Sole AIO Review

The Sole AIO bot is hard to come by and has a crowded Dissension channel. But which features make it this famous? This review gives you a better insight on the same.

Sole AIO Review

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Sole AIO / Sole Sorcerer is an all-in-one bot that works with Footlocker, Shopify, Supreme, Magneto sites, and Adidas. Moreover, there is a decent possibility that this bot, which will be released soon, will turn out to be an even better choice.

The Sole AIO Bot is very straightforward and has an easy-to-navigate user interface. This distinguishes it from other bots with similar services. It has a lot of success with Adidas because they support all of the brand’s key areas and are pretty successful for Splash releases.

sole aio Supported sites

One of the reasons is its Adidas account generator. That’s very beneficial for selling carts, making this bot among the best Adidas bots.


The Sole AIO, like many of the excellent bots, is one in a million. It is incredibly unique thanks to its capability to circumvent the queue and improve users’ chances of quickly obtaining items. Numerous people have also advised it because of its fast speed. Users will not miss a single release.

sole aio overview

Admittedly, this bot would only be used in Windows but on a virtual machine for Mac. If users don’t like lacking out on the newest sneakers, designers strongly advise you to purchase this bot. Although it is difficult to get hold of one, getting it will prove very convenient.

Sole AIO is not only a good choice for beginners for its low price but would also perform well for knowledgeable bot users.

  • It is cheaper
  • User-friendly UI interface
  • Regular updates to enhance its sites
  • Fast speed for connectivity
  • It does not work well with Supreme as it fails optimization at the end
  • It doesn’t Support Mac computers

Pricing of Sole AIO

Sole Aio Bot Homepage

The bot costs £200 on retail, but resale prices range between £450 and £500. If users purchase a renewal copy, they must also pay £60 every six months. Also, there are lifetime copies available. To be productive and maximize the bot’s prospects, you will need to purchase proxies and a server, just like with any other bot.

Credentials should be obligated within 30 minutes of buying, or the request will be canceled. For a week, new keys cannot be unbound. Codes must be reauthorized within one month of their expiration date, or they will be eliminated.

Feature of  Sole AIO

1. Supports Several Sites

Site Support

Sole AIO works with various websites, including Yeezy, Adidas, Supreme, Shopify, FootLocker, Footsites, Finish line, and many more. This is a great feature, especially for sneakerheads that use multiple sites for cops.

2. Proxy Configuration Support

Support for Proxy Configuration of Solo AIO

Users can use the dashboard to create tasks, enter proxies, add payment information, and change the settings. Residential and datacenter proxies are by far the most efficient. Therefore, ensure you have connected to strong proxies to prevent your order from being canceled when checking out.

That’s because most popular websites use anti-bot techniques to find bots. It is designed to make use of proxies. This feature enables you to change the IP address to avoid being blocked or banned by sneaker sites.

3. Task with Multiple Threads

Sole AIO, unlike its rivals, offers a multi-threaded task feature. This means users can complete as many tasks as possible at the same time. Nevertheless, for this to work, users must use proxies and a server.

4. Support for Multiple Platforms

Sole AIO bot only works with Windows 10 and Windows 2015+ servers. Consider using a server if your computer isn’t too advanced. This is because when performing multiple tasks, your computer requires a high CPU and RAM for maximum efficiency. To run the bot, one’s Windows device must have access to the C drive. Furthermore, the license keys must be reauthorized early enough to avoid the product key from being deleted.

5. Compatible with Adidas Site

Sole AIO offers support for many big sneaker sites such as Adidas. It has also had a lot of success with limited-edition releases. In addition, it has an ideal Adidas account generator, which helps cop sneakers. However, it has been successful in the copping in Adidas way ahead of other bots due to its full support in the site.

6. Regular Updates

Did you know that Sole AIO provides monthly updates? You can only imagine how much effort and time the designers put into bot upgrades. As updates fix major burgs to enhance and offer a smoother copping experience, you can’t afford to miss out on this!

7. Discord Collocation

Sole AIO, unlike most similar bots, has its Discord server. This is where to get more info about sneaker drops, asset numbers, initial links, displays, and much more. You can as well learn about using the numerous bots and cop as many sneakers as possible. In addition, you may use your Gmail account to set up a captcha resolver.

How Does Sole AIO Work?

YouTube video

Sole AIO is one of the most accessible bots to use. All you need is to install the bot on your computer and enter your details. You can then configure it using the settings menu, enter it as queue tasks. In addition, you can create groups for the tasks, select the site to operate and name the group. Ensure you insert the relevant proxies unless you want to purchase only a pair of sneakers.

Our Editor’s Verdict

Sole AIO has a friendly user interface that makes it simple to use for everybody. It has had a lot of success with Adidas and Shopify websites. Moreover, it has a limited site list, severely limiting the number of drops you can purchase.

Sole AIO is an excellent bot to have, notably since many other bots do not support Adidas. It may not be a great consideration if you only intend to buy one bot – for the exact cost, you can get other bots that support many more sites. However, it has many outstanding features, including its speed and success rate. Their customer care system is great, and as such, we recommend it.

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