Top 10 IPv4 Proxies in 2024

With different types of proxies today, there are many use cases where we may need to rely on a specific type for our projects. One of the less commonly sought-after proxies is static IPv4, and today, we’ll outline the top ten providers to get these kinds of IP addresses.

When you consider how advanced today’s Internet is, you can probably get an idea of why we have so many services that we use daily. Being able to do a certain task with these kinds of services is a great advantage in today’s world mainly because it allows us to complete projects better and faster.

When you look at everything available to us, you can understand why these kinds of services are so popular. Take proxies, for example. Adding a layer of anonymity and security to your online connections is one of the many perks of using a proxy.

Thanks to all of these advantages, we have the option to choose from multiple types of proxies depending on our needs. We often consider residential proxies to be the most commonly used ones, but that doesn’t make static IP addresses useless in many projects today.

Being able to complete your project relies heavily on the service you decide to go with. This means that you should carefully choose which company you go with, and we can say the same thing about static proxies.

With this in mind, we made a list of the best IPv4 proxy providers for you. We’ll cover residential and datacenter providers to cover as many use cases as possible.

Proxy Seller for IPv4 Proxies

The first entry for today’s list is a name you’re probably already familiar with. Proxy-Seller may not be the most popular provider at the moment, but as an option that offers multiple types of proxies, including static ones, is the main reason why we’re including it on this list.

As far as offerings in terms of locations and pool size, Proxy-Seller is a provider that seems to offer a decent amount, at least when compared with some of the other options available. In terms of the number of locations, with this provider, you’re looking at over 50 countries, most of which are in Europe and Asia, but that doesn’t exclude the rest of the continents.

With a few countries in Africa, America, and Australia, you are looking at a flexible option, at least in terms of locations. Unfortunately, this provider doesn’t outline the number of proxies in its pool for these static IP addresses. Considering the number of locations, we should see a good number of IP addresses.

Regarding the features, Proxy-Seller ticks all the right boxes when it comes to getting static proxies. This means that you’re getting proxies capable of speeds of up to 1 GB per second, which, combined with the flexible geolocation targeting, makes this a pretty solid option. In addition to that, having access to configuration assistance thanks to the 24/7 support service, you can be sure that you won’t have any issues setting things up or using the proxies.

In terms of the pricing packages, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on your needs. Your options here include choosing IP addresses from a specific country, which also determines the price per IP address. In addition to this, you also have the option to go for the mixed packages, which cover multiple combinations.

Since there aren’t any packages in the traditional sense, Proxy-Seller is a provider that offers excellent flexibility because you can get as many IP addresses as you need. This also means that you won’t have any bandwidth limitations regardless of how many proxies you get. Finally, if you’re unhappy with the products or the service, you can ask for a refund or a replacement within 24 hours.

Proxysale for IPv4 Proxies

Our second pick for this list is a provider that isn’t as popular as the previous one but offers a more or less dissimilar set of features. We’re talking about a proxy sale provider that offers a wide range of products, including static IPv4 proxies.

There are multiple similarities between this and the previous provider, and the information about the pool of proxies and the number of locations is one of them. In terms of locations, Proxy-Sale has around 50 countries to choose from, and similar to the previous provider, most of them are in Europe and Asia.

There is some flexibility outside these two continents, but most countries are located there. The pool size remains unknown, but considering how many proxies you can get in a package, we can say there is enough for everyone. The good thing about this provider is that it offers a little bit more flexibility when compared to the previous one, which we’ll talk about shortly.

Considering that we’re talking about static proxies, the set of features remains more or less similar to most of what you’ll see on the market. The IP addresses are from servers capable of up to 1 Gbps, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice performance. Another great feature this provider offers is the fact that the proxies are private and offer support for HTTP and SOCKS protocols. In addition to that, Proxy-Sale offers two types of authentication and city or state geo-targeting.

The pricing structure is similar to the previous one, but there are some differences that many people would like to see. There are several pre-made packages, but you also have the option to create your own based on what you need. This means you can get as little as one IP address from any country on the list and choose the rental period. This provider gives you the option to get proxies for as little as seven days and goes up to 360. The biggest package you can get here is 2000 proxies, but this provider offers you the option to request a custom package.

