  • Marketing since companies such as e-commerce use cookies to target products to their clients
  • The server requirement of cookie data is available on hard drives without using servers
  • Configurations can be configured as per the need
  • They offer fast speed for more convenience
  • You are guaranteed a 99.9% up-time
  • Browser impacts perform well as cookies are not restricted based on the usage of the Internet
  • Limitation of size because cookies cannot store a large amount of data
  • The information encoding is also standard as cookies require both encoding and decoding as additional
  • Disabling of cookies manually leading to web application errors mainly depending on cookies data

Cookie Proxies Types and Pricing

Besides the number of advantages you get from Cookie Proxies, they have transparent payment plans. Below is a summary of their package plan as well as their pricing.

Residential Proxy


Residential proxies allow you to select a specific place and surf the web like you’re physically there in that spot. Users are protected from ordinary web traffic using proxies, which are intermediaries. They operate as buffers and hide your IP address at the same time.

The prices are set based on bandwidth, which means your data expires once the bandwidth is over. Their starting price is $16 for 1 GB of data. They work on sites that include: Adidas, Shopify, SNKRS, Supply, and Footsites.

Datacenter Proxy


Proxies that don’t link with an Internet Service Provider are known as datacenter proxies. They are from a secondary company and supply you with services. Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are typically obtained from cloud service providers. A large number of people also use them at the same time.

Some targets may have already flagged these IPs. This is because they are not known as ISP providers, and may affect preventive action. The pricing is not available as the product is currently out of the sale.

Location of Proxy Servers

Cookie Proxies Proxy Plans and Pricing

Cookie proxies have various locations that enable the stability and speed of their proxies. For residential proxies, there are locations in the United Kingdom and the United States. Datacenter proxies have their servers in only one place; that is Ashburn.

Features of Cookie Proxies


1. Customer Support

Cookie Proxies support

Issues concerning cookies proxies are resolved by contacting their support team via email, Twitter, and Discord. However, frequently asked questions and answers are available on the channel for quick assistance.

2. Refund Policy

Because of their digital products, customers get notifications that their products are non-refundable. Once you have subscribed to a payment plan, there is no way of getting back your funds.

3. Authentication


Cookie Proxies is a premium service that requires authentication for all of its proxies. There are two types of authentication in the proxy market: username/password authentication and IP authentication. Only login authentication is supported for Cookie Proxies, and these will be provided to you. This helps you log in easily and more conveniently.

4. User Friendly

Cookies Proxies are genuinely user-friendly as most websites. It comes with an option to clear cookies in their sites and also modify text files stored. They do not utilize any virtual servers because they are available on the user’s computer.

Therefore, there is no extra pressure on the server, and they can help the server’s ram. Because they are small, they take up less storage, and you do not have to transmit data information to the server.

5. Persistence

A cookie on a customer’s browser can stay there for days, weeks, or even months. This makes it simple to save preferences menu and visit data. The cookies are available on the customer’s hard drive, accessible if the server fails.

6. Marketing

Most companies use cookie proxies gathered by their customers to provide relevant ads. This helps in marketing their products or services, booming marketing strictures thanks to cookies.

How to Authenticate?

There are two most common types of authentications; username and password authentication and IP authentication. Cookie proxies only offer Username and Password authentication. This can be a limitation as it is prone to security breaches.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Generally, Cookie Proxies are an excellent proxy to use if you need to access their support sites. It is most suitable for sneakers shops and other eCommerce marketing strategies. This is because they provide a perfect platform for their customers.

However, they should have provided at least some free trial bonus. Therefore, clients may have spent too many non-refundable amounts if they cannot use the cookie, leading to great losses.

Keep in mind that their proxies are frequently sold out. Thus they may not always be available. This isn’t always practical, but you should be alright as long as you watch the releases through Discord.

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