The Best Online Private Instagram Viewer Tools: Unblock & View Private IG Accounts

Do you want to get access to an Instagram account that is private, or you’re blocked? Check out our list of the best private Instagram viewers on the internet.

Private Instagram Viewer

The popularity of social media has increased drastically in the past decade. There were times when we used it for fun, but today, these platforms offer a lot more. With use cases ranging from posting memes to large companies using them for professional applications, there are very few situations where you can go without a social media account.

Going through social media accounts isn’t a complicated process. You search a person’s name and see what’s up. With that said, there are situations on some platforms where the account may be locked or that person has blocked you. In those situations, you may need some help.

Among the many platforms that offer these features is Instagram. People with locked accounts need to approve before you can follow them. Lucky for you, there is a solution.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts (4 Working Ways)

There are several methods to view private Instagram accounts, and here are the details for the methods you’ve selected:

  • Send a follow request: The simplest and most straightforward way to view a private Instagram account is to send a follow request to the user. If the user accepts your request, you will be able to view their private content
  • Use a dedicated app: There are dedicated apps that claim to help you view private Instagram profiles, such as eyeZy. However, using such apps may pose risks to your own account, and their effectiveness is not guaranteed. It’s essential to proceed with caution and respect the privacy of the account owner.
  • Use an online private Instagram viewer: There are online tools like Private Instagram Viewer that claim to allow you to view private Instagram profiles without following them. However, the effectiveness of these tools is not guaranteed, and using them may pose risks to your own account.
  • Send a direct message to the account owner: The most reliable and safest way to view someone’s private Instagram profile is to ask them directly for access. You can send a direct message to the account owner, explaining your reason for wanting to view their content and requesting permission. This approach is straightforward and has no risks or repercussions.

Remember to respect the privacy of the account owner, regardless of the method you choose to view their private Instagram account. Additionally, if you gain access, do not share any of their content without their permission.

Instagram Viewer Tools to Unblock & View Private Instagram Accounts

There are services on the internet that can help you look at a private Instagram account, and today we’ll outline our top picks.

InstaLooker for Private Instagram Viewer

The first entry on this list is InstaLooker. It’s a simple tool where you can enter the username, and you’ll get access to the private profile. Considering the simplicity, there aren’t many features to discuss.

InstaLooker is a free tool, meaning there are no hidden fees or certain features you need to pay to unlock. Another essential feature is that it’s a cloud-based service. As a result, you won’t have to download anything on your computer, meaning you can use it on any device with a browser.

Igmodsfor Private Instagram Viewer

The second service we’ll be looking at is from Igmods. This is essentially the same tool as InstaLooker, as it’s designed to be simple to use and offers the same set of features. All you need to do is to enter the username and unlock the private Instagram profile.

Like before, the service is entirely free, so there are no features hidden behind some payment plans. Regarding usability, Igmods is a web-based Instagram viewer, so you can access it on any device with a working browser that is up to date.

PrivateInsta for Private Instagram Viewer

Nex on the list is PrivateInsta. Looking at this service’s website, we see many similarities with the previous two. It’s a one-page website where you can enter the username and access the private profile.

The list of features is identical to the other two. PrivateInsta is a free service you can use whenever you want and as much as you want. It’s also web-based, meaning you won’t have to download additional software to get the most out of it.

IMGLookup for Private Instagram Viewer

We’re continuing the trend with a simple-to-use service for private Instagram accounts, and this next one is called IMGLookup. There is a bit more information on the website than before, but the experience is the same. You enter the username and get access to the account.

As a web service, you won’t have to download anything, and you can use IMGlookup on your browser. It’s a free tool, so there are no fees associated with it. And the best part is that it’s safe and secure, so it won’t ask you for any of your information.

LikeCreeper for Private Instagram Viewer

Even though the name may not be the most attractive one in the industry, LikeCreeper is a simple-to-use service that can give you access to private Instagram profiles.

There aren’t any complicated steps to using it, and like the rest of the services so far, all you need to do is enter the username. LikeCreeper will then “open” the account, giving you full access to everything. The best part about it is that it’s free, and you can use it on your browser.

