What Are Sneaker Raffles?

For some people, sneakers are a way of life and the true sneakerhead wouldn’t pass on a good pair of sneakers. There are many terms in this niche that some people don’t know and today we’ll talk about one of them. In this guide, we’ll explain what are sneaker raffles and everything else you need to know about them.

Footwear has been around for thousands of years, long before most of the things we know and use today. Throughout the centuries, it evolved from a piece of fabric made to protect a person’s feet to what we know and use today.

The essential feature is still there. We still use footwear to protect our feet and keep them clean, but in modern times there is another aspect that we’ve begun to cherish. Living in a world where footwear is also considered fashionable is one of the reasons why we’re making this guide.

There are multiple types of footwear and the one we’re talking about today is sneakers. As weird as it may sound to some, there are people in the world who are fans of sneakers. This reaches a point where these people are usually aiming at models that come in limited numbers.

We often talk about ways in which you can get your hands on a pair of limited-edition sneakers and raffles are one way to do it. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, this is the right guide for you. In today’s article, will explain what sneaker raffles are why do they exist, and everything else you’ll need to know about them.

What Are Sneaker Raffles?

What are sneaker raffles

One of the common problems with limited edition sneakers is the high resale prices. Considering that they come in limited numbers, some people will buy several pairs if possible and sell them at a much higher price than the one they paid for them. It’s not fair, but there’s no way around this, except for sneaker raffles.

Sneaker raffles exist so that sneakerheads can get a pair of their favorite sneakers at retail prices. When it comes to limited edition sneakers, there are a lot more people interested in them than there are sneakers. The idea is for everyone to have a chance of owning a pair.

You’ll find these raffles hosted by stores or retailers. The rules of the raffles may vary, including the duration or when the rifle opens. The most important thing to note here is that raffles don’t mean free sneakers. Winning a raffle means that you get a pair of sneakers reserved for you which you’ll need to pay at retail price.

How Do Sneaker Raffles Work?

How do sneaker raffles work

Sneaker raffles are similar to any kind of raffle that you may want to enter. You purchased a ticket and with that ticket, you’re entering the raffle to win a slot to purchase a certain pair of sneakers.

There are two types of snooker rifles, online and in-store ones. Regardless of which one you’re looking at the principle remains the same. Buying the ticket puts you in the race for a pair and if your name is drawn you have the opportunity to purchase the sneakers.

You’re not obligated to do so, meaning that even if you win the raffle you don’t have to purchase the sneakers. There is no point in this because you’re already paying for the ticket for the raffle so it’s pointless to waste money. If you don’t claim your pair, the next person in line will be the one who gets to purchase the sneakers.

As for when sneaker raffles happen, there is a difference depending on which store or retailer we’re talking about. In most cases, the raffle tickets are sold before the release date of the sneakers, and we often see the raffle on the day of the release. There are exceptions to this, so you may want to double-check with the store or the retailer.

Why Do Sneaker Raffles Exist?

Some people may look at raffles as a sort of gambling but the story behind sneaker raffles is a bit different. As more and more people are people are becoming interested in sneakers we have reached a point where the demand is too high and production can’t keep up. Things are more or less similar with limited edition models meaning that once they’re sold out you probably won’t get a chance to buy them new.

The biggest problem in modern times is that we see a lot of people trying to profit off of someone else’s passion. As we mentioned before there are people that purchase multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers, and we sell them to make a profit. The problem with this is that the prices are usually way higher to a point where some people would call it inhumane.

Another reason why sneaker raffles exist is to reduce the potential for accidents. We’ve all seen photos or videos of people waiting in line in front of a store to buy a certain product and it’s the same with sneakers, especially limited-edition ones. A store may have 20 pairs in stock but there may be 50 people that want to get them.

When you consider that some people have been waiting for hours and they get rejected because their favorite pair of sneakers were sold out it’s no wonder why we see so many accidents involving violence. Raffles give everyone’s equal opportunity to win a reservation for a pair, which is why they’re so popular in recent years.

The last major reason why sneaker raffles exist has a lot to do with loyalty to customers. Some sneaker manufacturers Have the initial sneaker release in-store only, meaning that people who don’t have that store in their town won’t get a chance to get the sneakers. Offering sneaker raffles is a good way to level out the playing field and give everyone an equal chance.

With sneaker raffles being able to get a pair is what most people are after. One option is to be among the first to put in the order, or you can enter a raffle and hope you win that slot. To be fair you can also combine both of these and increase your chances of getting your favorite sneakers. Again the most important thing to note here is that we’re talking about getting them at retail price and not some marked-up one where they cost twice as much.