Proxy IPv4 for Top IPv4 Proxies

This next entry may be a bit confusing. Proxy IPv4, despite its name, offers multiple types of proxies, but today, we’re interested in the ones you’ll find in the name. There are many similarities with the previous providers, with a handful of differences.

When it comes to pool size, Proxy IPv4 is a provider that doesn’t disclose that information. The only thing we have to go on is the list of locations, and looking at those, it seems that this provider isn’t the one that’s lacking in terms of the number of IP addresses. As for the list of locations, there are roughly 40 countries to choose from, and similar to the previous two providers, the majority of those are in Europe and Asia. This isn’t a massive drawback, mainly because most of this provider’s rivals offer more or less similar list of locations.

Like most rival providers, Proxy IPv4 is the company that offers everything you need from a provider offering static IP addresses. They come directly from servers, meaning that you’re looking at Gigabit speeds for all proxies, and as a bonus, all packages come with unlimited bandwidth. Covering a wide range of subnets and networks means this provider will offer you IP addresses that won’t struggle to access any website or application.

The best part about it is that as long as you go for a country geo-targeting, the order is processed automatically. If you need IP addresses from a specific city, then the process is carried out manually because the team will need to verify if there is an option to get IP addresses from that specific city.

Like the previous two providers, Proxy IPv4 doesn’t have predefined packages. Instead, you have the option to create your own package, which is essentially a custom one tailored to your needs. You can choose any of the 40 countries and the number of IP addresses you need to get, allowing you to go for as little as one IP address.

The main advantage this provider has over some of its rivals is that you can go for smaller packages, at least in terms of duration. The lease term ranges from three days to 90 days, which we believe offers excellent flexibility and can be especially useful for people who need proxies on a short-term basis.

IPRoyal for IPv4 Proxies

Our next pick for an IPv4 static proxy provider is a name you have seen us use often. The naming question is IPRoyal, a provider that has proven itself to be an excellent option and one that you can rely on if you need static proxies.

In terms of features, IPRoyal is a provider that isn’t lacking. Considering that we’re talking about static proxies, you’re looking at genuinely residential IP addresses, which makes this product an ISP one. Like most of its rivals, going for static residential proxies from this provider means that you’re looking for an unlimited bandwidth option. Combining this with the relatively flexible geo-targeting feature and the support for multiple protocols means we’re looking at a strong contender in this market niche.

Even though we’re talking about a high-profile provider, there is still some information that isn’t available to us. One thing we do know is the list of supported countries, and unfortunately, IPRoyal isn’t a provider that offers more than some of the previous ones. With around 30 countries to choose from, we wouldn’t call this the most flexible option on the market, but it’s also not the most limiting one.

We’d probably put it somewhere in the middle. Now, let’s talk about the unknown, which is the size of the pool. Getting a precise number of IP addresses, at least static residential ones, is rare today. This means that we do not know how many proxies are available with this provider.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing structure. Being able to get a package that’s close to your needs is what most people are after, and IPRoyal is a provider that can offer that. This provider offers you the option to go for as little as one IP address, regardless of which location you go for. It’s a bit different compared to some of the previous options, especially the first one, where the price per proxy varied depending on the location.

In terms of the duration, this provider offers you the option to go for packages ranging from one to over 120 days. Even though it does not offer some of the bigger packages like its rivals, seeing a daily package makes this an excellent option for people who don’t want to be a monthly subscription for a few days’ worth of use.

Bright Data for IPv4 Proxies

Now, we come to a provider that’s often considered one of the best in the industry. Naturally, we’re talking about Bright Data, a company that got rebranded in recent years, but that didn’t stop it from continuing with the trend it had already set.

Many people consider this to be a premium provider, and as such, you’re getting a premium set of features. These include the standard options you get with many of its rivals, like a proxy manager, multiple supported protocols, excellent speeds, and a lot more.

When you combine the flexibility of the list of locations with the advanced geo-targeting features, you’re looking at a provider that will help you dial in the location of your IP addresses as close to what you want as possible. Bright data may not be the most affordable option on this list, but it offers the most feature-rich packages you can find.

So far, the proxy providers we mentioned offered some information regarding the available locations but did not mention the number of IP addresses in the pool. With Bright Data, things are a little bit different. The company outlines that it has over 72M+ IP addresses in its pool, which is quite a lot, especially when you consider that there are residential proxy providers with fewer IP addresses.