PrivateInstaViewer for Private Instagram Viewer

Now we’re coming to a service that does things differently than the ones we’ve discussed. PrivateInstaViewer offers a similar set of features as the others, but there are a few more options that you go for.

For the most basic profile viewing experience, you can go to the website, enter the username and get access to any private Instagram profile. It’s free, works on your browser, and you’ll have no issues using it. With that said, there are a few more things that you can do with it. PrivateInstaViewer gives you the full package, allowing you to look at stories, comments, and more.

Glassgram for Private Instagram Viewer

Moving away from the free services, we come to one you’ll need to pay for. Glassgram is a tool that will enable you to view a private profile easily. The setup process is simple, and you can start using it in a few minutes after signing up.

The good thing about Glassgram is that you can test the service before choosing your subscription. With the free option, you have limited features, similar to the options we mentioned so far. If you decide to pay, the list of features includes a lot more, most of which are aimed at tracking the person’s Instagram activity.

Gwaa Private Instagram Viewer

Another private Instagram viewing service on today’s list is Gwaa. The company offers multiple other Instagram-related services, but the one we’re interested in today is the one where you can view a private Instagram account.

Being a free option means you won’t get all the fancy features of Glassgram. Instead, you only need to navigate to the website, enter the username and let the service do its job. Gwaa also isn’t shy to let you know there may be cases where you’ll need to verify you’re human. Also, the service is web-based, meaning you shouldn’t have any issues with compatibility.

WatchInsta Private Instagram Viewer

Getting access to a private Instagram account is easy with services like WatchInsta. It works like most of the ones we’ve discussed before, so you’re getting the essential features that most people are after.

Similar to most of the services on this list, with WatchInsta, you won’t have to pay a dime, and you’ll get full access to a private Instagram profile. It’s a straightforward process, you’ll need to have the correct username and enter it on the website. You can “unlock” the entire profile and even export the content you see there. All of this is done through the website, meaning you won’t have to download anything.

InstaPrivate Private Instagram Viewer

The website will seem familiar if you’ve been using Instagram for a while. InstaPrivate follows the old Instagram account and enables you to access a private profile.

Some people don’t want to pay for these kinds of services and need only the basic features, so InstaPrivate will allow them that. The service works by entering the username and clicking a button. This will give you access to a private Instagram account in a few seconds. The best part is that it’s free, and you can use it on any browser.


How many times can I view a private Instagram profile?

There isn’t a limitation with these services, and most of the ones we didn’t mention. As a result, you can get access to as many private Instragams as you want.

Is viewing a private Instagram legal?

In terms of legality, this isn’t a criminal act, but it’s not something Instagram approves. Depending on which service we’re talking about, most of them work by exploiting a bug or bypassing the “private” part of the service, giving you full access to an account.

Will the person know that I’m lokking at the private Instagram?

No, the whole point of these services is anonymity. It means the target person won’t know that you or anyone else accessed their private account.

Can Instagram ban me for using these service?

The idea behind these services is to give you access to a private Instagram. All of them work in a way that you don’t even have to have an account to get access. As a result, your personal Instagram account remains unaffected by anything, mainly because even the service won’t be aware of your usage.

Do these service require my Instagram Login credentials?

If you’re using a service where you want to view someone’s private Instagram, then the service doesn’t need your login credentials. This means that if a service asks for that information, you are most likely looking at a scam platform, and if you enter the credentials, your Instagram account will be compromised.

Will these services work with an account that blocked me?

These services will work with any account, regardless if it’s private or one that has you blocked. Depending on the situation, you can access any Instagram that blocked you just by opening an incognito window. With that said, if you want to download some content or view more of the profile, you’ll need to use some of these services.


There were times when private Instagram accounts were impossible to access, so you had to do it the old-fashioned way. This meant you’d need to send a request and hope the person accepts it. Today, it’s a different story.

You will find countless services and tools that will give you access to a private Instagram profile. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best, which are easy to use and free.


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