What Are the Chances of Winning a Sneaker Raffle??

Sneaker raffles depend on many things meaning that the chances of winning one won’t be the same each time. Among the many considerations here are the number of winning tickets, the number of people who have purchased tickets, and how many tickets you have purchased. With some raffles, you are limited to only 1 ticket per name, while with others you can purchase as many as you want.

Do you have a better understanding of what your chances of winning are, it’s best to look at the rules for the specific raffle. Some retailers or stores may even boast the number of tickets sold, meaning that you can roughly calculate what are the odds of winning the raffle.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Raffle?

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Everyone wants to have a chance of getting their favorite pair of sneakers which is why people are interested in finding ways to increase their chances of winning a raffle. There are multiple things you can do, and will explain them in detail.

One of the few ways in which you can increase your chances of winning a raffle is to get multiple tickets. With many sneaker raffles, you can buy as many tickets as you want, meaning that with each additional ticket you get you’re increasing your chances of winning the raffle. Keep in mind that for some snooker raffles, you’ll need to pay for the tickets so it’s important to estimate your budget to have an idea how many tickets you can get.

On the other hand, you have sneaker raffles where you’re only allowed to make one entry. The shop or the retailer aims to even out the chances between each contestant which is why you’re limited to only 1 ticket per person. A good way to bypass this is to have multiple tickets under a different name. We’re not talking about creating fake personas online. We’re talking about getting friends and family to enter the raffle for you. At the end of the day, you will be the one who will get the sneakers, so the only difference is whose name will be on the winning ticket.

The second option for increasing your chances of winning a sneaker raffle is to use bots and proxies. There are plenty of bots out there that can help you enter a raffle multiple times. Even in the ones where there are some restrictions, a bot should help you make multiple entries to increase the chances of winning. To be fair, many have certain fail-safes that will detect bots which is where the proxies can help.

Combining a bot with residential proxies means that you can simulate multiple entries. The service that’s behind the sneaker raffle we’ll look at each entry as a different person from a different location. In many ways, this is technically making multiple entries like we talked about before, but in this case, you’ll need to rely on additional services.

Our last recommendation for increasing your chances of winning a sneaker raffle is to be mindful of which raffle you enter. Throughout the years we’ve seen some sneaker raffles that turned out to be scams. Depending on which one we’re talking about it may end up with a rigged winner, or there’ll be no winner at all. This is why we recommend going for sneaker raffles from prominent stores or retailers because you know that you won’t get scammed.

Finding Sneaker Raffles

Finding sneaker raffles

A true sneakerhead knows that these kinds of raffles won’t be active for days or weeks. In most cases, you’re looking at raffles that will be active for a few hours leaving you with a short window to enter the raffle. Considering how short the raffles are it’s important to be one step ahead of everyone else so that you have a fighting chance of winning a sneaker raffle.

To be well informed means that you’ll need to be in certain groups where that information will be available to you sooner rather than later. The most common ways to get informed of new rifles are on social media, forums, discussion boards, groups, or just to follow retailer websites.

If you want to rely on social media, forums, discussion boards, or groups, it’s important to know which ones to follow. There are many which have proven themselves to be quite informative in this niche so it’s important to find those and rely on them rather than going for the first one that comes up on your search.

In terms of specific sites that you can visit, there are plenty of options online. You have the option to look at popular sneaker websites like Adidas, Nike, Footlocker, and more. In addition to that, you also have third-party websites that offer multiple services. These kinds of sites usually sell sneakers, but some of them also have a separate section for sneaker raffles.

In some cases, you’ll find raffles organized by these sites, while in others, they may have a section outlining active raffles from other stores or retailers. Among the more popular options in this category are websites like Sneaktorious, Sole Retriever, or Raffle Sneakers.


Just like some people collect vinyl or postal stamps, some people are into sneakers. Sure, they usually use them and rely on their functionality, but a true sneakerhead will never say that they have too many sneakers. This becomes evident from many situations where you have people looking for ways in which they can get their hands on some rare sneakers.

Limited edition models usually come in numbers much lower than the actual number of people who want to have them which is a problem. To remedy this issue, retailers and stores offer a little thing called sneaker raffles. They exist so that everyone gets a chance to get a pair and make things fair.

If this is the first time coming across this term, today’s guide should help you at least get started. Apart from explaining what they are, we also threw in a few tips on how to find them and increase your chances of winning. It’s a good starting point to master the art of winning sneaker raffles.

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