In terms of the locations, the company does have a dedicated page with a list of all the countries that it has proxies. Unfortunately, the list covers all proxy types this provider offers, meaning that you’ll need to navigate to a specific country if you want to see if this provider has a static IPv4 proxy there.

Bright Data is often criticized for being the least affordable proxy provider. When you throw in the pricing packages, you can understand why individuals and smaller companies don’t find it as useful as the larger ones. For the ISP proxies, you have three packages to choose from, all of which are monthly subscriptions.

Regardless of which one you go for, you’re getting access to the entire pool of proxies, and unlike many of its rivals, the bandwidth here isn’t unlimited. If you’re not the type of person looking for a monthly commitment, this company offers a prepaid package where you top up the bandwidth and use it whenever you need to. Considering that we’re talking about the least affordable provider on this list, having a free trial is a nice touch because it allows you to test the service before making a purchase.

Proxy-Cheap for IPv4 Proxies

The next name on this list is a provider we often praise for being affordable, as you can guess from the name. Proxy-Cheap is an excellent option if you’re looking for a great balance between price and performance. Like many of the names here, this provider offers multiple products, including static IPv4 proxies.

As far as the set of features is concerned, there are some things the Proxy-Cheap does better than its rivals and some things it does not. On the positive side of things, you’re looking at authentic ISP proxies, meaning that you’re avoiding any potential bans entirely. The same goes for CAPTCHA. Since they are real ISP proxies, the chances of encountering a challenge are almost non-existent.

The thing that this provider doesn’t do better than some of its rivals is the speed. Unlike many other options on this list, you’re looking at speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best we’ve seen.

What about the locations and proxy pool? The thing we like about this provider is that it outlines all the information we want to see. On the pool side of things, over 6.9 million IP addresses are available, which is quite a lot, especially when compared with some of the other options. Unfortunately, the number of locations isn’t as impressive. You have 11 countries to choose from, most of which are in Europe.

To be fair, the more popular countries are available, but it’s still not as flexible as some of its rivals. One thing that brings some hope is the option to ask for other locations. Proxy-Cheap won’t guarantee you’ll get them, but at least there is a chance.

Looking at the pricing structure, you can understand why Proxy-Cheap is considered an affordable option. It’s not the cheapest but far from the most expensive one. As for the packages, you have 3 options to choose from, which depend on the package’s duration. You have daily, weekly, and monthly packages where you pay based on the number of proxies you need to get.

The only difference is how long you get the IP addresses, meaning that the rest of the features are identical, regardless of how long you plan to use the proxies. Also, regardless of which package you get, the bandwidth is unlimited, as with most providers on this list.

ProxyEmpire for IPv4 Proxies

The last entry from the residential static IPv4 proxies is ProxyEmpire. Like many of the options here, this company offers multiple types of proxies, including the ones we’re talking about today.

If you’re looking to get residential proxies from ProxyEmpire, you’ll get them with a pretty decent set of features. Since we’re talking about residential IP addresses, you won’t experience any bans and have completely free access to any website or service.

This also means that you won’t have to deal with authentication, a problem some people face, especially when using rotating proxies. The provider also offers multiple ways to target a specific IP address, including ISP or country level. These proxies aim to mimic real users and help you avoid potential bans.

When it comes to locations and pool size, there are a few things we should talk about. We’re not saying the ProxyEmpire is a poor choice for this, but it’s not as good as some of the other entries on this list. The company boasts about the number of IP addresses, which is for the entire pool. It means that we don’t know how many static proxies it offers.

In terms of the locations, we can safely say that it’s better than the previous one, but not the best we’ve seen. This provider offers static proxies from 21 countries, and like many of its rivals, most of them are located in Europe. There are a few in Asia, Australia, and America, and that’s all you have to work with.

As for the pricing structure, ProxyEmpire takes a slightly different approach when compared to its rivals. There are 7 available packages that vary depending on the included bandwidth. It means that this provider packaged these proxies similarly to how most rotating are structured. There is also an option to get 1 IP address, but even that package comes with limited bandwidth, and you’ll need to purchase the traffic separately. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can ask for a custom package if you need a larger plan with more than 2 TB of traffic.

MyPrivateProxy for IPv4 Proxies

With the residential providers out of the way, let’s discuss a few datacenter ones. Our first pick in this group is MPP, a provider considered among the better options in this niche.

Even though we’re talking about a relatively affordable datacenter provider, you’re getting a pretty decent set of features. MPP has multiple dedicated servers in several locations, all of which have high-speed connections. As a result, you can be sure that the performance of the proxies won’t be an issue.

This provider offers private and shared proxies, but for the best possible performance, we recommend going for the private ones. It means that you will be the only one who uses them during the duration of your subscription. Since we’re talking about a datacenter provider, naturally, you’re looking at unlimited bandwidth.

As far as the pool and locations list are concerned, we believe that MPP does a pretty good job. The company has almost 40 servers across 24 cities, most of which are located in the US. There are a few in Europe, so there is a decent amount of flexibility, at least when compared with other datacenter providers. The result of these servers is a pool of over 300 thousand proxies, which is pretty good considering the type of provider we’re talking about.

Finally, let’s talk about the pricing structure. MPP has 11 pre-made packages to choose from, and they vary mainly on the number of included proxies. Another thing that differentiates them is the number of locations and subnets you can use with your package. The price per IP address drops as you go higher towards the bigger package.

Naturally, like most datacenter providers, you’re looking at an option with unlimited bandwidth. In addition to that, this provider also offers a custom package in case you need more IP addresses.

InstantProxies Overview

Our next pick for today’s list is a proxy provider we often call a veteran in the field. InstantProxies has been around for a long time, meaning that the team behind it knows what it’s doing and offers excellent proxies.

Based on the set of features, InstantProxies isn’t too different from most of the IPv4 providers on this list. The static proxies are aimed at projects requiring higher speeds and lower latency. You’re going for these kinds of proxies in situations where you need high anonymity and if you want to reduce the chances of getting detected.

These proxies can help with that, allowing you full access to geo-restricted content or bypassing verification checks. Since we’re talking about datacenter proxies, you can assume that the high speeds come combined with unlimited bandwidth packages.

Whenever we look at this provider, the one thing we always mention is the lack of information in terms of the proxies. InstantProxies doesn’t outline the pool size, so we have no idea how many IP addresses it has in its arsenal. It’s more or less a similar story with the list of locations. The company doesn’t mention the exact countries, so you only have some broad information to go on. There are proxies from Europe, Asia, and America covering the US and Canada. Even though we don’t have a lot of information about the specific countries, we believe this to be flexible enough.

Regarding the pricing structure, InstantProxies takes a bit of a traditional approach, which is fine for most people. You have 6 available packages, and since the proxies come with unlimited bandwidth, the packages vary depending on the number of IP addresses. The packages range from 10 to 500 proxies, and you can ask for more if you’re running a larger project. To keep things as optimized as possible, during the ordering process, you can choose what you plan to use the proxies for. This will help the provider choose the best proxies for your use-case scenario.

BuyProxies for IPv4 Proxies

Our last pick for today’s list is another veteran provider. BuyProxies has been around for over a decade, making it older than many of the companies on today’s list. It may not be the most popular one, but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor choice.

As a datacenter IPv4 provider, BuyProxies offers the most important features that most people would be after. Considering the type, you can expect to have high speeds and low latency to rely on, which is a big step up over some other types of proxies. In terms of flexibility, this provider isn’t lacking. You have two types of authentication – IP whitelist or username and password. Also, the proxies support both HTTP and SOCKS protocols. We really like this provider because it allows you to choose if you want to get new proxies each month or continue using the existing ones.

You may have noticed a trend today: providers that don’t outline all the information about their proxies. BuyProxies is similar, at least in some aspects. The number of proxies remains unknown, which is the case with most of its rivals. As for the locations, there is some broad information, and that’s all you have to go on. This provider offers proxies from the US and EU, which is flexible enough as long as you don’t need IP addresses from other parts of the world.

BuyProxies offers two types of IPv4 proxies: shared and dedicated ones. We always recommend going for the dedicated ones mainly. You won’t be sacrificing performance because only you will use them. There are 13 packages to choose from, and each varies depending on the number of included IP addresses ranging from 5 proxies to 1,000.

Each one comes with unlimited bandwidth as you’d expect from a datacenter proxy provider. As for the locations, you have no restrictions, and regardless of which package you choose, you can get proxies from the USA or Europe. Also, all of them work with both protocols.

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